ATD Draft #7 2nd Round: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres

05-29-2007, 04:43 PM
Boston Bruins

Coach: Roger Neilson

Rick Martin - Mark Messier(C) - Andy Bathgate
Cecil Dillon - Dave Keon (A) - Theoren Fleury
Dean Prentice - Vincent Damphousse - Bob Nystrom
Gerard Gallant - Orland Kurtenbach - Murray Balfour
Brad Richards

Pierre Pilote(A) - Ted Green
Babe Pratt - Cy Wentworth
Sergei Gonchar - Jerry Korab
Paul Reinhart

Frank Brimsek
Curtis Joseph
J.S. Giguere

Buffalo Sabres

Head Coach: Lindy Ruff

Clark Gillies - Gilbert Perreault - Yvan Cournoyer
Bert Olmstead - Jean Ratelle - Claude Lemieux
Ryan Walter - Buddy O'Connor - Rick Vaive
Nick Metz - Walt Tkaczuk - Anders Kallur
Andre Lacroix

Lionel Hitchman - Eddie Shore
Andre Dupont - Sergei Zubov
Calle Johansson - Ken Morrow
Larry Hillman

Johnny Bower
Georges Vezina
Don Edwards

05-29-2007, 05:14 PM
The match up that stands out to me here is Shore vs. Messier. One man will leave the rink decapitated.

05-29-2007, 05:20 PM
I'd love a fight between Lemieux and Fleury...

05-30-2007, 02:05 PM
A couple of thoughts on this series:

A key to this series will be how the lines matchup.

Buffalo should look to matchup Metz-Tkaczuk-Kallur against the top line of Boston. Tkaczuk-Messier is a very good matchup for Buffalo and Metz will look to contain Bathgate. Assuming that Prentice-Damphousse-Nystrom sees a lot of ice against Gillies-Perreault-Cournoyer, Buffalo should also look to take advantage of the second line against the fourth. Olmstead and Lemieux provide the toughness to keep up with that line, and I don't know if they have the defensive awareness to really shut them down.

Seeing as Metz-Tkaczuk-Kallur will spend a lot of time against the top line of Boston, Keon's line will look to take advantage of which ever other matchup they get. Boston will look to get scoring from their third line, as they have considerable firepower to go with their defensive prowess. Prentice will look to take advantage of Cournoyer's reputation as a cherry picker.

Both teams have a good mix of offensively gifted defensemen and solid defensive rocks. Shore has the ability to be the difference maker from the back end, but I prefer Boston's collection of puck movers as a whole.

Brimsek and Bower are an interesting matchup. Both have shown the ability to take a team to the Cup, but Brimsek had a longer, more productive career while Bower had more post-season success. I think I give a slight edge to Bower.

05-30-2007, 02:22 PM
I really don't know how to call a winner in this series. First lines are skilled and dangerous. I'm a big Perrault fan as well as a Messier fan, what Perrault maybe lacks compared to Messier is made up with his wingers. In any event there's alot of everything on both lines. The 2nd lines are even more similar, right down to the pain in the ***** on RW. Both have similar depth on the third and fourth with again similar players.

Bluelines are set up pretty close to each other with the offensive guys paired up with guys who's mainstay is keeping the puck out. Goaltending is a wash, maybe a slight edge to Brimsek.

Boston has the best forward in Messier and Buffalo has the best defenseman in Shore.

This might be an even closer series than Aurora/Barrie was.

06-04-2007, 06:19 PM
So ummmm...

Who's in charge of writing this series up?

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 07:49 PM
So ummmm...

Who's in charge of writing this series up?

Shawnmullin originally, but I'm going to do it ... to give him time to finish the Flyers - Devils.

I'll be writing as I watch the game tonight.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 08:04 PM
Messier establishes the tone early, burying Sergei Zubov on the first shift of the night, and then taking down Clark Gillies with a flurry of rights after Gillies challenged Messier to a bout after the big hit.

Dave Keon sets up the first goal of the night, while Messier was still in the box. Keon found a wide-open Theo Fleury who cleanly beat Johnny Bower up high. Two minutes after exiting the penalty box Messier made the score 2-0 after depositing a Pierre Pilote rebound. 2-0 Bruins after the first period of play, shots 13 - 7 for the visitors.

Buffalo seemed to get their skating legs in period two shaking off the rust from the long layoff. Perreault and Cournoyer were creating chances due to their blazing speed, but couldn't solve Mr. Zero Frankie Brimsek. Rick Viave rang one off the post with 3 minutes remaining in the 2nd period. Period two ends ends with the score still 2-0. Shots and th eplay have evened up a bit ... 26-24 in favor of the Bruins.

The Sabres open the 3rd period on their 6th power play of the night, but Messier picks off a Calle Johansson pass and send Andy Bathgate in alone on a shorthanded breakaway, Bathagte goes backhand and then quickly slips it through Bower's 5-hole to make it 3-0. The shorthanded tally deflates the Aud ... and Messier adds his 2nd of the night midway through the 3rd period. Ratelle scores with under two minutes to go spoiling Brimsek's shutout bid.

Messier dominates as the Bruins grab game one.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 08:17 PM
Buffalo - Coach Lindy Ruff makes some adjustments, he didn't match lines in game one, but for game two Shore will be out against Messier on every shift.

The speed of the Buffalo top line dominates early. Ruff get the top line out early and often and Perreault and Cournoyer make "King Kong" Korab look foolish twice in the first 10 minutes. Perreaut blows past Korab for the opening tally of the night, with a little inside, outside as Korab screwed himself to the ice. On teh 2nd goal Perreault sprung the roadrunner with a perfect outlet pass leading to a quick qrist shot and the 2nd red lught of the night behind Brimsek.

The aud is rocking to begin the 2nd period and the roof nearly blows off as Shore catches Messier with a perfect shoulder to the jaw sending him sprawling to the bench. Ratelle sets up up Olmsted to extended the lead to 3-0 heading to period three.

Perreault scores his 3nd of the night in the first minute of the 3rd period after some great cornerwork by Gillies. With the result no longer in doubt it become message sending time .... First we have Gillies and a re-match with Messier ... Gillies gets the upper hand and Messier is battered for the 2nd time tonight. Later bouts include Eddie Shore and Bobby Nystrom and "Moose" Dupont and Theo Fleury

Bower finishes the night with 21 saves and his first shutout of the playoffs.

Perreault, Bower and Shore shine as the Sabres tie the series at one.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 08:27 PM
Boston - The Garden rocks early on as the Bruins come out flying. The bruins are swarming the Sabres and fire 16 shots in period one, but Johnny Bower lives up to his nickname and is more solid the the "China Wall". Despite being outshot 16 - 4 in period one the Sabres head to the dressing room even.

The Sabres respond for their goalie in period two and take the play to the Bruins, firing 9 shots in the first 7 minutes. "Moose" Dupont is sent off for 4 minutes after drawing the blood of Vinny Damphousse with just 40 seconds remaining in the 2nd period. Shots 26 - 22 in favor of the Bruins.

The Bruins capitalize on the power play and the fresh ice. First Pierre Pilote on a one timer from Rick Martin, and then just 40 seconds later Messier with his 3rd of the series on a wrong footed 30 foot wrist shot off a feed from Sergei Gonchar. With 17 minutes remaining the Sabres respond, Eddie Shore goes end to end firing one off the crossbar, but Claude Lemieux burines the rebound, and it's a one goal game with plenty of time remaining. Play goes back and forth but Pierre Pilote masterfully controls play in the Bruins end, and the Bruins hold off the Sabres for a 2-1 win.

Bruins power play wins the game in the 3rd period.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 08:40 PM
Boston - The first period begins with Eddie Shore setting the tone. Getting tired of Fleury's antics Shore delivers a devastating cross check to Fleury's ear hole. The Bruins do get a4 minute power play, but the Sabres kill the penalty with little trouble and Fleury is done for the night. Two minutes after returning from the penalty box Shore pummels Bobby Nystrom for the 2nd time in the series. Period one ends with no score. Shots 8 - 7 in favor of the Sabres.

The speed of the Sabres top line is too much again for the Bruins to start period 2. A nifty 3-on-2 is finished by Perreault, and moments later Cournoyer's speed draws a Sabres power play. On the ensuing power play Shore blasts a one-timer past a startled Frankie Brimsek. 2-0 Sabres after two periods of play, shots 19 - 14 in favor of the Sabres.

Revved up by the home crowd the Bruins respond early in the third. Messier's speed it too much for Dupont, opening up a hole for Bathgate to jump into and he fires a wrister past Bower to make it 2-1. Shore continues to contol the play and is everywhere , breaking plays, firing outlet passes and being a monster physical presence. The deperate Bruins mount a final attack pulling Brimsek with 1:18 to go and an offensive zone face-off. Pilote fires from the point with 9 seconds remaining and Bower makes a remarkable save, the puck lies loose and Messier with the empty net to tie the game, but Shore delivers a two hander across Messier's wrists and the puck squirts just wide ... the Sabres escape with a 2-1 win.

Shore and the "China Wall" respond, series even heading back to Buffalo.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 09:23 PM
Buffalo - After looking at some video duing the off-day roger neilson makes some adjustments. Jerry Korab is out and the speedier Paul Reinhart in inserted into the line-up.

The move by Neilson pays immediate dividends as Reinhart assists on the opening goal of the night. Reinhart fakes a slapper and steps around Bert Olmsted before making a beuatiful pass to a wide-open Rick Martin. Brad Richards, playing the first time this playoffs in place of an injured Theo Fleury makes his presence felt wiring a 40 footer off the crossbar making the score 2-0 Bruins just before time expires in period one.

The Sabres respond to open the 2nd period Shore leading the way again. Shore weaves his way up the ice shaking off a stick check by Damphousee and walks in firing a 25 footer, stopped by Brimsek but Gillies deposits the rebound to bring the Sabres within one. Shore's next shift results in another Sabres goal, this time a big hit by Shore causes a neutral zone turnover that Perreault capitalizes on, splitting the tandem of Pratt and Wentworth for a spectacular goal the has the fans chanting "Gil, Gil, Gil" for a for a full 4 minutes. With the Aud still roaring Jean Ratelle feeds Andre Dupont who whistles a one-timer passed a stunned Brimsek. As Dupont performs the "Moose Shuffle" the crowd roars sensing the kill. Neilson calls a time-out and Brimsek makes 3 huge stops late in the period to get the Bruins to the locker room only trailing by a goal.

The Sabres come out flying again to start the 3rd period as Shore sends Keon sprawling after a big open ice hit. The Sabres open it up full throttle and Perreault and Cournoyer are generating chance after chance, Brimsek is brilliant keeping the Bruins within a goal. Finally after eight minutes of domination the Sabres cash in, with Rick Vaive tipping in a Calle Johansson point drive to make it 4-2 Sabres mid-way through period 3. Under six minutes remaining shots are 13-2 for the period and 37-16 for the game ... the "Lets's Go Buffalo" chants coming from the Aud can be heard from the "Maid of the Mist" in Niagra Falls. The Bruins seem completely befuddled wwith 4 minutes to go it appears they'll be heading back to Boston trailing 3-2 in the series .... Andy Bathgate heading for a line change fires a dump in ... as Bower goes behind the net to stop the puck it hits a glass support and bounces into the open net. Suddenly the Bruins have life, after being compltely dominated for 58 minutes suddenly they trail by just a goal. It's now the Bruins turn to pour on the pressure .. and under a minute to go Lionel Hitchman trying to clear the zone inadvertantly puts it out of the rink. 48 seconds remaining and Neilson pulls Brimsek ... 6-on-4 for the Bruins. Gonchar, Reinhart, Messier, Keon, Bathgate and Martin for the Buins. Messier wins the draw back to Reinhart, over to Gonchar ... SCORE !!!! Bower never sees the puck through a Keon screen in front. Th Aud is silent as the teams head to the locker room for OT tied at 4.

The OT doesn't last long .... Hitchman gets caught on a pinch and Messier finishes off a 2-on-1 with Andy Bathgate jsut 49 seconds into OT. The Aud is stunned, as half the Bruins mob Messier while the other half goes to Brimsek, who finishes the night with 41 stops.

Hicthman the goat ... as Sabres blow game 5.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 09:45 PM
The Garden faithful on on their feet the entire warm-up and they explode as Theo Fleury returning from injury opens up the scoring after tipping home a Pilote point drive just 2 minutes in. Nystrom spurred on by the home crowd decides to take on someone other than Shore and this time he gets the TKO over Claude Lemieux. Period one ends 1-0, and the shots 11-9 in favor of the Bruins.

Period two begins and the game begins to settle down, Shore and Pilotte dominating the play from the back-end. Physical and back and forth but little scoring chances from either team until Ted Green is called for hooking. Just 30 seonds in Shore with a point drive and a scramble in front. brimsek jumps on the rebound, but not before Babe Pratt is whisted for a cross check in front. A Ratelle face-off win results in Lemieux cashing in on a Shore rebound. Period two ends 1-1, shots 19 a piece.

A cautious 3rd period begins, and as the 10 minute mark passes both teams realize what the next goal may mean. The play is clogged up in the neutral zone as neither team is willing to take a chance and make the mistake that will decide the game. Finally with the corwd urging them on the Bruins begin to mount an attack, and keep the Sabres hemmed in their own end. Bower makes 3 series saving saves in the final four minutes of the 3rd period, as the teams trudge off to the locker room, OT for the 2nd time in the series.

OT begins and the Bruins are energized by the home crowd and the thought of finishing off the Sabres. Bathgate is stoned by Bower and Dean Prentice misses the net on a glorious chance from 15 feet. 15 minutes into the OT and the shots are 12-4 in favor of the Bruins ... only Bower is keeping the Sabres alive. Minutes later Messier and Gonchar streak in on Morrow on a 2-on-1 ... Messier to Gonchar .... off the crossbar !!!!!!!! and the game continues. The Bruins continue to press the attack going with a heavy forecheck .... the puck is dumped in and Perreault with a quick reversal to Sergei Zubov who takes three powerful strides and fires a perfect 90 foot stretch pass right on the tape of Yvan Cournoyer. Cournoyer in full flight beats Ted Green to the outside ..... moves in to 25 feet and SCORE !!!!!!! A quick wrist shot by the roadrunner and the Sabres live to fight another day.

Bower's brilliance enables the Sabres to live for another day.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 10:14 PM
Buffalo - The "Let's Go Buffalo" chants begin outside the Aud at 5:00 PM 3 hours before puck drop and 90 minutes before the doors open.

Mark messier tries to set a physical tone early on but ends up losing some chicklets as Shore saw him coming and Messier ended up with pieces of Sher-wood in his mouth and teeth on the ice. Messier with 2 minutes for elbowing and Shore two for cross checking. The 4-on-4 provide too much room for Perreault and Cournoyer, a nifty criss cross at the blueline creates an opening for Perreault who fires a quick wrister past Brimsek, for the 1-0 lead. The Bruins respond peppering Bower with rubber until Messier feeds Bathgate to tie the game at 1 just before the 1st period horn sounds.

The Bruins open the 2nd period with all the momentum and fire 14 shots at Bower in the first 12 miutes of the period, but the China Wall denies them all. Shore breaks up a 2-on-1 and a quick pass springs Walt Tkaczuk and Anders Kallur ... Tkaczuk looks off the defense are wires one just under the crossbar ... and the Aud explodes with a 2-1 lead. Shore is beginning to take over the game, the Messier line isn;t getting a sniff as Shore dominates the Buffalo defensive zone while also leading the transition game. The 2nd period ends with the Sabres leading 2-1 shots are 26 - 19 in favor of the Bruins.

As the 3rd period begins Shore picks up where he left off, driving Rick Martin into the boards with a huge hipcheck. The score reamins 2-1, but the Sabres are gowing stronger as he period grows on. The pressure causes the Bruins to head to the penalty box. The Sabres finally covert on thir 3rd consecutive PP, as Shore sets up Gillies in front, and the Sabres lead 3-1 with just 6 minutes to go. The Bruins feel their season slipping away and finally urgency kicks in and they mount an attack, Bower makes superior saves on Messier, Ginchar and Bathgate .... 2 minutes remaining and Shore comes through again, this time a pass springs Olmsted for a breakaway ... a quick move by Olmsted and he beats Brimsek cleanly. Sabres lead 4-1 and as time ticks down the buffalo faithful sing ... "nananana, nananana hey, hey hey good-bye ... nananana, nananana hey, hey hey good-bye ... nananana, nananana hey, hey hey good-bye ... nananana, nananana hey, hey hey good-bye

Shore's dominates game 7, as the Sabres advance to the Divisional Finals.

John Flyers Fan
06-04-2007, 10:16 PM
Buffalo advances 4 games to 3.

Series 3 stars

1. Eddie Shore
2. Mark Messier
3. Johnny Bower

06-04-2007, 11:28 PM
Oh thanks JFF I really would've done this.

I got called in but I'll close things out tonight.

God Bless Canada
06-04-2007, 11:46 PM
With all due respect to the Speaker, this series wasn't a surprise. Tough to pick a winner, but I thought the Sabres had the better team. If BM can advance vs. JFF, Buffalo will be hungry for revenge after BM disposed of the Sabres in prompt fashion in the last draft.