HFNHL Red Wings at WJC

HFNHL Red Wings
01-02-2004, 11:04 AM
The Red Wing scouting staff are pleased to see the progress of a couple of their picks at this years WJC.

Emanual Peter was rated higher by the Red Wing scouts than most when they selected him in the 3rd round (76th overall) whereas he went slightly later in the NHL at 142nd. Management never questioned their decision and have been pleased to see Emanual lead the Swiss team in scoring at the WJC at a point per game pace. “We hope after one more season Emanual will be prepared to come to camp” said GM Niece

Steven Werner has been equally impressive as his sniping skills have been on display. With 4 goals in 4 games he finished the round robin portion tied for 3rd. With a little work on defence Werner could be ready as early the 2005-06 season.

HFNHL Red Wings
01-02-2004, 11:11 AM
Forgot to mention ... the Brampton Battalion have only been existence in the OHL for 6 seasons (started the same time as this league) and have sent a minimum of 2 Players to the WJC's for the past 5 years. That does not include Stan Butler who acted as the assistant coach one yaer and as the head coach in the following.
I'm not certain if that's a record but very impressive none the less and oh yeah looks like yet another Battalion player may be going in the 1st round of this years draft as well.

:handclap: :bow: Go Battalion! :bow: :handclap:

Ohio Jones
01-03-2004, 05:19 PM
:handclap: :bow: Go Battalion! :bow: :handclap:

Is this all by way of getting around the fact that the team can't play their collective way out of a wet paper bag this season? Thought so.

By the way - last I checked, Mississauga was leading the Conference... when could the Battalion ever say that at New Year's? :p

HFNHL Red Wings
01-05-2004, 06:21 AM
That’s a pretty gutsy statement from a man that had disowned the Ice Dogs for at least the past two seasons and only shamefully admitted they played in his home town..

Let’s see …
- Mississauga is only having it’s first winning season in 6 years of existence
- All those first round picks demanding to be traded a week after Mississauga drafted them
- Not to mention all the ‘slush puppy’ jokes

Don’t break your ankle jumping on and off that bandwagon.

I’ll take the Battalion thanks :-P

Ohio Jones
01-05-2004, 06:55 AM
Thatís a pretty gutsy statement from a man that had disowned the Ice Dogs for at least the past two seasons and only shamefully admitted they played in his home town..
Iíll take the Battalion thanks :-P

No question, the IceDogs have stuggled to find their way in the league, largely due to poor management. You'll notice, however, that as soon as they got committed owners who understand junior hockey they surged up the standings - and this is without Robbie Schremp, I might add (as for people showing prima-donna attitudes and demanding trades rather than learning to work within a system, I'm glad they left - more room for people who are willing to playa team game). And, for the record, although I was certainly disappointed at the ownership carousel that brought questionable management team after management team in, I never once disowned the IceDogs or their fans - the heart and soul of any team. Patience is rewarded, and I have been very patient!

Besides, call them slush puppies all you want - at least their jerseys don't look like toddler puke!

* * *

Two Jackets prospects, Teemu Nurmi (6 games, 2/1/3, +2/-2, 0 pim) and Ondrej Nemec (6 games, 2/2/4, +6/-5, 8 pim), scored the lone goals for their sides as Finland and the Czech Republic lost to overwhelming favourites USA and Canada, respectively, in the WJC semi-finals. Both Nurmi - a checking centre who has proven to have better hands than predicted - and Nemec - a slick puck-moving blueliner with a cannon of a shot off the right point who has quarterbacked the Czech powerplay - performed admirably in the WJC. So too have Canadian forwards Jeremy Colliton and Jeff Tambellini, both Jackets 2003 selections. Colliton (5 games, 0/0/0, +2/-0, 2 pim), who has played stifling defence while serving primarily as a penalty-killer, saw increased ice-time in Canada's 7-1 crushing of the Czechs in the Semi-Final. Tambellini (5 games, 2/3/5, +4/-0, 0 pim) has lined up beside prodigy Sidney Crosby, and has been in on every one of his line's goals while at the same time being the defensive conscince of the young line.

Konstantin Pushkarev was unable to play for Kazakhstan due to injury. Corey Crawford and Steve Bernier for Canada and Brian Boyle for the US were surprises to not receive invitations to their respective National Camps. Each has taken the spur to perform extremely well over the past month in league play.