Atd#8-ML Mickey Ion Semi-Final: #1 Cincinnati Stingers vs. #4 Renfrew Creamery Kings

02-11-2008, 06:48 PM
Mickey Ion Division Playoffs

Cincinnati Stingers

coach: Peter Laviolette
captain: Gord Roberts
alternates: Al Arbour, Udo Kiessling
MVP finalist: Gord Roberts

Gord Roberts (C) - Pavel Datsyuk - Eddie Oatman
Martin Straka - Bob Gracie - Harry Hyland
Murray Murdoch - Cully Dahlstrom - Bill Ezinicki
Morris Lukowich - Andre Lacroix - Nikolai Drozdetsky
Marty Walsh, Nick Fotiu

Brad Maxwell - Al Arbour (A)
Uwe Krupp - Andrei Markov
Udo Kiessling (A) - Howard McNamara
Garth Boesch

Jim Henry
Bunny Laroque


Renfrew Creamery Kings

coach: Bun Cook
captain: Barney Stanley
alternates: Bob Davidson, Art Duncan
league co-MVP: Barney Stanley

Smokey Harris - Ernie Russell - Barney Stanley (C)
John Sorrell - Thomas Gradin - Lorne Carr
Bob Davidson (A) - Larry Patey - Doug Brown
Butch Keeling - Jason Arnott - Bob MacMillan
Terry Ruskowski

Mattias Ohlund - Art Duncan (A)
Frantisek Tikal - Bob Murdoch
Oldrich Machac - Richard Matvichuck
Bobby Rowe

Cesare Maniago
Evgeni Nabokov
Gary Smith


02-11-2008, 06:48 PM
Cincinnati Stingers

PP1: Roberts - Datsyuk - Oatman - Markov - Maxwell
PP2: Lukowich - Lacroix - Hyland - Straka - Krupp

PK1: Murdoch - Dalhstrom - Kiessling - McNamara
PK2: Ezinicki - Gracie - Arbour - Krupp


Renfrew Creamery Kings

PP1: Harris - Russell - Stanley - Tikal - Duncan
PP2: Sorrell - Arnott - Carr - Ohlund - Machac

PK1: Patey - Brown - Tikal - Murdoch
PK2: MacMillan - Davidson - Ohlund - Matvichuk

02-11-2008, 08:11 PM
Thought they were posted...Gonna think about the lineup - we MIGHT switch McNamara and Krupp, giving up an all-german pairing on the 3rd, and our own replica of the current Markov's surroundings.... with the first capitain of the Habs.

Roberts - Datsyuk - Oatman - Markov - Maxwell
Lukowich - Lacroix - Hyland - Straka - Krupp (Drozdetsky might see a few shifts one in a while as a winger)

Murdoch - Dalhstrom - Kiessling - McNamara
Ezinicki - Gracie - Arbour - Krupp (Boesch plays here if he's in the lineup for Krupp. Wingers are listed at the LEFT.)

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 06:27 PM
Game 1

Despite being the number one seed, it was the Stingers who were kept on their heels most of the night. Perhaps due to a bit of rust after a first round bye, Cincinnati didn't seem ready for the rough and tumble action in the playoffs. Mattias Ohlund put Renfrew up 1-0 on the Powerplay and the Creamery Kings didn't look back all night long. They were able to keep on the attack and didn't let up. By the end of the first they had scored once more, this time Lorne Carr was set up by Gradin. Despite an attempt to light a fire under his team, Peter Laviolette was unable to get his team going at all on this night. The Creamery Kings used their momentum to pot two more from Arnott and Russell before the game was out to win the game 4-0.

Final: 4-0 Renfrew

Renfrew leads the series 1-0

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 06:43 PM
Game 2

After a game one meltdown, the Stingers were ready to go in Game 2. The Stingers struck early less than 5 minutes into the game on a goal by Pavel Datsyuk. The Stingers would strike again soon after on a point shot from Al Arbour and the hometown fans were sent into a frenzy. The Stingers fed off that momentum into the 2nd period and put themselves up 3-0 on another Datsyuk goal. A Hyland penalty led to a Renfrew PP goal which cut the deficit to 2 goals. This goal seemed to spark the Creamery Kings and they dominated play the rest of the 2nd period but couldn't get another one by Henry. In fact, neither team were able to put one past the goaltender the rest of the evening and the Stingers were able to knot the series up at one, with Games 3 and 4 coming up in Renfrew.

Final: 3-1 Cincinnati

Series Tied 1-1

02-16-2008, 07:07 PM
Creamery Kings split games in Cincy?

I smell an upset brewing...

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 07:11 PM
Game 3

It was a wild night in Renfrew. Junior B followers from Arnprior, Perth, Shawville and Carleton Place put their rivalries aside to cheer on the Creamery Kings in Renfrew. Barney Stanley was the star of the show on this night and put the entire Ottawa Valley on their feet with a goal late in the first. The Creamery Kings top line was all over the place the entire night and it was up to Jim Henry to keep his team in this one. By the midway point of the 2nd the shots were already 21-12 in favour of Renfrew and on a Powerplay late in the period they went up 2-0 when Stanley scored his 2nd of the night. Cincinnati looked liked they were going to get back into it when Gord Roberts scored midway through the 3rd, but it was Stanley completing the hattrick into the empty net in front of a rabid hometown crowd. A late flourish was again fruitless and the Stingers found themselves facing a must win game coming up in Game 4.

Final: 3-1 Renfrew

Renfrew leads the series 2-1

02-16-2008, 07:21 PM
Home ice advantage shifts back!

Dang if this doesn't go seven games as well.

02-16-2008, 07:32 PM

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 09:59 PM
Game 4

Despite playing in front of another hostile crowd from all over Eastern Ontario, the Stingers came out with a lot more poise and confidence than they showed in the previous game. The crowd was quieted down by late in the first with the Stingers playing a boring and simple, but effective road game and were especially cautious in their own end. An early goal on the powerplay put the Stingers up 1-0 when Eddie Oatman put in a rebound after a Datsyuk shot. With the crowd out of the game the Creamery Kings seemed to have the wind taken out of their sails even more leading to a Roberts goal to out the Stingers up by 2. The Creamery Kings got raked over the coals in the first intermission and the fans got into the beverages and were back to their rowdy selves. Renfrew got goals from Ernie Russell and Barney Stanley to tie things up at 2. The third period would solve nothing and the game would head into overtime. In OT the Stingers were on their heels for the first five minutes but kept the puck out of the net. It only took one chance, at it sometimes does, for the Stingers to send the Renfrew fans home livid. It was Harry Hyland who notched the huge game winner for the Stingers sending them back to Ohio with a chance to take the lead in the series.

Final: 3-2 Cincinnati

Series Tied 2-2

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 10:36 PM
Game 5

The Stingers were happy to be back in Cincinnati and in front of their home town fans. Gord Roberts and Al Arbour were seen rallying the troops before the game and the players responded and came out flying. It was the aforementioned Arbour who opened the scoring, firing a one timer into the back of the net to put Cincinnati up 1-0. Martin Straka made it 2-0 early in the 2nd and the Stingers would not look back from there. Datsyuk and Markov would score before the 2nd was over and Cincinnati was up 4-0. A great 3rd period from Stanley would not help the Renfrew cause. The Creamery King captain put in 2 goals in the extra frame but it would not be enough and the Stingers came out on top with a potential series winner looming in the daunting confines of the Renfrew Arena.

Final: 4-2 Cincinnati

Cincinnati leads series 3-2

Transplanted Caper
02-16-2008, 10:53 PM
Game 6

The frenzy of the crowds of Games 3 and 4 couldn't compare to how insane things were in Renfrew for Game 6 of the Mickey Ion Division Semis. The crowd had been outside chanting for their team since the middle of the afternoon and were rabid by the time they took their seats. They were only sitting for a few minutes when Barney Stanley scored a huge first period goal. The Renfrew fans stayed on their feet for 5 entire minutes of action after they opened the scoring allowing the Creamery Kings to sustain pressure. Despite some fantastic work by Maniago, the Creamery Kings couldn't keep a blank slate for long. Roberts tied things up at 1 midway through the period and assisted on Datsyuk goal before time ran out to give Cincinnati a 2-1 lead going into the third period. Cincinnati was ready once again to shut things down and play out the third and into the next round, but Renfrew had other ideas namely Barney Stanley who tied the game with 8 minutes remaining. The teams went head to head the rest of the way and with 4 minutes remaining Renfrew took a slashing penalty. The home crowd was livid and began calling for the referees head. The referee would have to find a place to hide later when Eddie Oatman scored the game winner with 20 seconds left in the PP. The Stingers were able to play out the rest of the game, and when the final whistle sounded Cincinnati would head to the dressing room to celebrate as the Renfrew ice was littered with anything the fans could get their hands on. The staff at the Renfrew arena would have to wait almost an hour to get everyone out, and the Renfrew fans would have to wait another year for playoff glory

Score: 3-2 Cincinnati

Cincinnati wins the series 4-2

3 Stars
1. Stanley
2. Roberts
3. Henry.

Congrats to the GMs on a great series.

02-17-2008, 12:18 AM
Any of the top four seeds could have advanced in this division.

I nominate the Creamery Kings as the most underrated team in this draft!

God Bless Canada
02-17-2008, 12:19 AM
I think leading 2-1 in a series written by TC is the official ATD Kiss of Death. raleh and I led 2-1. We lost. BM led 2-1. Lost. VanI led raleh and I 2-1 in the ATD. VanI lost. Kiss of Death.

I had this one going seven. Honestly, one of the big things for me was that BM said nothing during this round. (And the previous round, too). If a series has a clear winner, it's not an issue. But I thought this was a close series. MXD said a little more.

02-17-2008, 01:41 AM
First off , thanks to everyone for putting faith in our team and especially TC for doing the write-ups for this series. I would have really liked to discuss a more but I participated an economics project this week which really took a lot of time. I hope can be around a little more next week.

And of congratulations to BM67 , you had a great and underrated team and I'm happy to live VERY far away from the Renfrew crowd ;).