ATD #9 Jim Robson Semifinal: #1 Nanaimo Clippers vs. #5 Regina Pats

05-27-2008, 12:25 AM
Nanaimo Clippers
Head Coach: Jack Adams
Captain: Bobby Clarke
Alternate Captains: Viacheslav Fetisov, Lionel Hitchman, Ivan Hlinka

Reg Noble - Frank Boucher - Sergei Makarov
Woody Dumart - Bobby Clarke - Alexander Maltsev
Jiri Holik - Ivan Hlinka - Johnny Peirson
Ab McDonald - Vyacheslav Starshinov - Leo Labine
Tom Dunderdale, Helmut Balderis

Viacheslav Fetisov - Red Horner
Lionel Hitchman - Ott Heller
Lars-Erik Sjoberg - Red Dutton
Rod Seiling

Clint Benedict
Vladimir Dzurilla

Reg Noble - Bobby Clarke - Sergei Makarov
Viacheslav Fetisov - Frank Boucher

Woody Dumart - Vyacheslav Starshinov - Aleksandr Maltsev
Ott Heller - Lars-Erik Sjoberg

Bobby Clarke - Woody Dumart
<all defensemen rotated>

Frank Boucher - Leo Labine
<all defensemen rotated>

The Regina Pats
Coach: Bob Johnson

Alexander Yakushev - Gilbert Perreault - Lanny McDonald (A)
Vladimir Krutov - Vincent Lecavalier - Pat Verbeek
Kirk Muller (A) - Metro Prystai - Marian Hossa
Dan Maloney - Ken Linseman - Pie McKenzie
Billy Gilmour, Peter McNab

Serge Savard (C) - Vladimir Konstantinov
Bob Goldham - Graham Drinkwater
Adam Foote - Steve Duchesne
Mattias Ohlund

Jacques Plante
John Ross Roach

Alexander Yakushev - Gilbert Perreault - Lanny McDonald
Serge Savard - Steve Duchesne

Vladimir Krutov - Vincent Lecavalier - Pat Verbeek
Vladimir Konstantinov - Marian Hossa

Metro Prystai - Kirk Muller
Bob Goldham - Adam Foote

Marian Hossa - Ken Linseman
Serge Savard - Vladimir Konstantinov

05-27-2008, 12:58 AM
Good luck seventies, looking forward to a tough matchup. After facing Roy in the first round we get another tough matchup in Plante.

Hockey Outsider
05-27-2008, 08:34 AM
Another tough series. Good luck seventieslord, I will post some comments later.

05-27-2008, 03:01 PM
I could have sworn I posted in this thread three hours ago....

Oh no, not these guys!

....I mean...... you're going down.

FissionFire, can you please flip my 2nd and 3rd pairings? I want Drinkwater and Goldham to be my 2nd pairing as decided in round 1. :)

05-28-2008, 06:03 PM
Ok some thoughts:

Goaltending: To get the obvious out of the way, I think Plante's the best ever, and he gives Regina an advantage off the bat. Again, Benedict is no slouch and was able to get the best of Roy last round, but we'll have to overcome that advantage with our lineup and coaching.

Defense: I'd give a slight edge to our top-pairing. Savard is a lower end #1 defenseman in an ATD while Fetisov is top-10 (IMO) all-time. Konstantinov has a greater peak value compared to Horner, but I'd give Horner the edge career-wise. I don't think the difference between the two makes up for the difference in #1's. Drinkwater makes the second pairings a bit difficult to compare because I don't really know enough about him, but I'd take Heller first based on what I've read and Goldham and Hitchman are similar type defensemen, though Goldham probably has a slight edge. Our third pairings are similarly constructed, though Dutton has a more decorated resume than Foote. Both teams have a collection of defensively responsible bottom-6 forwards, but with players like Clarke, Boucher, and Dumart in our top-6 I think the scale tips in our favour on the whole for forwards.

Offense: I think the top lines are a virtual wash. The difference between Noble and Yakushev is mitigated by the difference between Makarov and McDonald. I have Boucher ahead of Perreault all time though. The second lines represent the biggest mismatch in the series though, IMO. Clarke and Maltsev are the two best offensive players on either second line, while I'd say that Dumart is at worst fourth (depending on what your thoughts on Krutov are). Bottom-sixers are tough to compare, but I'd say our LWs and Cs are more offensively talented, while Regina has the edge on the RW.

Coaching: Badger Bob is a good coach, but Adams has a better overall record. I think we also get a slight edge in terms of congruence, as Johnson is better suited to an offensive powerhouse team, while Adams is used to coaching teams with strong two-way players.

Leadership: I feel that leadership is one of the biggest strengths of our club which few teams in the draft can match. Clarke is one of the best leaders ever, while players like Fetisov, Hitchman, Hlinka, Starshinov, and Dutton were known for their tremendous character.

05-28-2008, 09:36 PM
Well, this is not an upset friendly league.... but I will do my damnedest.

How much time to I have to make some arguments? I don't have a lot of time tonight, Thursday, or Friday.

God Bless Canada
05-29-2008, 06:04 PM
This one might be tougher than you might expect. 70s has a very good team.

One challenge for Regina will be just the sheer emotion of the last series. Not only was it an emotional, tough, seven-game match-up, but it came against a rival in Winnipeg. Now they have to regroup and play a tough Nanaimo team right away.

Regina has a much tougher defence than Vancouver. Yet the Pats team defence is still lacking. A guy like Hossa still isn't good enough defensive for two-way line duties. Solid player. But ATD worthy for the third line? I don't think he is. Prystai will cause problems for whoever he faces. But one of Clarke or Boucher will get a favourable match-up.

One of the beautiful things about pit's teams, draft-in, draft-out, is the defensive ability of their centres. Boucher and Clarke can play against anyone. The wingers aren't all rocks defensively, but that second line can play against any line.

Regina's defence is just simply tough. Outside of Steve Duchesne. There's nothing tough about Duchesne. That being said, Duchesne is the only really proven offensive defenceman on the team. Savard has the talent to be an offensive defenceman, but he never really produced.

Nanaimo's defence is also very tough, and very solid. Very tough to play against. The Clippers team defence is better.

Give Regina an edge in net, but it's not significant. Not with pit favourite Benedict there.

How are Jack Adams' Russian lessons coming along?

05-29-2008, 11:32 PM
I have limited time to comment on my own series at the moment, let alone many others... I should be able to put something together by Saturday night. For now, here's what I see:

1) As I would in any matchup save one or two, I have the advantage in goal. I'm a big Benedict fan and have him about 11th or 12th all-time so the advantage is similar to the one I had last series. I used up my first pick to get this guy, so I'm going to ride this advantage as far as I can. :D

2) Yeah, I've got the tougher defense. Can't really argue with that... thanks, GBC. Drinkwater is hard to judge but in his era he was amazing, keeping things all relative we could consider him like the Babe Pratt of his time. Maybe too generous? I dunno. Big and strong for his time, grear puck rusher, won some cups. Duchesne is certainly the most offensively accomplished player on my D. Although you may be selling Savard short a bit regarding his offensive credentials. He does have 439 points, and 68 more in the playoffs. The rest? Well, clearly, they're there to defend. Guys like Goldham and Konstantinov put up good points for their times, but that's not their greatest strength. On the other hand, Nanaimo's defense isn't too shabby in the toughness department, now, are they? Heller, Horner, and Dutton will make life tough for Le Gros Yak and Krutov.

3) I certainly thought about the long emotional series against Winnipeg. Is that considered as a factor? If so, how does any 3rd/4th/5th seed move on against a team that was rated higher in the regular season AND generally played a shorter first round series.... just asking :)

4) I really like Nanaimo's centers. How'd Pit get Clarke AND Boucher? Oh, that's right... by trading with me to get the Boucher pick :( My appreciation level for Boucher has since risen and I probably wouldn't make such a trade again.

5) In most good monumental upsets, the reason turns out to be stellar goaltending or a particular offensive star being shut down by a pesky defenseman. I have to hope for Plante to be unreal and hope for guys like Goldham and Foote to pound Makarov and Maltsev into submission. At the same time I have to hope Heller, Dutton, and Horner don't do the same to my Russians. With Nanaimo's team defense so strong, especially down the middle, I will need to rely on clutch scoring from the likes of Lanny McDonald, Kirk Muller, and of course Gilbert Perreault, whose playoff resume is excellent overall.

06-01-2008, 11:31 AM
Regina upsets Nainamo in game 1

"As the underdog it's always good to win the first game of the series. We need to continiue our disciplined defensive play and covert the on few chances we get and I can see us taking the series." - Bob Johnson

With a quick start Regina was able to beat suprised Nainamo squad. While it took Nainamo only 5 games to beat Vancouver , Regina had the probably most brutal first round series against Winnipeg. Regina took full risk caught the Clippers by suprise when Gilbert Perrault scored with 4 minutes into the game. Noble got the equalizer about ten minutes later but from then on Jake the Snake and and a exceptional strong playing Krutov took over. Krutov scored to quick goals early in the second period and Plante shut down the Clippers completely. The pace of the game slowed down quite a bit early in the third period until Krutov stroke again to finish the hattrick. Shocked by Regina's effort Nainamo could not recover and lost the first game on home ice.

Regina wins 4-1 , Regina leads the series 1 to 0

1st period
4:02 - Perrault (McDonald)
13:56 - Noble (Boucher,Marakov)
2nd period
1:22 - Krutov (Lecavalier,Duchesne)
2:41 - Krutov (Lecavalier,Verbeek)
3rd period
10:21 - Krutov (Foote)

Clippers recover in goalie battle

After their weak performance in game 1 coach Jack Adams rallied his troops which would show a way better performance , especially on defense , then they did in the first game of the series. In a scoreless first period both Plante and Benedict showed that they are capable of. Making save after save either teams forward corps got pretty frustrated what eventually led to a way slower second and third period. During the third period Benedict especially stood out , denying 3 almost consecutive powerplays. Inspired by his goaltenders heroic Clarke stole the puck from Duchesne on another powerplay and passed it to Dumart for a clear cut breakaway but Plante stonewalled him. With no scoring in regulation the game went to overtime. Marakov ended the the game around the 15 minute mark with two beautiful dekes , first on Savard and then on Plante turning both inside out and putting the puck in the open net.

Nainamo wins the game 1-0(OT) and ties the series at 1

Overtime period 1
15:04 - Marakov (Boucher,Fetisov)

Nainamo takes over the series

"I think we have fully recovered from the loss in game one.Now it's our turn." , stated by Bobby Clarke after Nainamo's 2-0 win in which he assisted on both goals.

Jaques Plante did anything he could but he can't score goals. Regina's offense was completely shut down by Bobby Clarke and company. Gilbert Perrault in particular had just one shot on goal and made things even worse with a lazy defensive effort against a rushing Slava Fetisov , that led to an unnessasary powerplay for the Clippers. Fetisov himself blasted a shot past a screened Jaques Plante. With the score 1-0 Nainamo slowed down the game and concentrated more on their superior defensive play. Late in the third period Fetisov cleared out puck and Clarke took it , batteling through the Pat's defensive and feeding it across the Dumart. Plante made the initial save but could not control the rebound and gave up a juicy Dumart , who put it in this time and settled the final score 2-0.

Nainamo wins the game 2-0 and leads the series 2-1

1st period
2nd period
10:44 - Fetisov(Clarke,Noble)
3rd period
17:44 - Dumart(Clarke,Fetisov)

06-01-2008, 12:28 PM
Have the Pats run out of gas?

After a fulminant start we haven't seen much from the Pats , their offense in particular. Has the drain of their series against Winnipeg caught up to them? There wasn't much effort by them in this game 4 and several fans left the arena early.
Nainamo basicly ended the game in period one by scoring three unawnsered goals against a supringly weak Jaques Plante. Boucher scored the first goal on a powerplay and later added an assist on Marakov's 2-0 goal. Clarke ended the first period with a typical goal for him. Searching for a rebound he simply outworked Adam Foote and got his stick on the puck while being tripped. The little tip by Clarke was enough to get the puck past Plante. In the second period Regina showed a short flash of brilliance that led to a nice goal by Yakushev but any hopes for a comeback were soon diminished by Aleksandr Maltsev. In the third period Nainamo did little more then managing their lead but the Pats weren't able to organize their offense enough to threat the Clipper's net.

Nainamo wins the game 4-1 and leads the series 3-1

1st period
6:56 - Boucher (Dumart,Maltsev)
8:16 - Marakov (Boucher,Fetisov)
19:41 - Clarke (Maltsev,Starshinov)
2nd period
14:13 - Yakushev (Perrault,Savard)
16:08 - Maltsev (Clarke)
3rd period

Desperate Pats avoid elimination

Regina came out for one last battle in game 5. With their backs to their wall they put a true firework on Clint Benedict's net. He could stop them in period one but in period two both Perrault and McDonald got their names on the scoresheet. McDonald added another goal early in the third period. Most people were pretty sure that this sealed the game for the Pats but in a 5 minute span of colective sleep by the Pat's defense they were proven wrong. First Clarke , then Marakov and finally Maltsev tied the game for Nainamo. They continued the charge but Plante could save his team into overtime. His performance paid off because just a few minutes into overtime Maloney scored the game winner for Regina with one bullet of a slapshot from around 20ft.

Regina wins the game 4-3(OT) and trails the series 2-3

1st period
2nd period
9:20 - Perrault (McDonald,Yakushev)
11:18 - McDonald (Perrault,Konstantinov
3rd period
1:23 - McDonald (Konstantinov)
11:48 - Clarke (Hitchman)
12:41 - Marakov (Boucher,Fetisov)
14:59 - Maltsev (Hitchman,Heller)
5:14 - Maloney (Linseman)

Clippers advance in a demonstrations of defensive excellence

In the final game of the series the Clippers showed why they are a favourite in this playoffs. They allowed only 19 shots in 78 minutes of play leaving Benedict almost unemployed. Their defensive play left little room for their offense to excell and the also strong playing defense from Regina limited it even more. Neither team had any great scoring chances during the first two periods. In the third the Pats began to take more risks which almost led to a shorthanded goal by Labine but Jaques Plante saved his team once again with an awesome snowangel save. The risky moves taken by Regina would pay off with just 4 minutes left in regulation.Verbeek scored on a juicy rebound that resulted of a blast from the point by Konstantinov. Realizing that they could lose the game the Clippers started charging Plante's net. 50 seconds were left on the clock when Frank Boucher made an jaw-dropping no-look feed through the legs of Serge Savard. Fetisov had sneaked past the Pat's defense and buried the awesome feed. Regina would never recover from that goal and after 18 minutes of very defensive overtime hockey Reg Noble scored almost out of nowhere on another great feed by Frank Boucher. Plante had no chance on saving the perfect gloveside wrister that ended the series.

Nainamo wins the game 2-1(OT) and the series 4 to 2

1st period
2nd period
3rd period
16:01 - Verbeek (Konstantinov,Lecavalier)
19:10 - Fetisov (Boucher)
18:33 - Noble (Boucher,Clarke)

3 Stars of the series
1. Bobby Clarke
2. Jaques Plante
3. Viacheslav Fetisov

Congratulations to pitseleh for making the third round for 4th consecutive time (correct me if I'm wrong) and to seventieslord. You are most likey the most improved GM in this draft and build one heck of a team.

06-01-2008, 08:12 PM
Thanks to Jungosi for the great writeups.

seventies, your team was much improved this time around and I can see you're on the right track. I'd imagine that you'll be even tougher to play against next time around.

06-01-2008, 10:57 PM
I imagine you're right!

Thanks for the great writeup, Jungosi.

Pits, it's an honour to go down vs. one of the best. Good luck in the next round! And if you want Boucher next draft, you better be prepared to take him at least a full round earlier.

Hockey Outsider
06-02-2008, 01:47 AM
Great write-ups Jungosi. Sorry for not being around for the discussions in this series. Seventies, I hope I don't have to face you in the next draft.