Bruins Lose Again

05-18-2004, 04:31 PM
(Boston Hero) The anticipated goalie change did not happen as the Bruins stuck with Turco in their 2-1 overtime loss in game 3.

Although Turco cannot be blamed entirely for this loss, the winning goal was considered a soft one by many who saw it. Radek Bonk scored the winner in the first minute of overtime with a wrist shot from the top of the face-off circle. As the overtime started, fans in Philly were chanting Turco’s name, “Turrrrrcooooooo, Turrrrrcoooo” and it looks like that may have affected his concentration.

The local papers and radio shows who were already questioning the coaching of Pat Burns and the management of GM Rob Krueger before game 3 will have a field day after the overtime loss.

Many in Boston feel that Krueger has been too distracted with other interests this year, such as his participation in the “Legion of the Red Fist”. Critics have suggested he did not do enough at the deadline to improve the club.

Radio shows in Boston have been calling for Krueger’s head and are hoping that if he is fired, the Bruins will reach out and hire Nick Quain, currently managing the Blues, who may be convinced to jump organizations if the money was right and if the Blues win the cup.

Quain has stated publicly that if the Blues win the cup there would not be much else for him to accomplish in St. Louis. Although he cleared that statement up with the media last month, rumours still persist of his departure from St. Louis. The potential hiring of Nick Quain would be ironic after Quain masterminded the trading of Joe Thorton to the Blues a few years ago.

Others have questioned the coaching abilities of Pat Burns who at times has been known to stick with his guys even when they’re struggling, such as Turco is now. Burns who has been known to have some disagreements with some players was visibly upset at Jason Allison in Game 3 and both men were trading barbs on the bench during the game.

The Bruins who finished 15 points in front of Philly were expected to take the Flyers handily. But the resilient Flyers do not resemble the team who were mediocre at times during the regular season.

The Flyers are slowly gaining confidence and hope that their story will continue. “We’re having a good time right now. We’re doing all the little things to win, just like coach Lemaire teaches us. We now it’s not over and we just hope that we can win one more. They have a great team and it will be tough to win the last game,” said Jason Arnott.

Despite the 3-0 deficit, former Bruins coach and Leafs admirer, Don “The Don” Cherry still believes that the Bruins can pull it off. “Look I told ya, you need to win four games and the Flyers have not done that yet. Nolan, Allison and Langenbrowner or whatever you call him will get things done for my Leafs.” Of course Cherry meant to say the Bruins. “This team will come out and win the next four games and not just because I cannot be objective, but because I think the Bruins have the best team in hockey right now. I just wish they would play Domi more.”

05-21-2004, 02:02 PM do know you need 4 wins, right? Not 3?

Come on Flyers!