[DEN] Travel to Denmark & hockey games in August?

07-18-2004, 02:20 PM
I'm going to be travelling to Denmark specifically Copenhagen, in August and I'm interested in going to watch an ice-hockey match while I'm there, just wondering if anyone knows when and where there might be matches on. Also, I've never played ice-hockey but am a sports enthusiast and play other sports at a high level so I was also wondering if any clubs in Denmark allow newcomers have a go at playing for fun and not seriously.


07-19-2004, 03:56 PM

Well, the hockey season doesn't start officially until September 7th with the first leg of the first round of the knockout-based Cup. The league play starts 3 days later.

However, there wil be various exhibition games in the Copenhagen area in August..
Here are a few I've found:

Friday, August 6, 7pm local time: Malmö IF Redhawks at Herlev Eagles

Friday, August 13, 8pm local time: Rødovre Mighty Bulls at Herlev Eagles

Tuesday, August 17, 7pm local time: Herlev Eagles at Nordsjælland Cobras

Sunday, August 22, 3:30pm local time: Herlev Eagles at Rødovre Mighty Bulls

Saturday, August 28: 2pm local time: SønderjydskE at Herlev Eagles

Friday, September 3: 8pm local time: Nordsjælland Cobras at Herlev Eagles

Herlev and Rødovre are both in the Copenhagen suburbs, with reasonably easily accesible arenas. Nordsjælland is about 15 miles to the north of Copenhagen, you can get to their arena by train and bus.

Prices to get in will probably range from 40 DKK to 70 DKK. That's standing room, sitting seats could cost as much as 150 DKK, but are probably priced around 100 or less for these exhibition games, however the Malmö @ Herlev game could be kind of pricey. 1 US$ is approximately 6 DKK.

As for getting to skate yourself, most arenas (almost all are owned by the 'county')have open hours where you can, without it costing too much, come and skate, but there's rarely any organized ice hockey activity. You can rent skates and skate around, but that's about it. Finding those early hours may be a problem, though. I wouldn't know where to other than at the actual arena.

If you need any more info, just ask..

07-19-2004, 04:52 PM
Malmö Redhawks will play vs Rødovre too, 7th of August. Don't know what time though.