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WithOutPaperss 10-09-2011 12:16 PM

Painting Stick Question
I found a one95 shaft at an outdoor rink in the snow. The stick is in good condition, but the paint is chipped and worn out. I was wondering how I would go about painting this black, should I use a certain kind of paint?

Cousin Eddie 10-09-2011 12:34 PM

i had a rbk 7k which started chipping pretty bad, decided to just rattle canned the whole stick flat black. Never did anything to performance and it looked pretty bad ass. Everybody was asking me what kind of stick i had.

WithOutPaperss 10-09-2011 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by kento19 (Post 37681009)
i had a rbk 7k which started chipping pretty bad, decided to just rattle canned the whole stick flat black. Never did anything to performance and it looked pretty bad ass. Everybody was asking me what kind of stick i had.

Did the paint chip off easily?

Granlund2Pulkkinen* 10-11-2011 07:12 PM


1) Use painter's tape to partition where you want to paint. (I always paint JUST the bottom of my stick-- near the blade, about 1/3 - 1/2 of the stick)
2) Use a fine grade sandpaper and really sand the area you want to paint well
3) Take a wet washcloth and vigorously clean the area you just sanded. Let it air dry.
4) Use Krylon spray paint when you spray it. Use a good color.. I recommend black because it helps hide the puck if you use black tape as well.
5) Make sure you have a good 5-6" of tape protecting the area of the stick you don't want painted
6) Over newspaper or whatever, spray an even coat on the sanded part of your stick and do not set it down. Hold it and let it air dry (should be rather quick).
7) Peel away tape once finished.

Jarick 10-11-2011 10:02 PM

Yeah I just hit an old chipped up stick with some flat black and it looked pretty slick. Thin coats, let it dry a couple hours, touch up if need be. I also hit it with some grippy rubber clear spray that wears off really easy but at least gives some grip.

DougKnowsBest 10-11-2011 10:41 PM

ive thought about this

i run a body shop... fix cars

i think i could really pimp a sick out... and id actually like to see what a nice thick coat of automotive clear coat would do for a sick... just like on a car, i think it would give a sick look and some good resistance to chipping...

use a coarse grit paper and filler to fix any divets or chips

then scuff over the whole stick really good.

was it down with a solvent or promoter like the guy above said

then spray a sealer on it this will really help it stand up to chipping.. this is going to be a thicker substance that will fill all the cracks and give you a nice uniform surface for the base coat

then the color base coat.. then the back striping and pinstriping like the guy above was saying.... i actually think id add some metallic to the color .. give it some pop

then soak that sucker with a nice clear coat bath

all of that can be bought at a automotive paint stores... they are around, you just have to look for them. its a lot of material to pull together... but i promise it would be a quality job.

Jarick 10-12-2011 09:48 AM

Only kicker with the primer/paint/clear method is you would be adding some weight to the stick.

Cousin Eddie 10-12-2011 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by WithOutPaperss (Post 37682417)
Did the paint chip off easily?

no not really, pretty well the same as a new stick would. I used krylon fusion pant. It's for plastic but its all i had lying around my house. I didn't clear it after since i figured it would take away from the flat black look.

Clarkington III 10-13-2011 12:24 AM

I've done two. One I used the primer and flat black and the other I just used flat black.

If the stick is already black or dark, you shouldn't need primer. The paint didn't really chip though I took off all of it from one stick using spray paint remover.

Side note: I didn't like the feel of the paint on my glove, so I candy caned the area my bottom hand would run with electrical tape and that helped give it a bit more glide.

Ozz 11-16-2011 03:51 PM

I thought some of you might get a kick out of this, but I'm about to polish out one of my aluminum shafts. Should be nice and shiny, and definitely unique.

Here's a starter pic:


edit: finished


650X2 11-16-2011 04:05 PM

+1 on Krylon.

I use that stuff on my Jetskis and it holds up a few seasons of heavy use on the water/being stored outdoors for the winter.

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