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Jet 10-09-2011 01:40 PM

HF Jets Code of Conduct: Please read this!
Hey everyone. As another season approaches it's time to renew and refresh your mind with the rules of HF Boards, and particularily, HF Jets.

Hank Chinaski, Holden Caulfield, Hammer Slammer, JC Numminen, YWGinYYZ and myself like to believe that the Jets board is one of the best forums on the entire site for having a respectful attitude and healthy discussion. Good job to everyone for helping make this a fun place to talk Jets Hockey!

Having said that, we wanted to take this time to emphasize what this forum is about and what is expected of all its participants. It can be boiled down to one word:


Respect for HF Jets regulars: Do not attack each other. Things can get heated, especially during losing streaks or tough times for the team. Debate your hearts out, even argue if you are passionate about your point, but keep your attacks against the post and not the poster. Flaming and trolling, personal insults will not be tolerated and infractions and threadbans will be levied if necessary.

Respect for visitors: We will see people from other areas of HF Boards stop by on game days or when trades and other incidents between teams happen. Remain respectful towards our guests. If they post something that is inappropriate, use the report post feature to let us know and we will handle it asap. DO NOT respond as this can open you up to disciplinary action as well. As they say “don’t feed the troll”. Keep in mind, just because a visitor has something to say that you might not agree with, it doesn’t mean they are trolling us.

Respect for the players, coaches, management, and (sigh) officials: These people are absolutely open to criticism, which is perfectly acceptable. What isn’t, is personal attacks on them beyond what they do in a professional sense. Any rumours of illegal or immoral activity without fully supported sources can open HF Boards and yourself up to libel. Think about what you are posting before you post.

Respect for your mods: We are fans just like you. We have opinions and you are welcome and encouraged to debate our thoughts on the Jets and NHL hockey in general. What isn’t up for public debate are our decisions wrt to the administration of the rules here. If you have a problem with what we’ve done or a decision that we have made, send us a PM for an explanation or if you are more comfortable, you can PM another mod or send an email to [email protected]. We do not get paid to do this, we do it because we love this forum and want it to be a great place to talk about our favorite team.

One last thought that might help you make the right decision about posting. Before you hit the post button, read your post again as if the subjects you are talking about in your post are friends or family members. There is room on these boards for respect, even in the most heated debates.

If you are unsure of the site rules other than what is mentioned above, you can read the site rules

Remember, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them. Lets have a great season enjoying talking everything Jets!!


Your HF Jets moderator team.

Jet 08-23-2014 02:52 PM

As an add-on to the above, something that has become more and more prevalent over the summer is threads going off topic and spam posts. Of course, in the summer, there is less to talk about and we like to be a little more relaxed with our enforcement of these rules. Moderators ourselves have fallen into bad habits of taking threads off topic.

As we get into training camp, exhibition and the regular season, we have to get back to keeping things in their appropriate threads, and avoiding spam posts, for example single word answers like 'this', single or multiple emoticon posts with no text, and picture posts.

Of course this isn't a black and white rule, but something to be mindful when posting.

Thanks all!! Go Jets Go!!!

Jet 10-08-2014 07:40 PM

This ends now, guys. We have been very lenient through the summer and have been working on tightening things up over the pre-season, but as we get set to start the regular season, we have got to reign in some of the real problem areas we are having.

The big one right now is talking about other posters, groups of posters, posters as factions or one minded cults. Comments like 'the sky is falling' 'drinking the kool aid' do not add anything to the discussion. All they do is entrench people into their positions, get them defensive, and really stunts open minded discussion and perhaps good debate and learning.

We are trying to maintain HF Jets as a place where people can come, feel welcome, and express their opinions, be them positive, negative, off the wall, or whether the poster is new to the sport or a lifelong fan.

People should not feel belittled or muted here, or feel like they are being heaped into a group for having their own opinion, even if that opinion is shared by a group of other posters.

It is extremely easy to follow these rules -- simply comment on the thread's subject matter. Do not comment on the posters on this forum. That's it.

We will need to start enforcing this with more sanctions than simply editing and deleting posts. There were 4 mods deleting and editing posts in this thread alone and it cannot continue. Threadbans, warnings and infractions will have to be levied if people cannot help themselves.

Remember, the ignore function is open for you to use not only on posters that might annoy you, but threads you don't like either.

Thank you.

Hank Chinaski 10-08-2014 09:00 PM

I've copied Jet's post over from the O'Dell thread.

Seriously everyone, this is starting to get ridiculous. This is a message board, differing opinions and schools of thought are what make it tick. Nothing drags the level of discourse down more than making broad generalizations about certain posts.

Posts to the effect of "All this board does is whine and complain", "Love seeing all the Chevy apologists try and spin this move", etc. add absolutely nothing, and are essentially an indirect way of flaming people. They're going to be deleted, and those who continually post this way will be infracted.

Make your opinions known and disagree with individual posts, but this generalized flaming has got to stop.

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