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McDugan 10-13-2011 11:20 AM

Kor Shift 2's for Bauer One60
I'm not really sure if this is OK to post, but I hope so, since I'm not sure how else I'd get word out to more than a handful of people.

I have a spare pair of completely untouched, never baked, never sharpened Kor Shift 2's that I'd like to trade for a pair of Bauer Supremes, I'm thinking One60's would be in line with the value of the Kors, but I wouldn't say no to One 70's.

My Shift 2's are size 9.5D and I take a 9D in the Bauers.

Mods please delete if needed, I don't want to unwittingly violate any rules, but I hope this is OK.

Edit to clarify: Since the Shift 2's can't be found anymore, I thought someone who wanted a pair might be interested in buying a pair of the One60's (which can be found fairly cheaply now, I think) and swapping.

elevation 10-13-2011 07:51 PM

IF the Shift2 fits volume wise, it was even a 'better' skate than the one70 (protection, steel, heat fitting, footbed, stiffness) size 9 from Bauer to 9.5 in Kor seems right...why you want to trade?

McDugan 10-14-2011 09:07 AM

I got a great deal on two pairs of Shift 2's and I'm not going to wear out my first pair any time soon. I could hold onto the second one indefinitely, but I actually feel like I might benefit from using a slightly less stiff skate and working my way into the Shift 2's as my skating gets better. Basically the Shift 2 is more skate than I need at the moment, and I don't have the cash at hand to just buy a third pair of skates. My wife would probably have an aneurysm.

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