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Albino14u 10-15-2011 03:04 PM

help with new youth goalie gear
I need to get some for my son, we've looked for used gear and we can find some but not everything. We're going to make a trip out to a goalie monkey store to get his gear, I don't want to make multiple trips or spend to much or spend not enough and end up with crap.

Leg pads... He's almost 45 inches tall and just turned 5. I'm expecting to pay up to about $150 for this item. I feel that at this point this is the most important piece of equipment since he will out grow it before anyone can lift a puck at him. If he is between a size 21 and 22, should I get a 22 or get a 21 because it fits him better(not that I know what size will fit him best yet).

Glove... I think we can find a good used one from play it again sports, any tips on what I should look for for such a little guy?

Blocker... I think I'm going to have to buy this one new, I guess as long as he can hold his stick with it, it will be ok

Stick... the smallest size I've seen is 18" and the one the arena gave us for class to borrow seems to be the right size when he holds it in the right spot, the problem he has is its heavy, he can't lift it up in the air with one hand and has a hard time moving it around. Are there some off brands that are lighter or what is the lightest 18" goalie stick?

helmet... since nobody is lifting the puck, I think the one he has for skating class is fine

skates... I don't want to switch him to goalie skates yet. He's still learning to skate better and I think it would mess him up if we switched him at this point and cost more since we want him to skate out some to. I did change his cut from 1/2 inch to 5/8 though since he's also learning to hockey stop right now. I also can't find goalie skates smaller than a size 13 so I can't get them even if I wanted to.

chest protector... we have that covered already

I'm going to sign him up for a goalie camp around Christmas so I want to make sure everything fits right and is comfortable for when he does that. Right now he's using the rinks equipment but my wife has finally came around to agreeing its time to get him his own now and she knows the cost.

Thanks for your help we got about a week or to before we get the gear

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