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MeltingPlastic 11-02-2011 08:24 PM

Need Similar blade info: Warrior W01
Hey guys,

So since most of you are curve crazy here, figured I could get a good response.

I've been using a Warrior W01 pattern (Savard/Federov) with a Lie 4. Now I like the curve but i feel the Lie is more what I like about it(stick blade is a lot flatter on the ice while the Lie 5 the toe raises on me along with other blades ive used in the past)

I have a hard time finding this blade locally and was wondering what out there is comparable, Lie and Curve in other brands


ponder 11-02-2011 09:04 PM

Warrior measure their lies differently from other brands (actually, no brands seem consistent with their lie measurements period, but Warrior seems the most different). A lie 4 Savard is going to be extremely similar to a lie 5 of the equivalent curve in other brands. So an Easton Zetterberg/Cammalleri (same curve), a Bauer PM9, etc.

If you want to try other low lie curves with different shapes, Warrior make a bunch. The Gionta is a toe curve option, the Kovalchuk and Zetterberg are mid curve options, and the Vanek is a very slight mid/heel option. All are lie 4 curves by Warrior's method of measurement, which is roughly equivalent to lie 5 in Easton/Bauer blades, though really with rockered blades there's no precise way to measure lie, every curve is a bit different even when the listed lie is the same. Reebok also make a number of fairly low lie curves, but I'm less familiar with their patterns.

MeltingPlastic 11-02-2011 11:49 PM

Thanks Ponder, I figured youd prob be the one to respond. I'll have to try out some of these blades. I have an old shaft with a dead wood blade on it so I need to pick up a new one so I'll try to find the Bauer or the Easton locally since the proshops by me carry more of their stuff than Warrior. I had tried the warrior because I got one of their higher end sticks through a buddy for about $50 when the proshop he worked at was liquidating their warrior stuff and I really liked it and have been trying to use that combo ever since.

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