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Hockeyfrilla 11-18-2011 05:00 AM

CSS Preliminary Rankings

1. Filip Forsberg Leksand C
2. Sebastian Collberg Frolunda Jr. RW
3. Pontus Aberg Djurgarden LW
4. Ludvik Bystrom Modo D
5. Mikael Wikstrand Mora D
6. Henrik Samuelsson Modo C/LW/RW
7. Hampus Lindholm Rogle Jr. D
8. Joel Mustonen Skelleftea Jr. C
9. Christian Djoos Brynas Jr. D
10. Tobias Tornkvist Rogle Jr. RW
11. Philip Holm Djurgarden D
12. Jesper Pettersson Linkoping Jr. D
13. Calle Andersson Farjestad Jr. D
14. Erik Nystrom Modo Jr. LW
15. Erik Karlsson Frolunda Jr. C
16. Ludvig Nilsson Timra Jr. C
17. Jeremy Boyce Rotevall Timra LW
18. David Lilliestrom Karlsson AIK C
19. Simon Fernholm Huddinge Jr. D
20. Jacob Spangberg AIK Jr. C
21. Fredric Anderberg Djurgarden Jr. C/LW/RW
22. Daniel Zaar Rogle Jr. RW
23. Ponthus Westerholm Malmo RW
24. Patrik Noren Leksand D
25. Jonathan Johnson Frolunda Jr. C
26. Filip Sandberg HV 71 Jr. C
27. Konstantin Komarek Lulea LW
28. Karl Johansson Brynas Jr. D
29. Gustav Rydahl Frolunda Jr. C
30. Mattias Kalin Djurgarden Jr. C
31. Viktor Gustavsson Huddinge Jr. LW
32. Janos Hari Modo Jr. LW
33. Edwin Hedberg Modo Jr. RW
34. Henrik Nyberg Djurgarden Jr. LW
35. Anton Brehmer Linkoping Jr. C/LW/RW

1. Oscar Dansk Brynas Jr.
2. Mathias Israelsson Frolunda Jr.
Niklas Folin? Emil Lundberg? etc..

cheerupmurray 11-19-2011 05:56 AM

This list includes a whole lot of player that allready been passed over once or twice and are going to have a hard time getting drafted, it also includes some small players that are going to have extremely impressive seasons to be drafted (Pettersson, Gustavsson, Sandberg, K. Johansson). All in all lots of theese players will never be drafted. I'ts still early but im starting to think this might not be a very good draft for Sweden. Theres not so many players that are looking to be first- or secondrounders at the moment and depthwise it's not looking stellar either. Lots of stuff can happen though, a good wjc u-18 can skyrocket some players stock.

Isn't there a unusual amount of lateborns (elligble for the next draft) that are doing really good in Superelit.

Gustav Possler, Elias Lindholm, Robin Söderquist, Andreas Johnsson, Tommy Stenqvist, Alexander Wennberg, Andreas Wingren, Linus Arnesson, Marcus Högberg are all born later than 15th september. Add to that a pretty good 1995-crop, and we might have a good 2013-draft.

Pentothal 11-19-2011 08:13 AM

I don't know, I think this draft looks promising from a Swedish point of view. We have 3 players who could get drafted in the first half of the first round. Then there are some interesting guys like you mention Byström, Lindholm etc. Maybe there won't be 30 Swedes drafted but if we get 3-4 first rounders and a couple of second rounders, that's good enough for me.

Btw, does anyone know how Calle Andersson doing in Färjestad? Remember him being one of the the top guys for Skåne in TV-Pucken, and having a very heavy slapshot. Decent size, 11 points in 18 games for Färjestad J20 according to Elite prospects and is getting some playing time for the national team. Should get drafted right? 2nd or 3rd round or so?

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