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ShutDownDefense 12-11-2011 01:49 PM

Mike Lundin
How has he been playing since he's come back? It seems he's averaging 20 minute a night, got one assist, and is playing on a one million dollar contract.

I think he said it best when if you never notice him he's doing his job right. I still think we should tie this guy up for a few more years after this. He's still young and could provide a could shut down D pairing with Schultz.

Dee Oh Cee 12-11-2011 01:50 PM

Exactly - he plays a quiet game and is a sleek puck moving type guy who finds a way to get the puck from the back boards and either leads a breakout or gets it out of the zone. He's not going to be the most physical guy out there it seems but he plays smart and looks to have found a spot on the 2nd team PP for now.

Minnesota 12-11-2011 02:21 PM

What about this thread?

It's only on page 3.

GopherState 12-11-2011 03:49 PM

He's healthy now - it's all good.

Avder 12-11-2011 05:14 PM

I never notice him.

That means hes doing his damned job.

I like it.

nickschultzfan 12-11-2011 05:43 PM

I think he's a great addition to the blueline. Defensive and pretty good puck-mover. We've kind of missed a guy like him since we traded Johnsson away.

He adds a lot more than Zanon and Zidlicky does at this point. I'd think about re-signing Lundin and moving Zidlicky this off-season.

TaLoN 12-11-2011 06:09 PM

He's by far the best of the vets.

Minnesota 12-11-2011 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Avder (Post 40799367)
I never notice him.

That means hes doing his damned job.

I like it.

He's made some great passes that allow our forwards to break into the offensive zone. PAY ATTENTION, MAN! :rant:

Kidding! :laugh:

Wild48 12-11-2011 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by Avder (Post 40799367)
I never notice him.

That means hes doing his damned job.

I like it.

Exactly the way I like my defensmen as well. The only time i wanna notice you is firing a rocket from the point.

Averman 12-11-2011 07:04 PM

The breakout pass to Taffe to set up Kaptain Koivu's one-timer was pretty noticeable.

Caior89 12-11-2011 07:50 PM

He did some breakout passes a few games a go too.

MNman 12-13-2011 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by Caior89 (Post 40806445)
He did some breakout passes a few games a go too.

Brodziak's break-a-way that rang off a pipe....I remember that one.

He is easily our best break-out passer, so I have noticed that. but agree with not noticing much in the Defensive zone (at least not noticing any mistakes down there) being a very good thing.

He's playing like we expect to get out of Brodin, except Brodin will probably get PP time as well.

ShutDownDefense 12-13-2011 04:03 PM

Yeah, I haven't watched Lundin that often to see how well he is offensively, his numbers aren't all that great from seasons pass, but if he can get the rush going then I'm all for extending his contract a few seasons until our other prospects get rolling. He can take Zanon's spot once another propsect comes up like Cuma if he can roll with the NHL. We desperately need a PMD.

nickschultzfan 12-13-2011 04:08 PM

Don't count prospects like Brodin until they actually have knocked in the door and taken out people above them on the depth charts.

Lundin would be a good long-term addition to this team. At the very least, he and Schultz could be a 2nd or 3rd pairing if the kids all become Hulks.

PoundCake 05-21-2012 06:39 PM

Sorry for the thread bump, but how's Lundin been this season?

I always liked him when he was with the Lightning.

GopherState 05-21-2012 06:44 PM

Wish there was something else but Lundin was the most injured of the injury-prone defensive corps. We never really got a good look.

Minnesota 05-21-2012 06:45 PM

Played 17 games, managed 2 assists, was a -1.

Overall, I'm disappointed that he couldn't stay healthy. I also believe he was a healthy scratch for a lot of games - some of us suspect he clashed with our coach.

rynryn 05-22-2012 09:56 AM

Didn't seem like he had a chance at all. It's pretty hard to look good playing with what we had and doubly so if you're a new guy who isn't allowed to play stretches at a time.

bozak911 05-22-2012 11:01 AM

My personal, speculative opinion is that he's done in the NHL. Something went wrong with his back very early in training camp and was never the same, even when he was "healthy".

His wife took a coaching position at Apple Valley and I wouldn't be shocked to hear that he is moving into high school coaching soon as well.

After it was released that he was injured with a back issue, he just never looked the same as he did in Tampa...

Jarick 05-22-2012 11:05 AM

He's still pretty young though. A combination of surgery and a smart trainer could potentially get him healthy. He was pretty good with Tampy a couple years back, especially for his age.

But he would have to either go to the minors or Europe and hope to get a chance in the majors again.

Billy Mays Here 05-22-2012 11:32 AM

If he can get healthy I can still him being a decent 2nd or 3rd pairing shutdown d-man. Don't think it will be on the Wild though.

SauceHockey 05-23-2012 11:33 PM

I am afraid if he has already out done his stay :/

elnewby 05-24-2012 02:28 AM

If we can get him on a two way deal for cheap I would be down.

Minnesota native afterall.

Fel 96 05-24-2012 03:32 AM

He won't be back with the Wild.

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