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nosoup 12-20-2011 11:23 PM

pro's and con's of spring hockey, vent here

IDC 12-21-2011 05:33 PM

nosoup;"Recent discussion has been because SHA in their wisdom has threatened to ban any kid that participates in a tryout prior to march 31 from hockey for a year."

I guess this can be a "glass is half full, half empty" thing depending on what frame of mind you are in when you read it. To quote the memo sent out;

"This conduct is called "Tampering", which the SHA will investigate and if individuals have broken the regulation, then a possible consequence is suspension up to a year for coaches and to be determined time for players"

Surely nobody truly believes that the SHA will suspend a kid from hockey for any amount of time. Coaches and managers of Spring/Summer hockey may want to sit back for a minute and think really hard about this though. It may be just as easy as having a well written letter stating their intentions with detailed skating dates signed by the coaches and GM's of the childs winter hockey team that may or may not be affected. In sending out the Memo, SHA has definitely cut out the "easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission" way of life that so many of us live by (mostly with the wives though). The SHA rule has always been there, they just haven't really enforced it that much, or that well.

PokeCheck101 04-12-2012 10:27 AM

Just found this post. Hopefully not too late to chime in... I've been involved in alot of spring and winter hockey. Coaching, managing, parenting... The extra 6-8 weeks and $5, 000-8, 000 has to be weighed out. For starters, running "skates", "birthday parties" etc, etc, with the spring team absolutely impacts the winter club. I have found kids inattentive at practices/games (maybe already had a spring skate that day), looking fatigued and mentally "not there" with the winter club. It's everything from the dressing room chatter amongst rival spring team kids to bashing each other's programs. Then comes the meddling "AAA" parents on your winter team who coach spring but not winter (scary considering there is no oversight in spring hockey).... They've got the answers to the winter teams downfall, etc, etc... It used to be spring hockey got going around mid March anyway BUT then these same AAA coaches and eager parents wanted to get going earlier and earlier to get a jump on the competition... What they've done in the process is "meddled" into winter programs by recruiting, talking to kids/parents of winter clubs without having the decency to talk to that coach first... By the time 2010 rolled around there was spring clubs I know getting going in October for "skills skates." These same skates weren't offered to the general public though. I was involved in it and for some of these reasons I've stepped away. Folks, spring hockey is good if you keep it all into perspective... ALL, into perspective. Parents willing to go to the nth degree to follow some fellow around decked out in complete triple A gear, who seemingly has nothing better to do then "scout" 8, 9, 10, 11 year old kids across a province really need to sit back and think: I'm paying $5-8K for an extra 6 weeks of hockey.... That's really all it is. Take a fraction of that money, invest in a good hockey school and bank the rest into your kids RESP's. These spring tournaments have grown to include a gold, silver and bronze division... Where is the elite anymore anyway? It's really just tiered hockey part II.... And alas, every parent believes their child will make the NHL and that's awesome but the reality is folks a very small percentage do and they are scouted from winter teams. I've talked with many kids (now young adults) who played spring and wished their parents would not have pushed it on them, it was not enjoyable, they did miss out on other things. These are kids who went on to play major junior, college hockey... Perspective is all I'm saying.

Royal Canuck 04-12-2012 03:12 PM

This discussion is suited more for "The Rink" forum. Please feel free to post this topic in that forum, it is irrelevant to this forum.


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