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BHDefensiveForward 02-15-2012 11:01 PM

Brett Hull's Wrist Shot Technique Help
This is based on the DVD: Brett Hull's Shooting and Scoring DVD 2.0

My issue is that I use the Hull method of shooting wrist shots. I pull the pull/ball diagonal and under my body, then push/pull, however I can do this only with a shorter stick because it allows me to get it under my body.

Sadly, unless I use JR sticks, I cannot flex the stick with my body weight that well. I've also noticed if I use an iginla curve using this technique, my wrist shots have little power. I've been able to rip a few shots using the sakic curve though...

Shinny is starting up again soon as my other pickup games are ending, so on the ice it's not as bad for flex... I've been added onto a new team for ball hockey, so I need to get my wrist shots down due to the shoulder issues, and no slap shots. In ball hockey, I find it almost impossible to flex the stick, but I still get a lot of power using the method of wrist shot.

I used the old sweep method before, but couldn't get good results... I've scored a lot, but nothing fancy, as they had only power using a longer stick, and sweeping, not with a shorter stick. I seem to have better % of hitting my target by using the Hull method.

Any insight on how I can improve? Stick flex in ball hockey being short and weighing almost nothing. Also why does the iginla produce horrible wrist shots for me? The sale guy told me how you can "snipe" easier with the iginla as opposed to the sakic, I find the opposite...

I should state how I proceed with my wrist shots with both curves. I cup the puck by the heel and drag the puck towards by body, and across until it's almost dead center of me. Then I insure it's on the toe, and push/pull... Maybe cupping the puck with the iginla is not working as well as the sackic??? I can drag it towards me better with the sakic.

The iginla always requires a setup for me... With the sackic, I can just cup the puck/ball at the toe, and rip a shot, no setup other than weight transfer.

Jarick 02-16-2012 10:12 AM

I have the DVD, love it, worship Brett Hull, favorite player of all time. But as much as I tried to emulate that style, I didn't have much success with it. It takes way too long to get the shot off in a game situation. Honestly I think the stick he uses is too whippy for most normal people. I wouldn't worry about getting that much whip.

What stick are you using again?

As I may have said before, when you're using that push-pull method of a little stick flex and whipping the hands quickly, closed curves like the Iginla won't do crap for your shot. The Sakic and Drury are far better. Because when you're cupping the puck and leaning on the stick, if the blade is closed, you're topping the puck and not making good contact and it flubs. Or else you're maintaining good contact with the puck but you can't lean into your stick.

Here's what I use:

Sakic curve
65 flex
Cut right where Hull recommends (just below the bottom lip in bare feet)

I literally used to take the video to the shooting range by my house and watch it on my phone, then practice each of the shots. It was kind of a waste of time. Since then I've eliminated the sweep shot because it is just way too long to get off in a game and lacks power. If I'm sweeping, I'm passing. I have two forehand shots, the wrist/snap and the slapper. Focus on just those two. One has quick release, one has high power.

And here's what I do for the wrist/snap (check out 1:53):

BHDefensiveForward 02-16-2012 11:33 AM

Thanks! I have a sakic and iginla, however with the sakic, I can just keep the ball/puck toe/mid and just push/pull to shoot. I never liked the sweeping wrist shot because in high traffic, you have little time to setup. Sadly my height is a big issue as the stick gets cut down to my collar bone.

Sadly no slap shots for me anymore.

damacumich 02-16-2012 01:03 PM

Since most of us don't have the dvd could you explain to me what you mean by a sweeping wrister and the push/pull wrister?

Jarick 02-16-2012 01:57 PM

Sweeping wrister = puck starts from well behind the body and maintains stick contact with the puck the whole time. Like when you are first learning to shoot. That's how I'm teaching my toddler to KEEP HIS STICK DOWN while shooting :D SWEEP the floor buddy!

Push-pull is just the near instantaneous release of a snap shot.

damacumich 02-16-2012 03:23 PM

Ah, I guess I had just not heard it referred to as that, I assumed it was some method I was unfamiliar with.

Pez68 02-16-2012 03:44 PM

It's just a standard wrist shot. lol

With the innovations with sticks, you don't need a big sweeping wrister anymore. Quick snapshots are better.

BHDefensiveForward 02-16-2012 04:03 PM

Jarick, so basically your shot is like a wrist/snap or as Brett Hull calls the pro snap shot?

I can never execute the snap shot properly from a distance, only up close to go top shelf... It also doesn't have as much speed and power unless closer to my target...

How can I preform the snap shot? Since my shoulders no longer allow slap shots. :-/

Jarick 02-16-2012 04:46 PM

I think that's what he called it. That mini wind up snap shot I find to be completely useless. I literally just try and shoot like that Ellis video around 2:00 mark.

Here's another great video (love Cammi):

Notice how he drags it in before shooting? That's key. Also, he doesn't exaggerate the open/close of the stick because he uses more flex than wrist action. That's a lot more of a snap shot. It's really a hybrid and it goes both ways. Keeps the hands out in front of the body, just like Bobby Jr says.

I also found a nice tip to control height with those shots and an open curve is how your hands end up. If you pull your hand WAY back, the stick opens way up, and the shot goes high. If you pull it back a little less and push with your bottom hand more, the stick stays a little closed and the shot goes low. Very useful for 5-hole shots. You have less power, but that's why top corner goals are so lovely :)

Here's an old video when I was first transitioning (starts around 1:00). Beforehand, I was trying to consciously roll the puck from heel to toe, weight transfer, snap the wrist, etc. Maybe that was part of the learning process.

By the end of the summer (it only took maybe 3 or 4 sessions to learn it), I was shooting a more compact, quick version. I also switched from a big closed mid curve to a Drury, and then to a Sakic.

I want to shoot a new video but my ex took the camera so I need a new one. :shakehead

Also, forgot about this, but for those who want to chirp me for using an intermediate, here's proof I can use and flex an 87 senior stick :D





shawn1331 02-16-2012 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by BHDefensiveForward (Post 44268561)
Jarick, so basically your shot is like a wrist/snap or as Brett Hull calls the pro snap shot?

I can never execute the snap shot properly from a distance, only up close to go top shelf... It also doesn't have as much speed and power unless closer to my target...

How can I preform the snap shot? Since my shoulders no longer allow slap shots. :-/

For me snapshots were by far the hardest shot to learn, and master. The snapshot itself isn't too hard to take but to learn how to get good power and accuracy is a real must to get the leg kick down pat. It really generates power on the shot. Watch these videos and check out the form

Especially the iginla goal. he has great form and a hard shot. The next thing to work on is really making sure you get a "snap" on the shot. Line the puck up with your shooting leg and push the puck about an inch or 2 at most ahead of the blde then quickly roll your wrist while kicking your leg and your stick should naturally flex and get a nice snap on the puck. I am 5'8 125lbs and use a 90 flex and have no trouble getting power from flex. Also when you shoot a wrister push down HARD with your bottom hand on the shaft to generate power.

BHDefensiveForward 02-16-2012 05:41 PM

Jarick thanks bud!! I use to shoot like that but stopped because I wasn't making a full reach and point in my follow through. But it produced super fast and accurate shots!

I'll read your post next shawn thanks!! Just at work.

BHDefensiveForward 02-17-2012 12:47 AM

Thanks shawn for the post! Love the videos!

Jarick! Thanks a lot buddy! I wasn't able to get on the ice today, so I went to the gym floor to practice with the hard ball. The issue is I cannot cup the ball like I can with the puck, so other than the ball spinning with ease, it's still a hard shot, but not like a puck. My sticks for ball hockey do not have hockey tape on the blade, so maybe that would help grip the ball???

I have an issue now... I brought my collar bone level sakic stick and the eye/eyebrow one I use. I'm able to stick handle pretty good with the long stick, but much better with the short. I can flex the longer stick a lot more, but not as much with the short stick... I used the technique shown in the Calgary flames video you posted, and I'm getting almost an even shot in terms of speed with both stick lengths...

For ball hockey, is this flex making a difference Jarick? It could again be an issue with not having tape to grip the ball better. If not, should I be using the shorter stick instead anyways? Even though I'm not supposed to slap shot, I tried it with the longer stick, and wow it was roughly 60% faster!!! Impressed some people there today, heh...

I also looked at: http://www.cuthockeysticks.com/ This is why I have my stick colar bone level, but I'm thinking I should have it longer because look at Datsyuk, he can handle himself great. I did super good in a few games with a longer stick, heck we beat the best team in the league, and I was poke checking everything almost! :) Were does his stick go up to? I should maybe cut mine down a bit? Or keep it at eyebrow level? Honestly, I feel better playing with a longer stick due to my speed and fore-checking ability.

Edit: I checked online, it appears he used a stick 9" less then his height, and he is 5ft 10", so it's around his mouth being 61" long, but one post said he has it by his nose.. being 67" ish. I should try that tomorrow and see how I like it! Sadly, I've only ever used 2 lengths, eye level, and below the chin/collar bone... I can dangle good with both when need be, if anyone has an exact measurement, I would love to know.

Two pictures I found:

This shows chin height (Must have been when he was using "short" sticks.

This shows nose/eye level

Also, does wood plugging your sticks for the full length of the plug help with flexing the stick? Or do I plug it and cut a certain amount of the wood off?

Jarick 02-17-2012 08:33 AM

Datsyuk uses a longer stick as he's the best stickhandler in the world and can get away with it. You can try both. I found the wrist/snap shot I do suffers quite a bit in accuracy once the stick gets above the chin.

The wood plug is weird. Technically it's supposed to make the stick feel stiffer but for me it almost feels like there's a kickpoint up high. Also helps with the balance of the stick.

BHDefensiveForward 02-17-2012 11:05 AM

Thanks bud! I guess I need more testing. I love using the longer stick because I'm too short compared to other players, and I can still dangle with it. The short stick works, but again I can dangle until I get hit, but my forechecking ability is gone with a shorter stick. Man.... So hard to pick!

I'm going to try blade tape, and see how it grips the ball for ball hockey. I gotta finish up the league im in before my other team starts up, and shinny again! :)

BHDefensiveForward 02-18-2012 12:39 AM

I must give you all a big thanks!!!

I went to prohockey and just bought four 65 flex hall's, and did some tests holding the stick by different lengths. I found my sweet spot at last! All this time I would either have it collar bone, or eyebrows, each provided some good results. I cut the stick to my nose in skates, and my stick handling is faster, plus my reach is still good. I can toe drag, and still bring the puck under my body to dangle.

I went out to the arena and tried the wrist shot among other things. All I had to do for the wrist shot was have the puck between the toe and mid blade cupped, then sweep 1 foot forward while flexing the stick before releasing a fast and accurate shot! I did some snap shots as well in motion, and still by toe dragging the puck in front of me before the snap, and I'm producing shots faster and harder than my slap shot! It's even pretty accurate as well.

I really must thank you all because without your help I would still be using the classic way of doing things, which didn't work that well for me. I spent 3 hours in one day testing the new stick size, and techniques, which produced better results than all year!

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