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tfs3166 03-01-2012 02:28 PM

Ankle Sprains and Recovery
I took a spill into the boards and felt a "pop" in my ankle, this happened about a month ago. I've been applying the whole RICE technique and the swelling has subsided, for the most part. There was no bruising, just swelling and in the beginning of the injury I found it difficult to walk. After a couple weeks the only pain that was present was when my ankle would have lateral pressure on it; towards the outside of my body. Now, I'm able to walk on it, jog, even skating during stick n puck sessions and clinics it feels ok. As an iron worker I'm on my feet the majority of the day and it doesn't bother me all that much. However, there is still a little swelling around the ankle. I apply ice and compression a couple times a day and began taking supplements for joints and muscle in hopes of aiding the recovery process. I've got a doctors appointment in a week with a foot and ankle specialist. I'm hoping it was just an ankle sprain however, the fact that the swelling is still present after being on my ankle at times worries me. I've research the damage of high ankle sprains and my ankle didn't look nearly as bad as the photos I looked at.

Any suggestions or comments to aiding the recovery or what the core of the issue may be?

emgsa85 03-01-2012 11:28 PM

Not a doc or anything but... sprains are never good. I've sprained my ankles a lot and since they're "loose" they're more likely to be sprained. Same thing happened to my shoulder. But my shoulder had some torn cartilige so it helped me dislocate it a dozen or so times before it wouldn't pop back in and had to get an ortho to look at it. I hope the ankle works out for ya... but if you injure it you should see the doc right away otherwise you won't get a good read from the doc. I waited with my shoulder when I popped it out the first time in '07 and so on... just had surgery in Oct. '11. GET IT LOOKED AT ASAP after injury!

IDuck 03-01-2012 11:39 PM

DONT PUSH IT....granted a lot of the swelling can be caused do to your work, i have torn 2 medial meniscus in 2 years and am currently still dealing with one....i didnt have surgery on either but one thing i have learned is to fight the urge to "test" it (even if it feels fine) before i get the ok from a doc. icy/hot is great for middle of the day (during work) when i cant ice, and obviously you are doing the right thing with icing when possible....id get your dr. opinion before doing to much more as high ankle sprains can be tricky if they arnt allowed to fully heal.....good luck

hyster110 03-02-2012 06:38 AM

with sprains its anyones guess how long they take to heal. i sprained my high ankle back in july, and after 4 weeks i could skate (with caution taken) but every now and then i would do something and felt pain. it honestly wasn't till around this november/december that i finally found it pain free and didn't have to worry about it.

take your time with them, honestly its not work permanent damage. also depending on the sprain ask your doctor or a physiotherapist about taping it to support it and help with the healing

Shanahanigans 03-02-2012 05:21 PM

Don't rush it. When you think its a hundred percent, wait a week after that. Trust me, I'm talking from experience.
I sprained my ankle pretty bad back in September. After 4 weeks, I was back to playing. Wrong thing to do, I've sprained it 4 times since, and now its always sore, and I can't bend it in certain positions. Each time I came back, I thought I was ready, but all it takes is a bend in the wrong direction and its damaged again.
I can play hockey just fine now, but I don't know If I'll ever have the full range of motion I did a few months ago.
Make sure your ankle is not only healed, but strong enough to play on.
For example, to strengthen the ligaments, sit on a couch, take a tennis ball and put it under your foot. Roll the ball under your foot in all directions for a few minutes at least each day. This helps a ton. Going in with healed but weak ankles is not good, especially for hockey.

SCritical 03-02-2012 11:29 PM

The unfortunate reality is that ligaments donít get the same blood supply that bone does, so they just donít heal as well and can give you trouble for years to come. Not saying that youíll be disabled or anything but you might find that you have to ice it after a game for awhile. If you have weak ankles, taping the joint before you play can help with stability as well.

Ricky Bobby 03-03-2012 02:28 AM

From someone who has suffered multiple ankle sprains and even a fractured ankle that I never went to the hospital for and only found out a year after that I fractured it on an xray my advice would be:

Start using heat on the ankle as well.

Ankle injuries can linger on and on and on. They are one of the slowest recovering injuries. When you think it is healed as someone else pointed out give it another week although I'd recommend giving an even longer period of time than that.

Absolutely avoid running sports for the next little while. Especially sports like ball hockey or tennis that involve quick pivots. If you continue to have problems with rolling on your ankles start wearing court shoes or tennis shoes. They are similar to cross trainers but with better lateral support. I wore cross trainers for years and their is a huge difference. The shoe that works the best for me is the ASICs court shoes but everybody is different.

If you want to keep playing ice hockey wear a brace for the next little while or tape it up. It might even be helpful for work especially if your walking on beams which require more balance than you probably ever think about. Watch you don't off to much circulation though.

Some physio exercises that should help build up strength in your ankles again are:

-Stand on one foot and hold with good posture. If this is very easy make it a little harder by doing it on a balancing pad/bosu ball OR do raises where you put your weight to the front of your foot/come back down with your foot solid on the group than back towards the front of your foot.
-Doing one leg at a time have your leg stretched out and your ankle at 90 degree than turn the bottom of your foot to the inside and hold for a half second to second than bring it back to 90. Repeat up to 10 times. Do the same to the outside. You'll know if your doing this correctly be feeling pressure in the bottom outside part of your ankle (you might think your working your foot but remember your ankle actually extends far down).
-Sit in Japanese position for short periods of time preferably on a carpeted area to start.

A physio-therapist will most likely give you the above exercises as well as do some ultrasound.

tfs3166 03-06-2012 09:12 AM

Thanks for the suggestions
Thanks for all the suggestions.. I'm definitely a little stubborn when it comes down to injuries and sports. I always find myself wanting to get back to it when I feel fit, not by the doctors clearance. As for those strengthening exercises, I will be working on those to help aid the recovery. The doctor said nothing was severely damaged, it's just the sprain being irritated again, which is causing the swelling. So, that's good news in itself. Time. That's the best thing for it right now.

Thanks everyone.

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