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CeImperia 03-06-2012 07:41 AM

GM#66 | Tues, March 6, 2012 | Bruins @ Leafs | 7:00PM | Sportsnet Ontario


I know the lines might be wrong but I won't be home until the evening to correct them, so bare with me. =]
Go Leafs Go!

Hurt 03-06-2012 07:44 AM

Whoa nice GDT! Good stuff.


CanadasTeam 03-06-2012 07:46 AM

Nice GDT!


B's Ontario vs. the energizer Grabo, lol! :laugh:


KingBuzzo 03-06-2012 07:46 AM

Niice! We need to come up big here and hand the Bruins a loss. Hopefully they put Turco in.

Go Leafs Go!

Gutless 03-06-2012 07:47 AM

Unreal game-day thread. Ontario! Toranta!

Also, Leafs bottom 6 actually resemble 3rd and 4th lines now, though I'd rather have different centres on both.

Leafsman 03-06-2012 07:47 AM

Hahahaha, Ontario vs. Energizer Bunny - Nicely done!

God, I hate playing Boston!

We need Kessel to come out of his vs. Boston slump and Thomas to not kill us!!

YzerGuy 03-06-2012 07:55 AM

Great GDT :handclap: O.K enough of the niceties LET'S GET IT ON!! :fight:


rj24 03-06-2012 08:01 AM

It's been a while since we've had a fancy GDT, nice job man.

JGardiner51 03-06-2012 08:17 AM

Go leafs go

ppaul092 03-06-2012 08:31 AM

sick gdt! hopefully the team puts in a good effort and we win this one... would be nice going into tomorrow

shaner89 03-06-2012 08:40 AM

Win or tank?

Tonight will decide the direction we need to go imo

Penalty Kill Icing* 03-06-2012 08:41 AM

Great work on GDT :handclap:

GO LEAFS GO! Playoffs here we come :D

Mansfield 03-06-2012 08:50 AM

nice GDT bud!


MeowLeafs 03-06-2012 09:01 AM

Kessel's career stats against Boston:

16GP, 2G, 5A, 7P, -14

Now, I shall sit and wait for mooseoak to kill me.

stakesishigh 03-06-2012 09:42 AM

Love the GDT.

Looking forward to this one with extremely cautious optimism.

TOG26 03-06-2012 10:03 AM

David Alter
Looks like the top 3 lines will be unchanged from Saturday, Rosehill on 4th line with Lombardi and Crabb. Mike Brown not on ice. #leafs

Interesting. Was expecting to see Army back in. Wondering if he isn't fully recovered yet or if conditioning is the issue for him not getting back in.

Pheasant the peasant 03-06-2012 10:33 AM

A win here will really put us back in the playoff hunt.

Besides, were due for a win against Boston, right? I mean, it has to happen sometime.

SprDaVE 03-06-2012 10:50 AM

James Mirtle ‏ @mirtle

Carlyle on Leafs recent record against Bruins: "That to some degree is embarrassing... We have to play the game to a higher level."

Hurt 03-06-2012 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by SprDaVE (Post 45596017)
James Mirtle ‏ @mirtle

Carlyle on Leafs recent record against Bruins: "That to some degree is embarrassing... We have to play the game to a higher level."

Carlyle telling it how it is since Day 1!

Soul Vibe Funk 03-06-2012 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by SprDaVE (Post 45596017)
James Mirtle ‏ @mirtle

Carlyle on Leafs recent record against Bruins: "That to some degree is embarrassing... We have to play the game to a higher level."

no **** its embarrassing. Atleast we have a hardass coach who isnt afraid to speak his mind

JAMmer124 03-06-2012 11:02 AM

Beauty gdt!

!oG sfaeL oG

Pyromaniac3 03-06-2012 11:17 AM

Would love to see Franson in if Liles doesn't heal up from his flu.

Twix 03-06-2012 11:39 AM

Toronto scores first! Boston then scores 6 unanswered goals.....

p.l.f. 03-06-2012 11:43 AM

you got schenn on LD oh well ....

love the bunny gif :)

interested to see how that 3rd line does

zeke 03-06-2012 11:54 AM

Line 1

C T.Bozak (25): 56gms, 14gls, 37pts, 82ht, 28bk, 53.3fo%, 18:25 (82gms, 21gls, 54pts, 120ht, 41bk)
C D.Krejci (25): 61gms, 17gls, 46pts, 42ht, 38bk, 51.8fo%, 18:16 (82gms, 23gls, 62pts, 57ht, 51bk)

W P.Kessel (24): 65gms, 32gls, 68pts, 10ht, 19bk, 19:51 (82gms, 40gls, 86pts, 13ht, 24bk)
W T.Seguin (20): 63gms, 22gls, 52pts, 21ht, 13bk, 17:00 (82gms, 29gls, 68pts, 27ht, 17bk)

W J.Lupul (28): 65gms, 25gls, 66pts, 109ht, 25bk, 18:46 (82gms, 32gls, 83pts, 138ht, 32bk)
W M.Lucic (23): 63gms, 22gls, 48pts, 149ht, 21bk, 16:55 (82gms, 29gls, 63pts, 194ht, 27bk)

Line 2

C M.Grabovski (27): 59gms, 20gls, 45pts, 35ht, 26bk, 49.8fo%, 17:26 (82gms, 28gls, 63pts, 49ht, 36bk)
C P.Bergeron (26): 64gms, 19gls, 53pts, 57ht, 58bk, 57.9fo%, 18:54 (82gms, 24gls, 68pts, 73ht, 74bk)

W C.MacArthur (26): 58gms, 19gls, 35pts, 46ht, 17bk, 15:02 (82gms, 27gls, 50pts, 65ht, 24bk)
W B.Marchand (23): 58gms, 22gls, 43pts, 59ht, 15bk, 17:38 (82gms, 31gls, 61pts, 83ht, 21bk)

W M.Frattin (23): 41gms, 6gls, 12pts, 55ht, 8bk, 12:38 (82gms, 12gls, 24pts, 110ht, 16bk)
W B.Rolston (39): 53gms, 4gls, 10pts, 62ht, 16bk, 14:09 (82gms, 6gls, 16pts, 96ht, 25bk)

Line 3

C D.Steckel (29): 62gms, 7gls, 9pts, 138ht, 54bk, 58.1fo%, 12:14 (82gms, 9gls, 12pts, 183ht, 71bk)
C C.Kelly (31): 64gms, 15gls, 29pts, 61ht, 48bk, 54.3fo%, 14:43 (82gms, 19gls, 37pts, 78ht, 62bk)

W N.Kulemin (25): 65gms, 7gls, 27pts, 76ht, 40bk, 15:07 (82gms, 9gls, 34pts, 96ht, 51bk)
W B.Pouliot (25): 59gms, 10gls, 19pts, 74ht, 13bk, 12:15 (82gms, 14gls, 26pts, 103ht, 121bk)

W T.Connolly (30): 53gms, 10gls, 28pts, 17ht, 59bk, 16:43 (82gms, 16gls, 43pts, 26ht, 91bk)
W J.Caron (21): 31gms, 4gls, 7pts, 29ht, 10bk, 9:51 (82gms, 11gls, 19pts, 77ht, 27bk)

Line 4

C M.Lombardi (29): 46gms, 7gls, 14pts, 32ht, 27bk, 49.0fo%, 13:09 (82gms, 13gls, 25pts, 57ht, 48bk)
C G.Campbell (28): 61gms, 6gls, 13pts, 71ht, 43bk, 51.1fo%, 12:47 (82gms, 8gls, 18pts, 95ht, 58bk)

W C.Armstrong (29): 18gms, 1gls, 2pts, 25ht, 4bk, 11:11 (82gms, 5gls, 9pts, 114ht, 18bk)
W S.Thornton (34): 63gms, 4gls, 11pts, 72ht, 9bk, 9:08 (82gms, 5gls, 14pts, 94ht, 12bk)

W J.Rosehill (26): 16gms, 0gls, 0pts, 25ht, 1bk, 5:51 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 128ht, 5bk)
W L.MacDermid (22): 1gms, 0gls, 0pts, 0ht, 0bk, 5:26 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 0ht, 0bk)

Pair 1

D D.Phaneuf (26): 65gms, 9gls, 39pts, 158ht, 106bk, 25:22 (82gms, 11gls, 49pts, 199ht, 134bk)
D Z.Chara (34): 62gms, 9gls, 38pts, 128ht, 70bk, 25:05 (82gms, 12gls, 50pts, 169ht, 93bk)

D C.Gunnarsson (25): 61gms, 2gls, 17pts, 83ht, 131bk, 22:02 (82gms, 3gls, 23pts, 112ht, 176bk)
D J.Boychuk (28): 61gms, 3gls, 11pts, 114ht, 104bk, 20:29 (82gms, 4gls, 15pts, 153ht, 140bk)

Pair 2

D J.Gardiner (21): 58gms, 4gls, 19pts, 36ht, 69bk, 21:23 (82gms, 6gls, 27pts, 51ht, 98bk)
D D.Seidenberg (30): 64gms, 3gls, 20pts, 115ht, 134bk, 24:04 (82gms, 4gls, 26pts, 147ht, 172bk)

D L.Schenn (22): 63gms, 2gls, 19pts, 213ht, 94bk, 16:14 (82gms, 3gls, 25pts, 277ht, 122bk)
D A.McQuaid (25): 59gms, 2gls, 9pts, 84ht, 92bk, 15:23 (82gms, 3gls, 13pts, 117ht, 128bk)

Pair 3

D C.Franson (24): 48gms, 4gls, 20pts, 82ht, 45bk, 16:29 (82gms, 7gls, 34pts, 140ht, 77bk)
D J.Corvo (34): 64gms, 3gls, 23pts, 23ht, 49bk, 18:45 (82gms, 4gls, 30pts, 30ht, 62bk)

D M.Komisarek (29): 31gms, 1gls, 4pts, 60ht, 56bk, 16:25 (82gms, 3gls, 11pts, 159ht, 148bk)
D G.Zanon (31): 42gms, 2gls, 6pts, 83ht, 108bk, 18:17 (82gms, 4gls, 12pts, 162ht, 211bk)

Starting Goalies

G J.Gustavsson (27): 35gms, 17-13-2, 2.86gaa, 3so, .905sv%
G T.Thomas (37): 45gms, 27-15-0, 2.28gaa, 4so, .926sv%

Backup Goalies

G J.Reimer (23): 28gms, 11-11-4, 3.07gaa, 3so, .899sv%
G M.Hutchison (22): 0gms, 0-0-0, 0.00gaa, 0so, .000sv%

Injured / Suspended

W M.Brown (26): 43gms, 2gls, 4pts, 103ht, 17bk, 9:19 (82gms, 4gls, 8pts, 196ht, 32bk)
D J.Liles (31): 49gms, 4gls, 22pts, 49ht, 91bk, 21:19 (82gms, 7gls, 37pts, 84ht, 152bk)

W R.Peverley (29): 49gms, 9gls, 38pts, 23ht, 12bk, 16:48 (82gms, 15gls, 64pts, 39ht, 20bk)
W N.Horton (26): 46gms, 17gls, 32pts, 32ht, 11bk, 15:55 (82gms, 30gls, 57pts, 57ht, 20bk)
W D.Paille (27): 59gms, 9gls, 14pts, 52ht, 21bk, 11:25 (82gms, 13gls, 20pts, 72ht, 29bk)
D A.Ference (32): 57gms, 5gls, 21pts, 56ht, 60bk, 18:30 (82gms, 7gls, 30pts, 81ht, 86bk)
G T.Rask (24): 23gms, 11-8-3, 2.05gaa, 3so, .929sv%

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