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HF Article 03-19-2012 03:15 PM

Deep and diverse group populate Dallas Stars top-20
Over the last few years, the Dallas Stars prospect pool has become deep and ripe with quality prospects.


BigG44 03-19-2012 08:39 PM

Deep and Diverse Group Populate Dallas Stars Top-20
Our boy Farkas must have been hitting the crack pipe because he should know by now that the words deep and diverse never go with Dallas prospects.

How dare you deviate from the group think .... :sarcasm:

Reading the list now.

BigG44 03-19-2012 08:55 PM

When we were comparing Oleksiak's stats to other defenders, I never really considered breaking down his season like Farkas did:


He has 21 points and a plus-27 rating in 28 games with Niagara after just 11 points in 31 Saginaw games. He seems to be growing as a player by the day.
Farkas seems to insinuate, I think, that Saginaw didn't want him joining the rush, and Niagara is a better team overall where collecting points is probably a bit easier. Still, that's an impressive jump in production regardless of the possible advantages he received in Niagara.

I'm really stoked about Oleksiak in the OHL playoffs.

BigG44 03-19-2012 08:59 PM

Is this confirmed?


Glennie is really starting to get a good feel for the professional game. He's typically found centering the top line with two-way forward Colton Sceviour and grinder Francis Wathier.
I have to admit I'm one of the bad people that only watched AHL locked the last years because of free feeds .... couldn't find any this year.

I've seen some Austin fans say he's played winger nearly all year including on this line.

I'm going to be an upstanding citizen next year and just buy the damn AHL pass. Want to see as much of Glennie, Fraser, Dillon, Oleksiak, Nemeth, Austin Smith, and hopefully Reilly Smith and Chiasson as possible.

txomisc 03-19-2012 09:18 PM

seems like a pretty good assessment of where things stand. Not a ton of real top end talent but a good amount of potentially above average guys. Looks like only one player from last years draft isnt in the top 20 so they must think we did a fair job of drafting.

Cin 03-19-2012 09:48 PM

I'm kind of shocked Bachman is as low as he is. Why is that? I mean he's in the NHL now...

Plus I really think he's going to be the next Schneider (coveted a lot)

Modo 03-19-2012 10:31 PM

Wait.....we have a grinder on our top line?

No wonder the (Texas) Stars are so bad! :laugh:

LatvianTwist 03-19-2012 10:36 PM

Switch Ritchie and Fraser and I'm much happier with this. But it's still a solid list.

MetalGodAOD* 03-19-2012 11:49 PM

I just don't see how Fraser and A. Smith's are 6.5's, implying max potential upside is a 3rd/2nd tweener. Fraser's defensive game doesn't change that he could be a legit top 6 sniper in the NHL. Austin is unproven but he's still shown to be a goalscorer. You'd think they'd both be more of a 7.0D or 7.5D or something.

Hull Fan 03-20-2012 12:06 AM

Stransky and Fraser are too low. I really hope Reilly Smith and Chaisson sign. Nemeth coming over would be huge but Klingberg staying another year won't bother me too much. Richie seems kinda high as does Winkler. Jokipakka may become a really nice find as a depth guy, bottom pairing steady presence. Vance playing in the QMJHL may be the best thing that has happened to him and this club since Benn was taken in his spot a few years earlier. Playing in that offensive league can only help hone his defensive skills and it will test his skating.

I'm not one to write off Campbell but having him in front of Larsen at this point is a joke. Please baby Jesus let Glennie have turned a corner and anyone want to bet that Sceviour makes Dallas' forth line next year because it finally appears that Peterson is absolutely done here.

Dr GLU 03-20-2012 08:44 AM

I don't think it's a terrible list, but that's not how I'd have my Top 20 ordered. Of course, I don't really consider Larsen a prospect anymore either, so I have an extra spot there that he doesn't.

SuperUnknown 03-20-2012 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Hull Fan (Post 46385675)
Richie seems kinda high as does Winkler.

I think Richie is underrated. He does have a consistency problem but otherwise he is highly skilled. He was one of the best, if not the best player for Niagara late in the season, a team that features Ryan Strome.

I think he has a chance to make a huge jump should Niagara win the OHL and compete in the Memorial Cup.

LatvianTwist 03-20-2012 11:42 AM

My Top 20:

1. Philip Larsen (Already making a huge impact in the NHL, and looks to only get better. 7.5B)
2. Jack Campbell (Awful stats, but he has an awful team in front of him. Bright future, but still a wild card. 8.5C)
3. Jamie Oleksiak (Solid defensively, and showing a bit of an offensive touch with Niagara. 7.5C)
4. Richard Bachman (A great back-up, but still seems to be getting used to the NHL. Could become coveted like Schneider. 8.0C)
5. Alex Chiasson (Big powerforward, tremendous part of his team's success. Could be in the top 6 as soon as next year. 7.5C)
6. Scott Glennie (Showing 8th overall talent, but still questions about consistency and work ethic. Could compliment Benn extremely well. 8.0D)
7. Patrik Nemeth (Similar to Oleksiak, but smaller. Most likely Grossmann's replacement, but with more offense. 7.5C)
8. Reilly Smith (Amazing year with Miami, but I need to see it keep up in the AHL before I'm sold. 7.0C)
9. Matej Stransky (Showing insane offensive skills, as well as a great all around game. Needs to work on skating, however. 7.0C)
10. Matt Fraser (A pure goal scorer, showed some promise with his stint in Dallas. Might be able to replace Ryder in 2 years. 7.5D)
11. Brett Ritchie
12. Brenden Dillon
13. Austin Smith
14. John Klingberg
15. Colton Sceviour
16. Jyrki Jokipakka
17. Troy Vance
18. Tyler Beskorowany
19. Jordie Benn
20. Emil Molin

Kritter471 03-20-2012 12:02 PM

I like Bachman a lot, but he's got a lot of things working against him, primarily his size. Schneider has four inches on him (listed too, as I'm not sure I believe Bachman is all of 5-10) and is only a year older while much further along the development curve.

I figure he's a decent career backup who could have a years as a starter if all the pieces fall into place right for him or good as a platoon guy, but he's not on the level of "future starting goalies" in my brain. Maybe someone along the lines of Johan Hedberg.

Cin 03-20-2012 12:11 PM

His athleticism is second to none. he's a pretty damn great goalie, and I'm confident he'll be a very good starter.

Hull Fan 03-20-2012 01:40 PM

I'm not sold on Bachman's glove & his size will make it easier for guys to go top shelf on him. Which to me means on some nights he's going to be just fine but others when teams are shooting well his size is going to hurt him and allow for some goals.

I personally wouldn't have Larsen on this list either because he's NHL now to me. I'm also not a believer in Campbell but I don't know that there's any sure fire home run guys here so by default I guess he'd be listed first.

1) Campbell (AHL will tell, assuming terrible coach is fired)
2) Oleksiak (He's not Chara but he could be Bowmeester)
3) Chiasson (G & others are higher but he's produced in a bad situation, needs to sign)
4) Nemeth (Nordstrom 2.0 if things go right)
5) R. Smith (I still may have him too low)
6) Stransky (Huge believer, he's going to be our new Ribeiro)
7) Bachman (size has him here)
8) Glennie (can he finally put the work and drive together with the talent?)
9) Richtie (big body, a full year on a good junior team will tell the tale)
10) Fraser (Whoever said Ryder's replacement is dead on)
11) Dillion (Everything you could ask for this year, should push for spot next season)
12) Beskowrany (is he going to get a chance or is he Ellis part 2?)
13) Guptil (NCAA freshman point leader at UofM? Color me impressed.)
14) Klingberg (3 year project but what a nice possible outcome)
15) J. Benn (made himself into something, not sure if that's more than a 7th d-man though)
16) Vance (big man has a future in the NHL)
17) A. Smith (I'm not a believer but I hope he proves me wrong)
18) Sceviour (He'll make it as a 4th line guy but that's not that significant to me)
19) Jokipakka (steady is great in a d-man and could fill a hole here starting next midseason)
20) Molin (probably should be higher)

BigG44 03-20-2012 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by Hull Fan (Post 46404875)
17) A. Smith (I'm not a believer but I hope he proves me wrong)

I think Farkas nailed Austin Smith's rundown.


He continues to be an all-situation player with good speed and a tremendous work rate, he has skated circles around the ECAC this season. While he's not projected to be an elite scorer at the NHL level by any stretch of the imagination, he has a future as a quality utility man. He's not particularly big or strong but he makes up for it with world class determination and a swagger that's hard to match.
College Football and College Hockey conferences are not equal. Mountain West and the SEC are both D1 conferences, but you're not going to find a reasonable argument that better quality football is played in the MW than the SEC. The same is true of the WCHA, CCHA, and HE compared to the ECAC.

Yes I'm impressed by Smith's goal totals, but Reilly Smith playing in Miami with much stiffer competition and his 30 goals is much more impressive IMO.

Farkas identifies the qualities that could see Austin grow into an NHLer (world class determination and swagger). However, you don't find many Top 6 forwards soon to be 24 years old and coming out of the NCAA especially the ECAC. That's not to say he has no shot in the NHL, but realistically his path to the NHL will probably be fairly similar to Toby Petersen. I think Farkas has legitimate expectations of him as a utility player. Of course his high end potential is their, it's just not a given, and players like Alex Chiasson or Reilly Smith (both with their own unique risks and potential pitfalls) are better prepared and built to meet their potential than a guy like Austin Smith.

BigG44 03-20-2012 02:31 PM

I just think their are realistic expectations vs. fans projecting their wants and desires on a guy.

It would be neat to have a Dallas born and raised player succeed with the Stars. You pull for that guy. However, if Austin Smith was from NJ or Michigan, I think the majority of the fanbase would look at Smith as a longshot Top 6 prospect with the realistic possibility of being a utility guy in the Bottom 6.

Hull Fan 03-20-2012 02:47 PM

Who are you arguing with G? Not me. In fact I should go back and move Molin up in front of A. Smith, but regardless he's a guy I think that can play in the AHL and show other players how to work. There's value in that alone. I'll root for him but understand he's a long shot at best.

BigG44 03-20-2012 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Hull Fan (Post 46408009)
Who are you arguing with G? Not me. In fact I should go back and move Molin up in front of A. Smith, but regardless he's a guy I think that can play in the AHL and show other players how to work. There's value in that alone. I'll root for him but understand he's a long shot at best.

That's wasn't an argument. I was actually trying to offer some support because I think many Dallas fans would not agree with you.

Sorry ... thought I was being clear that I agree with you.

BigG44 03-20-2012 03:19 PM

An alternate POV could point to the development of David McIntrye as hope for Austin Smith's pro potential.

Teammates for 2 years, McIntrye played 151 games scoring 131 points/0.88ptspergame (56G/0.37goalspergame/75A). He's put up modest stats as an AHLer, and he made his NHL debut with Minnesota this season.

2009-10: Lowell Devils - 12 games 3G-2A-5PTS
Playoffs: Lowell Davils - 5 games 1G-1A-2PTS

2010-11: Albany Devils - 78 games 12G- 18A-30PTS

2011-12: Houston Aeros - 51 games 15G-12A-27PTS

2011-12: Minnesota Wild - 7 games 1G-1A-2PTS

As a comparison, Austin Smith played 153 games scoring 160 points/1.05ptspergame (79G/0.52goalspergame/81A).

txomisc 03-20-2012 03:21 PM

Id go something like this

1. Oleksiak - Huge player with huge upside. Could be the type of Dman who can play in any situation for 25 minutes a night.

2. Reilly Smith - A true sniper who can play in all 3 zones. Surprisingly physical for his size.

3. Jack Campbell - Potential franchise goalie who has a long way to go.

4. Alex Chiasson - Physical playmaking RW. Seems to have great leadership qualities.

5. Scott Glennie - Probably the Stars most gifted prospect skills wise but questionable maturity level. Needs to make an impact soon.

6. Patrick Nemeth - Intimidating dman with great character but his lack of offense its a big knock against him.

7. Richard Bachman - If hes 6'1 noone doubts his upside. As it is even though he is small he relies on technical abilities more than athletic abilities. Not going to be an elite starter but I think he can be a solid number 1 in the nhl.

8. Matej Stranksy - Skilled forward who probably lies somewhere between Vincour and Chiasson but also could be a guy who continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

9. Alex Guptill - great season at michigan, good size, great skating with good skill. Nieuwendyk made reference that he might be the best Dallas prospect in College

10. Brett Ritchie - Another big forward who also has good skill to possibly become a 2nd liner.

Dillon and Fraser just miss the cut for me. Im fairly confident Dillon can play in the lower pairings somewhere but Fraser is a guy who might end up being a really good AHLer who just doesnt translate due to lack of footspeed and overall game.

Frozen Failure 03-20-2012 03:42 PM

I really don't like Reilly Smith being at #2, txomisc. I'd really have him at 7 and move everyone up a spot. If Guptill is better than Chiasson I might have to eat my shorts, too.

txomisc 03-20-2012 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Frozen Failure (Post 46410749)
I really don't like Reilly Smith being at #2, txomisc. I'd really have him at 7 and move everyone up a spot. If Guptill is better than Chiasson I might have to eat my shorts, too.

What is it that has you so low on him?

Just as an aside note I dont see much separation as far as the top 4 go.

Hull Fan 03-20-2012 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by BigG44 (Post 46408151)
That's wasn't an argument. I was actually trying to offer some support because I think many Dallas fans would not agree with you.

Sorry ... thought I was being clear that I agree with you.

I figured we were in agreement I just didn't understand why you were creating a straw man argument to fight off the other side.

As for R. Smith, his numbers at that school are impressive. I also wonder if he's not better than Chiasson. He's been big time at a legit school.

Guptill, I've got my reservations because all there is is this season but you can't argue results on a number one seeded team. If Guptill is all that then I may get over my anti-college bias sooner rather than later.

Hey mods' can we correct the crawl across the top of the page? Roman isn't here anymore, Vincour shouldn't be listed and I'd argue about the order. Guptill really should be listed as well. Can we fix it?

G, do you know anything about the CHL guy Texas supposedly signed the other day? DbD mentioned it but I was waiting for someone here to give better info.

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