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johnny1976 03-22-2012 10:37 AM

Question about sticks going on sale.
Just wondering if anybody could tell me when stores start marking down their sticks? I'm in need of a new stick and I thought stores started marking down sticks in early summer. My friend thought it was late summer early fall when stores do this to make room for the new sticks comming out for next year.

Anybody know for sure?

Thanks in advance.

AIREAYE 03-22-2012 12:26 PM

It honestly depends on the store, however you'll see patterns of mark downs preceding new equipment launches and after as well. Online retailers can afford to mark them down sooner while brick and mortar stores often have to wait and see. It also depends on if the old sticks NEED to be marked down to sell. If they are selling just fine, then it won't make sense financially to sell them for less.

Best bet is to call ahead/visit and see for yourself. Doesn't hurt to ask either.

Fanned On It 03-22-2012 04:04 PM

At my Proshop we generally mark down a stick either once it's discontinued or once a newer version of it comes out. Like recently, we marked down the S19s because the RS came out in the beginning of the season. Also we carry Prostock sticks that are way cheaper than the retail ones, so you could look around for those. They really are a great steal if you can find the right flex. I was using a TPS with the Avery pattern (which I cut off and replaced because I hated it lol) but apparently he uses like a 77 flex! That thing was whippy as hell. Loved it, but I broke it in half on a clapper. Oh well.

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