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Funk311 04-04-2012 10:36 AM

Good Read: Doug Smith Article on Career and Fighting
Sorry if this isn't worthy of a thread, but with the movie (Goon), this article, and our ongoing discussions about: fighting enforcers, team toughness....I thought I would share.


On the article. Just a good hockey read. Interesting points (one mentions crosby, and despite being a touch inaccurate it is interesting).

For all those who say, "these are grown men, you think they are afraid of an enforcer"...he pretty much establishes that as far as his career went, the answer is yes. Even pros are afraid of getting the crap beat out of them. Makes sense haha. F' the instigator.

On the movie, saw it last week. Pretty funny. Especially sine it's about hockey. Since this is a forum I am sure we have experts, skeptics, and analyzers who will say it sucked. But, it was about hockey and had laughs. If this sounds good to you, i think you wouldn't mind seeing it. Best part is that the "pansy" who the Goon is protecting looks so much like Letang.


Shady Machine 04-04-2012 10:51 AM

Good article. Thanks for posting. I still think the era of pure goons that can't skate needs to end (and it is likely going down that path).

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