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JustGivingEr 04-07-2012 12:12 AM

Jets vs. Lightning|April 7th|6:00 PM CT|CBC|
Oh and yea I know this has nothing to do with the game vs. the Lightning

allan5oh 04-07-2012 12:15 AM


Best GDT ever!


Hammer Slammer 04-07-2012 12:23 AM

It's... it's beautiful


Klaus 04-07-2012 12:23 AM


GO JETS GO... the season went by so fast :cry:

Lynk 04-07-2012 12:28 AM

Ugh that is so good. Genuine laughs throughout.

Hammer Slammer 04-07-2012 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Lynk (Post 47455089)
Ugh that is so good. Genuine laughs throughout.

I got a pretty big laugh from funkybunny peaking through the letters.

ps241 04-07-2012 12:43 AM

My god that is an epic GDT

We have some scary talented people on this board!!


Kinjero 04-07-2012 12:44 AM

bawhawhaw!!!! Man.. this is so good! :clap:

Hammer Slammer 04-07-2012 12:51 AM

The final G/BDT of the season gets my 5,000th post. Woot! Hope we can win this one and send everyone off happy. Even though the Jets aren't in the playoffs, I'm still super excited for the post-season.

BennyTheJet 04-07-2012 12:54 AM

Oh lordy, this is a good one. :handclap:

Gnova 04-07-2012 01:10 AM

Great GDT.

Let's finish off the season in style.
Ladd - 2 goals to hit 30
Buff - Two double big macs and fries for pregamer meal.
Hainsey and Wellwood - Extea comfy pillows for their seats in the press box.
Glass - Has to steal one of their cushions when they go to the bathroom.
Stamkos - Zero goals and no one in Tamba Bay notices cause they are busy not watching baseball.
Kane - Wrap around attempt that actually goes in.
Noel - Callls Dominoes and says there are no pizza deliveries allowed to the MTS Center
Bogo - Hits someone so hard that the HF boards explode.

vBurmi 04-07-2012 01:10 AM

Great opening post. It'll be a little emotional realizing this'll be the last time we watch the Jets until the fall. It has been an amazing year. Given that it'll likely be quiet on the Jets forum at least until the draft, I just want to thank the guys on here that go out of their way to contribute insightful and well researched posts; failing that, I want to thank the guys who spend too much time on photoshop making the GDTs.

vBurmi 04-07-2012 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by Gnova (Post 47456221)
Let's finish off the season in style.
Ladd - 2 goals to hit 30
Stampkos - Zero goals
Stapleton - Wrap around attempt that actually goes in.
Bogo - Hits someone so hard that the HF boards explode.

Good predictions :D

Hammer Slammer 04-07-2012 01:37 AM


Klaus 04-07-2012 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer (Post 47456799)


garret9 04-07-2012 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer (Post 47456799)

I almost cried laughing so hard at this and the GDT pic

WJG 04-07-2012 02:51 AM

Oh, I almost forgot :sarcasm:

YWGinYYZ 04-07-2012 03:19 AM

*sniff* Awesome BDT. :nod: It's beautiful.

Been quite the year - looking forward to tonight, the off-season, and NEXT season.

Reed Solomon 04-07-2012 03:42 AM

When It was 2011
it was a very good year
it was a very good year where the Jets returned
to Winnipeg cheers
Budweiser brewed special beers
When It was 2011.

When it was 2012
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for fans in section 328
Where the "Queen" and her entourage stayed
When it was 2012

But now the seasons passed
The playoffs are out of our sights
And now I think of the last 15 years
Of winters without Tanner Glass fights
or Pavelec saves, or Ovechkin Jeers
As I sit in my Jets Jersey I think
It was a very good year

It was a hell of a fun year.

It was a very good year.

gholas 04-07-2012 04:41 AM

guess its to late to start a tank thread.... ;(

SensibleGuy 04-07-2012 06:40 AM

great BDT! great fun, entertaining season! I just can't believe how fast it flew by. The combination of mild weather and having hockey to watch every couple of nights made this winter seem like it was only a week long...

Go JETS GO, win this last one and then start planning for the playoffs next year!

Tdoe42 04-07-2012 07:33 AM

Great BTD :handclap: Got quite the lump in the throat watching all those videos.

Ill be up in 311 for my 41th time this season and im not gonna lie this has been the best year of my life I could have never have dreamed of this.

The transformation of this city is one of the best parts for me. I used too be the guy at the party that would throw on hockey on a Saturday night and sit there while a huge shaker is goin on and watching it on Mute... Now we party on a tuesday or something lol cause there's a Jets game that night. Its just so different its great especially with the ladies now they wanna watch hockey its ***ed! lol

Cant believe the season is over But the hockey talk wont end these type of sites are 12 months a year and before we know it it will be training camp!!

Go Jets Go!!

SCP Guy 04-07-2012 08:31 AM


mzappa 04-07-2012 08:32 AM

One more game.

Its been such a fantastic year. Full of emotion and pride.

Will be there tonight and its going to be magic.

Crazed Fan 04-07-2012 08:48 AM

Great GDT... great year.

Some absolutely fantastic laughs on this board.
Thanks to the GDT'ers out there.
Thanks to the moderators for keeping everything in check.

Thanks to the Jets for being back and entertaining me.
Future looks bright. Look forward to more fun in the upcoming seasons.

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