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Gearhead82 04-13-2012 01:45 PM

*OFFICIAL* Saginaw Spirit 2012-2013 Season Thread
Wishing them luck in the rest of their series with London and hopefully beyond. GO SPIRIT!! :handclap:

JSavoire 04-14-2012 11:06 PM

I just had to say this team impressed me more the 2nd half than I thought they would and they seem to have forged an identity right now. Add in some good young talent and I think Saginaw will be on the lips of fans and opponents for the next few years for sure.

defensehockey19 04-15-2012 07:49 AM

How's Justin Kea doing? Semi-Local connections to Peterborough..

johnnydrum 09-10-2012 04:19 PM

Hiya all...was looking for a Spirit season thread, but couldnt find one.
Very keen to hear about the two Russians Serabyakoov and Alexeev.
I know the Spirit signed both of them some time ago, but how have they looked in training camp?
Have either played in the preseason yet?
Many Thanks

Kronwalled55 09-15-2012 06:36 PM

I'm making it a goal to see more Spirit games. Especially if there's a long term NHL lockout.

Kingpin794 09-16-2012 07:26 AM

I'll respond to a couple of things mentioned earlier:

1) Kea- he has looked good do far. Solid defensively and doesn't make alot of mistakes. He is starting to develop an offensive game, which is something he is going to need to add since he is now the new 2nd line center.

2) Imports- Serebryakov looked steady in his first preseason game, although he did have a nasty habit of giving up juicy rebounds. His second start against the Sting didn't go as well, although the D in front of him was lack luster. Alexeev has looked good. He seems to be able to fight his way into scoring areas at times and is a decent passer.

Looking forward to this season.


Kingpin794 09-19-2012 12:28 PM

Spirit recently named their captain and alternates.

C: Vincent Trocheck
A: Steven Strong
A: Eric Locke
A: Garret Ross

Alot of Spirit fans surprised that Archibald didn't get the nod for captain. Vince played a bit selfishly at times last year. Hopefully being named captain will put an end to that.

clearwater 09-20-2012 09:58 AM

Trocheck is not leadership material. too much ego and a show boater.

Kingpin794 11-15-2012 07:31 AM

Well after a slow start the Spirit seem to be hitting their stride. Tonight they will finish off a set of 5 games in 7 nights. So far the team is 3-0-0-1 in the first four, with the only loss coming in a SO at Kingston at the back end of a 3 in 3. The Spirit have now moved past into the Soo and Windsor into third in the division and only a game under .500.

Oh and they're doing all this with one of the youngest rosters in the league and a short bench.

Brandon Archibald is out for the year with a shoulder injury.
Steven Strong is out for two months with a fractured wrist.
Greg Sutch hasn't played since early October.
Garret Ross was not playing last night as well.

So that means some of the young guys have had to step up and they have. Gilbert made a good move a put Jimmy Lodge on first line with Trocheck and Ross and it has payed off. He is now producing on nightly basis (4 pt night last night) and he helped break Trocheck and Ross out of bad scoreless streaks. Nick Moutrey has surprisingly also picked up an offensive game lately. He is more known for using his size and playing physically. If he can continue to produce he will hear his name called in the early rounds on draft day. Also seeing alot of hard work and solid play out of rookies Dylan Sadowy, Brandon Lindberg, Brandon Prophet, and Andrey Alexeev. If this team can get to full health and continue to play like they have lately, they will be the one first round match up no one wants to face.


ORYX 11-15-2012 08:06 AM

Is Ross injured or was he a scratch? Perhaps held out because of a potential trade even?

hockeylegend11 11-15-2012 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by ORYX (Post 55782199)
Is Ross injured or was he a scratch? Perhaps held out because of a potential trade even?

Ross was injured in Kingston on Sunday

mobilus 11-18-2012 10:27 PM

Spirit gets a little online print in Toronto:

Locke has winner for Spirit in high-scoring win over Whalers


Kingpin794 11-25-2012 03:29 PM

Last night Spirit got a 2-1 win but more importantly 2 guys stepped up big.

Serebryakov finally played the way people in Saginaw were expecting him to. When he was originally drafted, alot of people wondered why the Spirit used their import pick on him with Paterson in net. But last night he looked like the guy form last years U17 tourney. If he can keep learning and improving, the Spirit may have a very strong one-two puch next year.

Also Terry Trafford has started to find his offensive game. He had 2 goals (including the OT winner) and an asssit in a comeback win at the Soo and added an asist and the game winner last night. He has always had the speed, but it was a matter of what could he do with it. I think his recent production has been because he's replaced Ross on the first line. While Trocheck will help alot guys stats out, I'm think Vince is benifiting form Terry just as much. Terry's speed could help keep the pressure off Vince allowing him to take on more of the playmaking role that suits him better than a goal scoring role.

When Ross comes back I hope Gilbert keeps Trafford up with Trocheck. Speed, skill, and toughness on that first line would be a nice combo.

Kingpin794 12-04-2012 11:42 AM

Two Spirit players named to two WJC prelim rosters. Goalie Jake Paterson for Canada and Center Vincent Trocheck for the USA. Don't think Paterson will make the final roster like Trocheck will, but good luck to the both of them.

NHL Fanatic 12-09-2012 07:23 PM

I heard the Lopez camp isn't very happy and he may have requested a trade

clearwater 12-09-2012 10:19 PM

Check out the article on Nick Moutrey. OHL prospects written December 9th, author Brock.

Kingpin794 12-10-2012 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by NHL Fanatic (Post 56407101)
I heard the Lopez camp isn't very happy and he may have requested a trade

Very good possibilty that he may be dealt. When we traded for Nathan Glass it recreated a surplus at D (even with our injuries). So this meant that someone had to be moved. There are four people on Saginaw that are realistically on the trading block. Trocheck, Ross, Ringuette, and Lopez.

Now Lopez was drafted at forward so he could have been moved up to wing and Ringuette gets moved, but Lopez has been a healthy scratch the last 3 games. He should alot of promise the second half of last year, but has stagnated this year. The log jam at D isn't helping him. It would probably do him some good to have a change of scenery.

Kingpin794 12-13-2012 04:03 PM

Jake Paterson finished camp today a perfect 33 of 33. If that doesn't get him a spot on the team, I don't know what will.

Kingpin794 12-30-2012 06:02 PM

Mid Season Report Card
I'm a little late on this but the second half of the season has only just started. Time for a little report card of the Spirit players so far.

A+: Vincent Trocheck- What can I say. The man does it all.
Eric Locke- Most improved player so far this year. Filling in Shalla's spot nicely.
Nick Moutrey- Developing an offensive game much faster than many thought
Garret Ross- Grit and scoring, a nice combo
Dalton Young- Fluid puck handler that is growing his defensive game quickly

A: Brandon Prophet- Best defensive prospect since T.J. Brodie
Justin Kea- Has made a habbit of scoring clutch goals
Dlyan Sadowy- Not much in scoring but love the effort he brings
Jason Shaw- Has filled in for Strong very well so far

B: Jake Pateson- Stats slightly underwhelming but injuries to D has played a part
Jimmy Lodge- Growing as skater but needs to improve his plus/minus
Grant Webermin- When healthy he can be a top two guy for us
Steven Strong- Same idea as Webermin
Andrey Alexeev- So glimpses of great puck handling now and then

C+: Brandon Lindberg- Solid play as a rookie so far
Nikita Serebryakov- Needs to work on rebound control badly
David Perklin- Throws a nice hit in now and then, work on offense
Jacob Ringuette- Brad Walch style defender, not much flash

C-: Jeremiah Addison- Knocked off the puck easily but will gain toughness later
Terry Trafford- Had one nice run, but has stagnated in his third year

D: Greg Sutch- Has some size but nothing else
Ramon Lopez- Hasn't shown any growth as a player this year
Marselis Subban- Turnover machine

I: Brandon Archibald- Really feel bad for him getting a season ending injury as OA
Nathan Glass- Haven't seen enough of him to comment

Well that covers it. Here's hoping for a strong and healthy second half. GO SPIRIT!!!

clearwater 01-01-2013 09:39 PM

Check out OHL Prospects mid year top 30 rankings

Sonny Crockett 01-11-2013 01:11 PM


Now Lopez was drafted at forward so he could have been moved up to wing and Ringuette gets moved, but Lopez has been a healthy scratch the last 3 games. He should alot of promise the second half of last year, but has stagnated this year. The log jam at D isn't helping him. It would probably do him some good to have a change of scenery.[/QUOTE]

I have to agree with you but why hasn't Lopez been moved up to wing? There are lots of questions that have not been answered. If you want to look at stats Lodge and Lopez coming out of the GTHL Toronto Titans.

Lopez GP 30 G 14 A 16
Lodge GP30 G 18 A 25

Also look at the fact that Lopez in a hand full of games for the Titans played full time D... remember I said a handful mostly against Max Domi and Don Mills Flyers. Taking that into consideration why was he sent to the Soo Eagles his first year only to be called up in the second half and show promise as a D man? Look at his performance the one and only time Saginaw did move him up to wing. Gilbert said in an interview that Lopez had experience at wing. Okay so if he was drafted as a forward its time to play him as a forward!

You can do your own research, its all on the internet. I also found that Lopez and Cody Payne and Nathan Glass played together for a few years. In a news article playing with Payne, Lopez scored 5 goals in one game. He also played for Belle Tire and Little Ceasars so he's also a product of not only Florida but Michigan as well.



As a forward he was invited a few times to the USA Hockey Festival and in the begining of the season he was listed on the Cental Scouting List. Now ask yourself what is the problem with the Saginaw Spirit? You trade for a kid with a concussion, you have a player the calibre of Cody Payne that is a healthy scratch because you want to put him on the blue line? Wake up Saginaw fans... something is definately wrong here!

WingsSpirit 01-11-2013 02:35 PM

DJ - The Spirit will be finishing the year with only 1 spare FWD and we have, unfortunately, had several injuries this year. I was already thinking that he might get some chances up front down the stretch here due to our "luck". The only other option I saw was maybe they would call up Kris Bennett again and either keep him under 10 games, or after his season is done, which IIRC, then doesn't count towards his "card".

I'd like to see Lopez get a shot at FWD. Especially since we will be graduating 2 O/A FWD's.

Kingpin794 01-12-2013 12:23 PM

DJ- Think about this, the last few games Lopez has been a scratch and Subban has taken his place. SUBBAN! Subban's awful. That to me says 2 things. 1) He's told the coach he wants to play Forward and 2) That the coaching staff has lost faith in this guy as far as playing forward goes. I have no doubt that he would be playing in place of Subban if played on D.

Although he will probably get a shot at forward tonight since Sadowy will be serving his one game suspension from last night's match penalty. Hopefully he can do something with this playing time tonight because it won't get easier for him to crack the forward line up once Bratina and Sadowy get back.

Sonny Crockett 01-12-2013 12:33 PM

KP... We can't assume what's been said. If you do the research and look at the facts it just does not make any sense. Look at the begining of the season when Lopez was paired with Webermin. They played well together even on the PK unit. Why was that pairing dismantled? Look at the game sheets. Why was Lopez put on the blue line and Lodge was not, same stats coming out of GTHL? Looking at the facts if you put Lopez into the lineup where Lodge is right now I can bet you that by the end of the season Lopez bypasses Lodge's stats. Has he been given a chance to play forward? They drafted him as a forward. So why not play him against the best team in the OHL and judge him from one game. That makes as much sense as trading your best player for a rookie with a concussion!

Kingpin794 01-13-2013 08:05 AM

And the Knights 28 game streak of not losing in regulation is over! Spirit win 5-2 last night. Great game, especially by Paterson. Also Addison had a fight late against Broadhurst that really turned the momentum back in the Spirit's favor.

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