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IslesRock4 04-25-2012 06:49 AM

FA Game #2 by TP, RR, and IR4

And make sure you have your roster & cap info posted in the roster thread!


Game Schedule

  • Game Begins: Wednesday 12:00 PM
  • Entry Draft: TBA
  • Free Agency Begins: TBA
    *All times ET, and subject to change.

Salary Cap
  • Using capgeek for all numbers is mandatory.
  • The salary cap maximum for the 2012-2013 season will be $67M, and the salary floor will be $51M.
  • Teams may be 10% over the cap maximum during the game ($73.7M).
  • Teams must comply with the salary cap by the end of the game.
  • Teams may have a roster of no more than 23 players by the end of the game.
  • There will be no bonus cushion for the 2012-2013 season.

  • Post in this thread if you’d like to place a player on waivers.
  • Each team has the option of sending ONE player to the minors or Europe due to cap reasons.
  • Each team has the option of buying out ONE contract during the Entry Draft and Free Agency periods.
  • The lowest team in the standings in real life at the time of a waive gets highest waiver priority.
  • A player will be on waivers for 24 hours after the player was waived.
  • If a team claims a player off of waivers, they then have the lowest waiver priority.

  • All trades must be sent to IslesRock4 and RR or else they are not valid.
  • Once a trade is agreed upon, send it in BEFORE POSTING, and then you can announce it in the thread. A deal without a NTC or NMC does not have to be approved.
  • If a trade is announced prior to it being sent in, it will be vetoed.
  • ALL MOVES MUST BE SOMEWHAT REALISTIC. Washington will not trade Ovechkin, Pittsburgh will not trade Crosby, etc. The commissioners hold the power to veto any ridiculous trades.
  • A trade involving a NTC or NMC must be sent in by BOTH GMs with a reasoning for the player to waive. The trade must be approved by BOTH trade managers prior to posting. Keep in mind it will only be on a rare occasion that a NTC or NMC is waived.
  • If a trade involving a NTC or NMC is announced before approval, it will be vetoed.
  • If a team does not have enough cap space to complete a trade that has been sent in, the trade will be vetoed.

  • will be the agent for East RFAs.
  • will be the agent for West RFAs.
  • TribalPhoenix will be the pre-offseason agent for UFAs.


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
New Jersey Devils- RogueStatus
New York Islanders- OrangeZebra
New York Rangers- NYR Boyler87
Philadelphia Flyers- Blackhawkswincup
Pittsburgh Penguins- Pitt's Best #87 #66

Northeast Division
Boston Bruins- Cliff Clavin
Buffalo Sabres- C-Saku Koivu MTL
Montreal Canadiens- Haligonian
Ottawa Senators- Soli
Toronto Maple Leafs- AlexMaz

Southeast Division
Carolina Hurricanes- Avs44
Florida Panthers- HockeyRulez
Tampa Bay Lightning- GordieHoweHatTrick
Washington Capitals- Capital Punishment
Winnipeg Jets- NowitzkisBrownNugget

Western Conference

Central Division
Chicago Blackhawks- Backstrom #19
Columbus Blue Jackets- CaptPantalones
Detroit Red Wings- bananaz
Nashville Predators- SixthSens
St. Louis Blues- SoundwaveIsCharisma

Northwest Division
Calgary Flames- Peter Griffin
Colorado Avalanche- JMcCarthyFC
Edmonton Oilers- donghabs98
Minnesota Wild- Braden Carlzner
Vancouver Canucks- IslesRock4

Pacific Division
Anaheim Ducks- TLinden16
Dallas Stars- holden57
Los Angeles Kings- Modo
Phoenix Coyotes- RR
San Jose Sharks- matt trick

IslesRock4 04-25-2012 06:49 AM


IslesRock4 04-25-2012 06:49 AM

East RFAs

IslesRock4 04-25-2012 06:49 AM

West RFAs

IslesRock4 04-25-2012 06:51 AM

Just getting this up now since I won't be back home until much later tonight. You can start sending in trades. I still need RFA agents. I'll try to respond to some PMs on my phone throughout the day, but no guarantees.

OrangeZebra 04-25-2012 06:58 AM

:isles need Top 4/Top Pairing D-men. Willing to move:

Josh Bailey
Nino Niederreiter
Michael Grabner
Kyle Okposo
NYI 2012 1st

HOCCA Scouting 04-25-2012 07:50 AM

NHL RightsPlayerPOS2011-12 TeamNHL GPNHL GNHL ANHL PTSCurrent StatusNew TeamYearsCap Hit1/2-Way
ANAMark BellLWSyracuse (AHL)5000UFA    
ANAJason BlakeLWAnaheim (NHL)457512UFA    
ANATroy BodieLWSyracuse (AHL)0000UFA    
ANASheldon BrookbankDAnaheim (NHL)8031114Re-signedANA1 yr900K$1 way
ANADan EllisGAnaheim (NHL)102.72.9110UFA    
ANANiklas HagmanLWAnaheim (NHL)7191423UFA    
ANAJ.F. JacquesLWSyracuse (AHL)6000UFA    
ANASaku KoivuCAnaheim (NHL)74112738UFA    
ANARyan O'MarraCSyracuse (AHL)9011UFA    
ANAGeorge ParrosRWAnaheim (NHL)46134UFA    
ANARod PelleyCAnaheim (NHL)52213UFA    
ANATeemu SelanneRWAnaheim (NHL)82264066UFA    
ANAMatt SmabyDSyracuse (AHL)0000UFA    
ANASean ZimmermanDSyracuse (AHL)0000UFA    
BOSGregory CampbellCBoston (NHL)788816UFA    
BOSJoe CorvoDBoston (NHL)7542125UFA    
BOSJosh HennessyCProvidence (AHL)3000UFA    
BOSChris KellyCBoston (NHL)82201939UFA    
BOSNathan McIverDProvidence (AHL)0000UFA    
BOSZach McKelvieDProvidence (AHL)0000UFA    
BOSMike MottauDBoston (NHL)35022UFA    
BOSDan PailleLWBoston (NHL)699615UFA    
BOSBrian RolstonLWBoston (NHL)7071724UFA    
BOSMarty TurcoGBoston (NHL)53.68.8550UFA    
BOSGreg ZanonDBoston (NHL)56358UFA    
BUFBrad BoyesRWBuffalo (NHL)6581523UFA    
BUFJochen HechtCBuffalo (NHL)22448UFA    
BUFAles KotalikLWHC Ceske Budejovice (Czech)0000UFA    
BUFDavid LeggioGRochester (AHL)0000UFA    
BUFDrew MacIntyreGRochester (AHL)21.40.9440UFA    
BUFShaone MorrisonnDRochester (AHL)0000UFA    
BUFMichael RyanCRochester (AHL)0000UFA    
BUFColin StuartLWRochester (AHL)2000UFA    
BUFAlexander SulzerDBuffalo (NHL)27369UFA    
BUFTravis Turnbull Rochester (AHL)3101UFA    
BUFDerek WhitmoreLWRochester (AHL)2000UFA    
CGYBrian ConnellyDAbbotsford (AHL)0000UFA    
CGYGuillaume DesbiensRWAbbotsford (AHL)10000UFA    
CGYScott HannanDCalgary (NHL)7821012UFA    
CGYJordan HenryDChicago (AHL)0000UFA    
CGYRaitis IvanansLWAbbotsford (AHL)1000UFA    
CGYOlli JokinenCCalgary (NHL)82233861UFA    
CGYTom KostopoulosRWCalgary (NHL)814812UFA    
CGYPierre-Luc LeblondLWAbbotsford (AHL)3000UFA    
CGYStefan MeyerLWFarjestad (Elitserien)0000UFA    
CGYDavid MossRWCalgary (NHL)32279UFA    
CGYCory SarichDCalgary (NHL)62167UFA    
CGYLee StempniakRWCalgary (NHL)61141428UFA    
CARBryan AllenDCarolina (NHL)8211314UFA    
CARChris DurnoLWCharlotte (AHL)0000UFA    
CARJustin PetersGCharlotte (AHL)72.48.9311UFA    
CARMathieu RoyDCharlotte (AHL)0000UFA    
CARJustin SoryalLWCharlotte (AHL)0000UFA    
CARJaroslav SpacekDCarolina (NHL)4651015UFA    
CARBrett SutterLWCharlotte (AHL)15033UFA    
CHIAndrew BrunetteLWChicago (NHL)78121527UFA    
CHIRay EmeryGChicago (NHL)342.81.9000UFA    
CHICristobal HuetGGotteron (Swiss)0000UFA    
CHISami LepistoDChicago (NHL)26123UFA    
CHIBrett MacLeanLW 0000UFA    
CHIJamal MayersRWChicago (NHL)816915UFA    
CHIBrendan MorrisonCChicago (NHL)394711UFA    
CHISean O'DonnellDChicago (NHL)51077UFA    
CHIJohnny OduyaDChicago (NHL)8131518UFA    
COLEvan BropheyCLake Erie (AHL)3000UFA    
COLCedrick DesjardinsGLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLMilan HejdukRWColorado (NHL)81142337UFA    
COLMatt HunwickDColorado (NHL)33336UFA    
COLDavid JonesRWColorado (NHL)72201737UFA    
COLDavid LiffitonDLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLJoakim LindstromRWSkelleftea (Sweden)16235UFA    
COLGreg MauldinLWLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLJay McClementCColorado (NHL)8010717UFA    
COLCody McLeodLWColorado (NHL)756511UFA    
COLJustin MercierCLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLShane O'BrienDColorado (NHL)7631720UFA    
COLDanny RichmondDLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLPatrick RissmillerLWLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLRyan StoaCLake Erie (AHL)0000UFA    
COLDavid Van Der GulikCLake Erie (AHL)25156UFA    
CBJCody BassCSpringfield (AHL)14011UFA    
CBJDarryl BoyceCColumbus (NHL)37145UFA    
CBJDane ByersLWSpringfield (AHL)8000UFA    
CBJMark DekanichGSpringfield (AHL)0000UFA    
CBJNick DrazenovicCSpringfield (AHL)0000UFA    
CBJAlexandre GirouxLWSpringfield (AHL)9101UFA    
CBJNick HoldenDSpringfield (AHL)0000UFA    
CBJKristian HuseliusLWColumbus (NHL)2000UFA    
CBJAaron JohnsonDColumbus (NHL)5631316UFA    
CBJBrett LebdaDColumbus (NHL)30134UFA    
CBJDerek MacKenzieLWColumbus (NHL)667714UFA    
CBJRadek MartinekDColumbus (NHL)7101UFA    
CBJCurtis McElhinneyGPortland (AHL)21.67.9440UFA    
CBJRyan RussellCColumbus (NHL)41202UFA    
CBJCurtis SanfordGColumbus (NHL)362.60.9111UFA    
CBJMartin St. PierreCSpringfield (AHL)0000UFA    
DALAdam BurishRWDallas (NHL)6561319Re-SignedDAL2 yrs950K$1-way
DALJacob DowellCDallas (NHL)52257UFA    
DALRadek DvorakRWDallas (NHL)7341721UFA    
DALMaxime FortunusDTexas (AHL)0000UFA    
DALBrad LukowichDTexas (AHL)0000UFA    
DALToby PetersenCDallas (NHL)39235UFA    
DALAndrew RaycroftGTexas (AHL)103.52.8980UFA    
DALRaymond SawadaRWTexas (AHL)0000UFA    
DALSheldon SourayDDallas (NHL)646!521UFA    
DALDan SpangDTexas (AHL)0000UFA    
DALFrancis WathierLWTexas (AHL)1000UFA    
DETFabian BrunnstromLWGrand Rapids (AHL)5000UFA    
DETTy ConklinGGrand Rapids (AHL)153.28.8841UFA    
DETChris ConnerRWGrand Rapids (AHL)8123UFA    
DETGarnet ExelbyDGrand Rapids (AHL)0000UFA    
DETTomas HolmstromRWDetroit (NHL)74111324UFA    
DETJiri HudlerLWDetroit (NHL)81252550Re-SignedDET2 yrs3.5M$1 way
DETDoug JanikDGrand Rapids (AHL)9011UFA    
DETJamie JohnsonCGrand Rapids (AHL)0000UFA    
DETNicklas LidstromDDetroit (NHL)70112334UFA    
DETChris MinardLWGrand Rapids (AHL)0000UFA    
DETBrad StuartDDetroit (NHL)8161521UFA    
EDMTaylor ChorneyDOklahoma (AHL)5000UFA    
EDMYann DanisGOklahoma (AHL)13.75.8330UFA    
EDMJosh GreenCOklahoma (AHL)7112UFA    
EDMDarcy HordichukLWEdmonton (NHL)43123UFA    
EDMRyan KellerLWOklahoma (AHL)0000UFA    
EDMLennart PetrellRWEdmonton (NHL)60459UFA    
EDMBryan RodneyDOklahoma (AHL)1000UFA    
EDMRyan SmythLWEdmonton (NHL)82192746UFA    
FLAKrys BarchRWFlorida (NHL)51235UFA    
FLAScott ClemmensenGFlorida (NHL)302.57.9131UFA    
FLAAdam ComrieDGreenville (ECHL)0000UFA    
FLAMark CullenCSan Antonio (AHL)6011UFA    
FLAJason GarrisonDFlorida (NHL)77161733UFA    
FLABracken KearnsCSan Antonio (AHL)5000UFA    
FLAJohn MaddenCFlorida (NHL)31303UFA    
FLAJonathan MatsumotoCSan Antonio (AHL)1000UFA    
FLATyler PlanteGMora (Allsvenskan)0000UFA    
FLAGreg RalloCSan Antonio (AHL)1000UFA    
FLAMikael SamuelssonRWFlorida (NHL)54141731UFA    
FLAMarco SturmLWFlorida (NHL)48325UFA    
FLASean SullivanDSam Antonio (AHL)0000UFA    
FLABill ThomasRWSan Antonio (AHL)7101UFA    
LAKMarc-Andre ClicheCManchester (AHL)0000UFA    
LAKColin FraserCLos Angeles (NHL)67268UFA    
LAKTrent HunterRWManchester (AHL)38257UFA    
LAKEthan MoreauLWManchester (AHL)28134UFA    
LAKPatrick MullenDManchester (AHL)0000UFA    
LAKScott ParseLWLos Angeles (NHL)9202UFA    
LAKDustin PennerLWLos Angeles (NHL)6571017UFA    
LAKJarret StollCLos Angeles (NHL)7861521UFA    
MINErik ChristensenCMinnesota (NHL)497512UFA    
MINJon DiSalvatoreRWHouston (AHL)0000UFA    
MINKurtis FosterDMinnesota (NHL)5141014UFA    
MINJosh HardingGMinnesota (NHL)342.62.917UFA     
MINMike LundinDMinnesota (NHL)17022UFA    
MINJed OrtmeyerLWHouston (AHL)35112UFA    
MINJeff PennerDHouston (AHL)0000UFA    
MINWarren PetersCMinnesota (NHL)58145UFA    
MINClayton StonerDMinnesota (NHL)51145UFA    
MINJeff TaffeCHouston (AHL)5022UFA    
MINStephane VeilleuxLWMinnesota (NHL)22022UFA    
MTLJoe CallahanDHamilton (AHL)0000UFA    
MTLChris CampoliDMontreal (NHL)432911UFA    
MTLMathieu DarcheLWMontreal (NHL)615712UFA    
MTLAlex HenryDHamilton (AHL)0000UFA    
MTLNathan LawsonGHamilton (AHL)0000UFA    
MTLTravis MoenRWMontreal (NHL)489716UFA    
MTLGarrett StaffordDHamilton (AHL)0000UFA    
MTLBrad StaubitzRWMontreal (NHL)62101UFA    
MTLBrian WillsieRWHamilton (AHL)0000UFA    
NASFrancis BouillonDNashville (NHL)664711UFA    
NASBrodie DupontLWMilwaukee (AHL)0000UFA    
NASPaul GaustadCNashville (NHL)7071421UFA    
NASHal GillDNashville (NHL)7611213UFA    
NASAndrei KostitsynLWNashville (NHL)72162036UFA    
NASBrian McGrattanRWNashville (NHL)30022UFA    
NASTyler SloanDMilwaukee (AHL)0000UFA    
NASRyan SuterDNashville (NHL)7973946UFA    
NASJordin TootooRWNashville (NHL)7762430UFA    
NASBrandon YipRWNashville (NHL)35347UFA    
NJDSteve BernierRWNew Jersey (NHL)32156UFA    
NJDMartin BrodeurGNew Jersey (NHL)592.41.9083UFA    
NJDRyan CarterCNew Jersey (NHL)72448UFA    
NJDStephen GiontaRWAlbany (AHL)1101UFA    
NJDPeter HarroldDAlbany (AHL)11022UFA    
NJDJohan HedbergGNew Jersey (NHL)272.23.9184UFA    
NJDCam JanssenRWNew Jersey (NHL)48011UFA    
NJDJay LeachDAlbany (AHL)0000UFA    
NJDBrad MillsCAlbany (AHL)27011UFA    
NJDZach PariseLWNew Jersey (NHL)82313869UFA    
NJDAlexei PonikarovskyRWNew Jersey (NHL)82141933UFA    
NJDBryce SalvadorDNew Jersey (NHL)82099UFA    
NJDTim SestitoCAlbany (AHL)18000UFA    
NJDPetr SykoraRWNew Jersey (NHL)82212344UFA    
NJDMatt TaorminaDNew Jersey (NHL)30167UFA    
NYIJeremy CollitonCBridgeport (AHL)0000UFA    
NYIMark EatonDNY Islanders (NHL)62134UFA    
NYITrevor FrischmonCBridgeport (AHL)0000UFA    
NYITrevor GilliesLWBridgeport (AHL)3000UFA    
NYIJohn GrahameGNY Islanders (NHL)0000UFA    
NYIMichael HaleyCBridgeport (AHL)14000UFA    
NYIMilan JurcinaDNY Islanders (NHL)653811UFA    
NYIAl MontoyaGN Islanders (NHL)313.10.8930UFA    
NYIJay PandolfoLWNY Islanders (NHL)62123UFA    
NYIP.A. ParenteauRWNY Islanders (NHL)80184967Re-signedNYI3 yrs3.675M$1-way
NYIDylan ReeseDNY Islanders (NHL)28167UFA    
NYISteve StaiosDNY Islanders (NHL)65088UFA    
NYRSean AveryLWNY Rangers (NHL)15303UFA    
NYRBrendan BellDConnecticut (AHL)1000UFA    
NYRStu BickelDNY Rangers (NHL)51099Re-signedNYR2 yrs750K$1-way
NYRMartin BironGNY Rangers (NHL)212.46.9042UFA    
NYRAndre DeveauxRWConnecticut (AHL)9011UFA    
NYRSteve EmingerDNY Rangers (NHL)42235UFA    
NYRRuslan FedotenkoRWNY Rangers (NHL)7391120UFA    
NYRJohn MitchellLWNY Rangers (NHL)6351116UFA    
NYRKris NewburyCConnecticut (AHL)7000UFA    
NYRBrandon PrustRWNY Rangers (NHL)8251217Re-SignedNYR4 yrs1.5M$1-way
NYRJohn ScottDNY Rangers (NHL)35011UFA    
NYRMike VernaceDConnecticut (AHL)0000UFA    
NYRJeff WoywitkaDNY Rangers (NHL)27156UFA    
OTTAlex AuldGOttawa (NHL)143.35.8840UFA    
OTTMatt CarknerDOttawa (NHL)29123Re-signedOTT2 yrs730K$1-way
OTTTim ConboyDBinghamton (AHL)0000UFA    
OTTMatt GilroyDOttawa (NHL)6731720UFA    
OTTRob KlinkhammerRWOttawa (NHL)15022UFA    
OTTZenon KonopkaCOttawa (NHL)55325UFA    
OTTFilip KubaDOttawa (NHL)7362632Re-SignedOTT1 yr3.2M$1 way
OTTFrancis LessardRWBinghamton (AHL)0000UFA    
OTTCorey LockeCBinghamton (AHL)0000UFA    
OTTMike McKennaGBinghamton (AHL)0000UFA    
OTTMark ParrishRWBinghamton (AHL)0000UFA    
OTTJesse WinchesterLWOttawa (NHL)32268Re-SignedOTT2 yrs800K$1 way
PHIJason BacashihuaGAdirondack (AHL)0000UFA    
PHIJohan BacklundGKarpat (SM-liiga)0000UFA    
PHIBlair BettsCDid Not Play (Injured)0000UFA    
PHIMatt CarleDPhiladelphia (NHL)8243438UFA    
PHIJaromir JagrRWPhiladelphia (NHL)73193554UFA    
PHIDan JancevskiDAdirondack (AHL)0000UFA    
PHIPavel KubinaDPhiladelphia (NHL)6931215UFA    
PHIIan LaperriereRWDid Not Play (Injured)0000UFA    
PHIMichael LeightonGAdirondack (AHL)0000UFA    
PHINicklas GrossmanDPhiladelphia (NHL)7601111UFA    
PHXDean ArseneDPortland (AHL)0000UFA    
PHXAdrian AucoinDPhoenix (NHL)64279UFA    
PHXMatt BeaudoinCPortland (AHL)0000UFA    
PHXAlex BolducCPortland (AHL)2000UFA    
PHXShane DoanRWPhoenix (NHL)79222850UFA    
PHXTyler EckfordDPortland (AHL)0000UFA    
PHXDaymond LangkowCPhoenix (NHL)73111930UFA    
PHXPatrick O'SullivanCPeoria (AHL)23224UFA    
PHXNathan OystrickDPortland (AHL)0000UFA    
PHXMarc PouliotCPortland (AHL)13044UFA    
PHXTaylor PyattLWPhoenix (NHL)7391019UFA    
PHXMichal RozsivalDPhoenix (NHL)5411213UFA    
PHXKurt SauerDDid Not Play (Injured)0000UFA    
PHXMatt WatkinsRWPortland (AHL)1000UFA    
PHXRay WhitneyLWPhoenix (NHL)82245377UFA    
PITArron AshamLWPittsburgh (NHL)6451116UFA    
PITRyan CraigCWilkes-Barre (AHL)0000UFA    
PITBrent JohnsonGPittsburgh (NHL)163.11.8830UFA    
PITSteve MacIntyreLWWilkes-Barre (AHL)12000UFA    
PITColin McDonaldRWWilkes-Barre (AHL)5000UFA    
PITScott MunroeGWilkes-Barre (AHL)0000UFA    
PITRichard ParkCPittsburgh (NHL)547714UFA    
PITSteve SullivanLWPittsburgh (NHL)79173148     
PITJason WilliamsCWilkes-Barre (AHL)8112UFA    
SJSBen GuiteCWorcester (AHL)0000UFA    
SJSJohn McCarthyLWWorcester (AHL)10000UFA    
SJSTorrey MitchellLWSan Jose (NHL)7691019UFA    
SJSDominic MooreCSan Jose (NHL)7942125UFA    
SJSMike MooreDWorcester (AHL)0000UFA    
SJSAndrew MurrayRWSan Jose (NHL)39134UFA    
SJSAntero NiittymakiGSyracuse (AHL)0000UFA    
SJSJim VandermeerDSan Jose (NHL)25134UFA    
SJSColin WhiteDSan Jose (NHL)54134UFA    
SJSBrad WinchesterLWSan Jose (NHL)676410UFA    
SJSDaniel WinnikLWSan Jose (NHL)8481523Re-SignedSJ4 yrs1.5M$1-way
STLJason ArnottCSt. Louis (NHL)72171734UFA    
STLJonathan CheechooRWPeoria (AHL)0000UFA    
STLCarlo ColaiacovoDSt. Louis (NHL)6421719UFA    
STLBrennan EvansDPeoria (AHL)0000UFA    
STLKyle HagelDPeoria (AHL)0000UFA    
STLKent HuskinsDSt. Louis (NHL)25257UFA    
STLBarret JackmanDSt. Louis (NHL)8111213UFA    
STLJamie LangenbrunnerRWSt. Louis (NHL)7061824UFA    
STLScott NicholCSt. Louis (NHL)80358UFA    
STLChris PorterLWSt. Louis (NHL)47437UFA    
STLBrett SterlingLWPortland (AHL)4000UFA    
STLDanny SyvretDPeoria (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLMike AngelidisCNorfolk (AHL)6101UFA    
TBLSebastien CaronGIserlohn (DEL)33.11.8770UFA    
TBLBrett ClarkDTampa Bay (NHL)8221315UFA    
TBLMike CommodoreDTampa Bay (NHL)30022UFA    
TBLBruno GervaisDTampa Bay (NHL)506713UFA    
TBLAdam HallRWTampa Bay (NHL)57257Re-SignedTB2 yrs950K$1-way
TBLScott JacksonDNorfolk (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLJon KalinskiLWNorfolk (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLMichel OuelletRWNorfolk (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLRichard PetiotDNorfolk (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLAlexandre PicardLWNorfolk (AHL)0000UFA    
TBLDwayne RolosonGTampa Bay (NHL)403.66.8861UFA    
TBLBrandon SegalRWNorfolk (AHL)10000UFA    
TBLRyan ShannonLWTampa Bay (NHL)454812UFA    
TBLTrevor SmithCNorfolk (AHL)16235UFA    
TBLTim WallaceLWTampa Bay(NHL)49369UFA    
TBLJ.T. WymanRWTampa Bay (NHL)402911UFA    
TORJoey CrabbRWToronto (NHL)67111526UFA    
TORPhilippe DupuisRWToronto (AHL)30000UFA    
TORJeff FingerDToronto (AHL)0000UFA    
TORJonas GustavssonGToronto (NHL)422.92.9024UFA    
TORRyan HamiltonLWToronto (AHL)2011UFA    
TORJay RosehillLWToronto (NHL)31000UFA    
TORMatt LashoffDToronto (AHL)0000UFA    
TORMike ZigomanisCToronto (AHL)0000UFA    
VANNolan BaumgartnerDChicago (AHL)0000UFA    
VANByron BitzRWChicago (AHL)10134UFA    
VANMatt ClimieGChicago (AHL)0000UFA    
VANAndrew EbbettCVancouver (NHL)18516UFA    
VANMark MancariRWChicago (AHL)6000UFA    
VANSamuel PahlssonCVancouver (NHL)8041317UFA    
VANSteven PinizzottoLWDid Not Play (Injured)0000UFA    
VANAaron RomeDVancouver (NHL)434610UFA    
VANSteven ReinprechtCChicago (AHL)0000UFA    
VANSami SaloDVancouver (NHL)6991625UFA    
VANAaron VolpattiLWVancouver (NHL)23101UFA    
WASKeith AucoinCWashington (NHL)273811Re-SignedWSH1 yr$670K1-way
WASChris BourqueLWHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASSean CollinsDHershey (AHL)2000UFA    
WASKyle GreentreeRWHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASJeff HalpernCWashington (NHL)6941216UFA    
WASChristian HansonCHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASD.J. KingLWHershey (AHL)1000UFA    
WASMike KnubleRWWashington (NHL)7261218UFA    
WASJacob MicflikierCHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASZach MiskovicDHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASJoel RechliczRWHershey (AHL)3000UFA    
WASDany SabourinGHershey (AHL)0000UFA    
WASAlexander SeminRWWashington (NHL)77213354UFA    
WASTomas VokounGWashington (NHL)482.51.9174UFA    
WASDennis WidemanDWashington (NHL)82113546UFA    
WPGMark FloodDWinnipeg (NHL)33347Re-SignedWPG1 yr700K1 way
WPGTanner GlassLWWinnipeg (NHL)7851116UFA    
WPGJason JaffrayLWSt. John's (AHL)13011UFA    
WPGRandy JonesDWinnipeg (NHL)39112UFA    
WPGPeter ManninoGChicago (ECHL)0000UFA    
WPGChris MasonGWinnipeg (NHL)202.59.8982UFA    
WPGKenndal McArdleLWPortland (AHL)9000UFA    
WPGDerek MeechDSt. John's (AHL)2000UFA    
WPGJim SlaterCWinnipeg (NHL)7813821Re-SignedWPG3 yrs800K$1 way
WPGTim StapletonCWinnipeg (NHL)63111627Re-Signed WPG2 yrs750K$1 way
WPGKyle WellwoodRWWinnipeg (NHL)77182947UFA    
WPGAndrei ZubarevDAtlant Mystishchi (KHL)0000UFA    

Haligonian 04-25-2012 07:50 AM

:habs may consider moving the 3rd overall pick in 2012 to a team in the top 10 looking to move up.

We are also looking to make depth additions to both our bottom 6 and bottom pairing.

NYR Viper 04-25-2012 09:07 AM


Marc Staal can be had but no low-ball offers. I am very much okay going into next season with 5 top-4 d-men in McDonagh, Girardi, Staal, Sauer and MDZ.

Looking for an equally talented forward in return.

Peter Griffin 04-25-2012 09:16 AM


Listening to offers for Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff. Picks/prospects and young roster players are the desired return.

Everyone else could be had, but some players(Glencross, Giordano) will be harder to pry away.

The Instigator 04-25-2012 10:14 AM

Mike Green, Michal Neuvirth, my 1st, Colorado's 1st, Cody Eakin, Dmitri Orlov, Jeff Schultz, Roman Hamrlik all on the block.

NowitzkisBrownNugget 04-25-2012 10:16 AM



Eric Fehr
Spencer Machachek
Ron Hainsey
Grant Clitsome
Tobias Enstrom (A #1 center needs to be coming back though)

Looking for:

#1 center
Young players

Avs44 04-25-2012 10:25 AM


All OTB. Staal/Ward could also be moved, but the price is high. Do not ask about Skinner/Sutter/Canes 1st, because they will not be going anywhere. Looking for high picks/prospects/young roster players.

NYR Viper 04-25-2012 10:28 AM


The Rangers would like to announce the re-signing of both Brandon Prust and Stu Bickel.

We LOVE Prust's talents and feel is an ideal 3rd/4th line winger. His teammates love him and so do the fans and we are excited to have him around for a long time.

4 years @ 1.5 million/season


Bickel has been a pleasant surprise for the Rangers this season. He is a hard-nosed hockey player who can play both defense and forward and will drop the gloves with anyone. We love his versatility and his teammates respect him in the locker room.

2 years @ .75 million/season


bananaz 04-25-2012 10:36 AM


Todd Bertuzzi, Dan Cleary and Jonathan Ericsson are all on the block. I am looking for a 4th line centre, prospects and draft picks.

SixthSens 04-25-2012 11:17 AM


We're actively looking to acquire a #1 centre. We have plenty of assets available to help facilitate a deal.

Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Roman Josi and Pekka Rinne will not be going anywhere. Alexander Radulov, Colin Wilson and Mike Fisher will be very hard to get and will only be moved for upgrades.

NYR Viper 04-25-2012 11:26 AM


There are rumors swirling that the Rangers may be open to trading 40+ goal scorer Marian Gaborik. Nothing confirmed as of yet.......More to come later.

Carlzner 04-25-2012 12:01 PM

:wild will be taking a quick 1 year rebuild to let our young stars develop.

Danny Heatley and Niklas Backstrom on the block. I'll listen to offers on Koivu.

Granlund and Brodin are UNTOUCHABLE.

We also really want Ryan Murray. If you have a top 3 pick and are willing to move down to 7, pm me.

Blackhawkswincup 04-25-2012 12:37 PM


Looking for top 4 dman

Assets on block

JVR , Bobrovsky and Meszaros

Blackhawkswincup 04-25-2012 12:52 PM

With Pronger's career probably over

How would it work capwise if I want to LTIR him? Never had to deal with this type of situation before

Can he be put on LTIR during summer?

TLinden 04-25-2012 01:36 PM


One of Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf will be moved.

Hiller, Visnovsky and Lydman also on the block.

matt trick 04-25-2012 01:42 PM

Murray, Boyle, Clowe, Niemi are otb.
Zues is available to anyone who can offer him a roster spot. He is not a fit for our organization. He has a nmc but I anticipate there is a better opportunity elsewhere.
Burns isn't going anywhere

AnyoneButKunitz 04-25-2012 01:46 PM

Krejci, Boychuk, Ference are available.

NYR Viper 04-25-2012 01:57 PM


The Rangers are accepting offers on both Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik.

Other players available:
Staal - Looking for a comparable forward - Not a definite he will be traded

donghabs98 04-25-2012 02:49 PM


Trading Block

Magnus Paajarvi
Shawn Horcoff
Sam Gagner
Nick Schultz

We are also willing to trade Jordan Eberle pm me if you would like him

Looking for

top 4 defensemen
#1 goaltender
top 6 forward

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