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Kel Varnsen 05-02-2012 04:24 AM

NHL in Prague?
I'm going to be there for a few days soon and I don't want to miss the playoffs. I've heard hockey is big there, would it be easy to catch the games? Or does anyone know any bars in particular that would definitely be showing them? Any info at all would be much appreciated :nod:

Shadowthrone 05-06-2012 02:47 AM

Bumping this because I wanted to ask the same thing.
I'll be visiting in about three weeks, so the WC will be over by then. I've the possibility of watching the live streams with hotel WLAN but seeing a game in a crowded pub would be much more fun. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kel Varnsen 05-06-2012 10:05 PM

114 views and no one can give any sort of info? If you've been there before, or live there now and know anything that might be remotely helpful I'd be very happy to hear it.

zorz 05-07-2012 12:56 AM

I'm pretty sure I was already answering this not so long ago to somebody, but I can't find the thread. I'm not from Prague, co I can't tell any particular bar, you just need to find some nonstop (if it's played at night) sports bar and ask there if they plan to show the game. There should be plenty of them. If you're going to watch on TV, you need to have channel Novasport, which is paid, so you need to make sure that your hotel or wherever you'll be has this channel available on their tv.

Shadowthrone 05-07-2012 11:53 AM

Tried to look up some sportsbars already, most close at 1 or 2 a.m..
Well, best chance is probably to ask some locals when you're actually there. :)

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