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dlam 05-26-2012 04:49 PM

Back Pain
I develop scitica right side playing tennis after twisting my back
Got physio and rest then played hockey again but noticed that I get the same back pain after slap-shots
I notice that if I do the one timers I get this pain. However if I'm in motion say skating forward it's not bad.
I wonder if it's my motion floating backwards with improper mechanics that hurts my back
I can do a slapper going fowards then turning sideways better then going backwards

Anyone else with back issues or scatica?

Stickmata 05-26-2012 06:32 PM

I had/have sciatica. Got so bad I had foot drop/nerve damage in my left leg. Had double discectomies, L4/L5 AND L5/S1. I probably shouldn't be playing hockey anymore, but still do. I get back pain sometimes, but nothing like I used to before surgery. If you have it really bad and are getting pains down the leg, numbness, etc., you need to see a specialist and get either a CT or an MRI. They'll give you treatment options.

Any way you go, a strong core takes a lot of strain off of your back. Regarding different shots, yes, different movements will produce more strain on the back. But rather than alter your shots, you should probably strengthen your core and make sure that any serious back problems get addressed.

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