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Albi 01-03-2005 08:05 AM

I don't care if I live in Italy and this season I have the chance to watch NHL players here (in the past I usually had to come to LA...and damn, it's a trip I love to make!). I still can't believe, like all of you, there won't be a season in North America. And I can't, I won't accept this thing, I simply refuse to think we won't see our Kings on the ice.

On 14th January, the NHL Board of Governors will meet. The 2 sides have ten days to reach an agremeent. 10 F days, 240 hours more or less.

Time is running out.

Season could be called Jan.14 - espn.com
Gretzky speaks - tsn.ca
CBA News

two out of three* 01-03-2005 05:10 PM

Melorse, and Bucigross actually had me feeling optimistic.. IF there is another meeting I think that they can still have a season.

Albi 01-04-2005 04:58 AM

9 days

GoneFullHextall 01-04-2005 12:30 PM

the board of Governers is meeting January 14th. No meetings between the owners and players have been scheduled. Melrose and Bucigross as optomistic as they might be probably realize that this season is over.
Gretz brought up a very good point, the players dont get paid from April to October so have no real incentive to come to the table then. Hope all of you enjoy your AHL,ECHL, college hockey, junior hockey ect.. because thats all your gonna have for awhile IMO. i hope i am wrong i really do but right now it does not look good.

Albi 01-05-2005 03:02 AM

8 days

Nothing in the works - tsn.ca
Steve Rucchin: No new NHLPA offer planned - tsn.ca

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