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SwisshockeyAcademy 01-13-2005 12:25 AM

For you coaches
It seems to me that most professional, college and junior team use a defensive faceoff alignment with a D man at the boards and one on the hash. I have never understood the advantage of this as you are further away from your net whereas if there is a D man on either side of the goalie as he's in his stance, the lower D man can still grab the draw that is won and also be in better position to defend against an offensive center that slips the defensive center off the dot. The only time i like a D man on the boards is on the PK defensive zone draw. I find it better to have my best gun be able to take a won draw , walk into it and hammer it out around the boards. It also keeps the alignment of the pk a little better off a lost draw.
Curious if anyone else wonders about the D on the boards popularity.

Prof_it 01-13-2005 08:54 AM

It depends on how the opposition lines up. If they have a big, physical winger on the boards- i like my dman to match up with him. Sometimes I'll even move my winger to the boards. On a clean win, his job is to give my dman time to control the puck and start the breakout. On losses, he needs to read the play and pressure the greatest threat from the top of the circle. By matching up with their winger on the boards, it prevents him from cruising through a tied faceoff, picking up any loose pucks for a shot from the slot.

I would prefer, though, that my dman starts below the circle to be closer to the corner and the net. Makes for smoother breakouts on clean wins. Sometimes, the other team doesn't always play along and my team need to adjust.

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