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Murmansk16 09-19-2003 07:42 AM

If the NHL is locked out next season, does the AHL still play? In other words, would the Wings be able to bring Grigorenko over to play in the AHL next season, and perhaps also have Hudler play there, if there is a lockout in the NHL?

Another question: when Yzerman retires, who'll be captain? Shanahan? Presumably Chelios and Hull will also be gone next season. Lidstrom perhaps, but Shanahan seems more likely.

Hopefully it won't be necessary to select a new captain *this season.*

Grift69 09-19-2003 07:52 AM

The nhl and the major junior leagues are all seperate entities. I see no reason as to why the wings wouldnt be able to bring over grigs. I see Lidstrom as the next captain.

weissfan9 09-19-2003 08:57 AM

I think the only players effected would be ones with 2-way contracts. On a side note possible ECHL strike, http://www.hfboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=5828

kira 09-19-2003 09:44 AM

I agree with Grift...Nicklas Lidstrom will be the next Captain of the Wings.

Vyacheslav 09-19-2003 02:48 PM

I just read about the AHL playing during the strike, the AHL will go on.

I support making Lidstrom the captain. I know Shanny's had the A since he got here, which is even longer than Nick, but after Yzerman's gone this has to be Nick's team.

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