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jonyro84 08-29-2012 04:35 PM

**CHI, WIN Available** (360) Wicked Wrister Elite
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR REGISTERING!!! Took a little bit of time to figure how the offseason works in GM Conneceted, such as Free agents and trades. Will know more about the trades soon, as far as free agents go, there isn't really a calendar that I can find to keep track of offseason. The way it worked for me to sign a free agent, you make your offer to the player, then once we move to the next ticker in the season schedule you will find out if the free agent will sign or not. So As I can tell, free agent signings that are signed will not be on your team until we move past the first set of games. I'm not positive if this is how it works, as I was running the league with just the computer, but we'll see. Anyways, starting the league up shortly and will send the invites!!

The rules for the league will be as follows:
1. The rosters will be RANDOMIZED in this league. This is to encourage a maximum number of real players to join the league

2. The gameplay time will be set to a ticker based on league vote .I was planning on a little bit longer of a ticker schedule since many of us are in multiple leagues, but let me know what you think. Teams that are unable to play their games in the allotted time will either be simmed, or your AI will play against a ready human opponent should there be one. If the chosen time limit proves to be too strenuous, I can change it as we get into the season.

3. I'd like to limit this to 1 v 1 play, that is to say that while the GM mode will support up to 25 real players per team, this league is for individuals who wish to be the gm and participate in head to head games.

4. There will be no limit on trades, but if trades are deemed to be unfair and the other league managers are up in arms about it, I as the Commissioner will either put the kaibosh on the deal, or boot the GMs in participation from the league altogether. This can be decided by a vote amongst the GMs.

5. Should some form of glitch-goaling be discovered, please refrain from using it. Users found to be exploting weaknesses in the game or otherwise being poor sports will ALSO be ejected from the league. This is just to protect everyone and preserve the FUN factor!

I can't think of any further rules at the moment, but if you can think of any, please feel free to post them here, and they can be added if they are acceptable!

NOW, time to pick a team! ( I will update this list as slots are taken...)

Anaheim Ducks------------------The JOHNster84 (Commisioner) Registered
Boston Bruins -------------->Eastonhockey07 Registered
Buffalo Sabres ---------------->DutchFury21 Registered
Calgary Flames------------------Dvs Rush Registered
Carolina Hurricanes ------ sause dodger Registered
Chicago Blackhawks ------------>
Colorado Avalanche--------------UCI cowgirl7303 Registered
Columbus Blue Jackets ----------> x The Walrus xx Registered
Dallas Stars --------------> Space Ghost1010 Registered
Detroit Red Wings------------------> Vshotz Registered
Edmonton Oilers --------Twenty8SavesL8r Registered
Florida Panthers--------------->Topper15 Registered
LA Kings -----------------> UCI Cowgirl7303 Registered
Minnesota Wild --------------> dimesquay Registered
Montreal Canadiens ------------> CHINH04 Registered
Nashville Predators ---------->F4CEPALM Registered
New Jersey Devils------------- NJ x Pixelated Registered
New York Islanders----------- trisel39 Registered
New York Rangers ------------> Vox Harbinger Registered
Ottawa Senators -------------> RedBull2772 Registered
Philadelphia Flyers---------------> phillythunder21 Registered
Phoenix Coyotes --------------->Mu Sigma Fiji Registered
Pittsburgh Penguins--------------> DutchFury21 Registered
San Jose Sharks --------------->Evil Monkey Jay Registered
St. Louis Blues ------------------KScHwAnG Registered
Tampa Bay Lightning------------ ZHawk0717 Registered
Toronto Maple Leafs ------------->xxboobear91xx Registered
Vancouver Canucks -------------->superferg Registered
Washington Capitals----------------smokechron Registered
Winnipeg Jets-------------------


TheFadedLine 08-29-2012 05:30 PM

Sign me up for the Oilers

jonyro84 08-29-2012 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by TheFadedLine (Post 53954833)
Sign me up for the Oilers

For sure! what's your gamer tag?

zatornator11 08-29-2012 06:38 PM

Cool! Another random roster league! I made the idea now it's catching on!

TheFadedLine 08-30-2012 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by jonyro84 (Post 53955041)
For sure! what's your gamer tag?

Gamertag - 28SavesL8er

jonyro84 08-30-2012 06:13 PM


Leaf For Life 08-30-2012 07:15 PM

I'll try this and I'll take Chicago
GT: TheRealDrGuile

jonyro84 08-30-2012 07:24 PM

done, welcome aboard

ChuckWoods 08-30-2012 07:57 PM

I wouldnt mind trying a random roster league!

Count me in and I will pick the New York Rangers.


GT = lIl Voodoo lIl

jonyro84 08-30-2012 08:11 PM

welcome aboard my friend

Marshalls 08-30-2012 09:03 PM

hey man, looks fun! ill join this

I want the habs :D

jonyro84 08-30-2012 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Marshalls (Post 53985865)
hey man, looks fun! ill join this

I want the habs :D

no problem man, whats your gamer tag?

jonyro84 08-30-2012 09:17 PM

Cool Guys!! league is starting to fill up a little bit faster!!! we have reached the halfway point

Marshalls 08-30-2012 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by jonyro84 (Post 53986147)
no problem man, whats your gamer tag?

oops, sorry, its CHINH04

jonyro84 08-30-2012 11:11 PM

no worries, got you added on. I'll be singing friend requests to everyone later tonight

jonyro84 08-31-2012 01:42 PM

3 more teams taken. almost 2/3 filled now!!!

jonyro84 08-31-2012 05:36 PM

down to 9 spots left, should be filled shortly

eastonh0ckey09 08-31-2012 08:24 PM

Can I get Boston

Gamer tag=eastonh0ckey09

jonyro84 08-31-2012 10:00 PM

sure thing. That means only 8 to go

jonyro84 09-02-2012 01:22 PM

only 6 teams to go, almost there!!

HOUSUTON 09-03-2012 08:47 AM

ill be nashville


jonyro84 09-03-2012 11:58 AM

got ya. 5 teams to go!!

Dougie Gilmour 09-03-2012 03:22 PM

I'll take the Dallas

Gt: Space Ghost1010


jonyro84 09-03-2012 03:25 PM


jonyro84 09-03-2012 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Dougie Gilmour (Post 54059555)
I'll take the Dallas

Gt: Space Ghost1010


Done! Welcome Aboard!!

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