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rogerharris 09-07-2012 11:02 PM

How to retrain wrist shot strength from intermediate to senior level ?
after a long break, I am trying to fix a primary flaw in gameplay -- weak and inaccurate wristshot from outside the slot that kept me at intermediate level points wise. so many goals from rebounds could have been goals on first shot, so how to get the power for a good high level quick wrist/snapshot, with some blue line accuracy (at least to the net) and so rack up more accurate points in the slot was the question.

I have used a summer training method watching kovalevs instruction to focus first on being able to release power by hardpress downwards on shaft, with stick close in, top hand is a power lever. release wristshot with no back pull and short forward follow through in training. Clearly by his demo and his one handed snapshots (from backhand :bow:) this guy knows a thing or two about training.


I recruited for this training technique an old Al Maciness Sherwood (which is heavy) and cut 6" must be 125 flex, to short release puck sized iron discs to the net (old tweeters). The idea behind this was if I can release and lift such a heavy puck even 5 feet constrained like that it will develop core physical strength, close to the body with minimal movement. Then accuracy, quick release and power will all come from the control facilitated by this.

Ok whats the point ? is this technique going to take me off track ? 3 months doing this and a 105 flex composite feels whippy, a puck feels like its flying like a feather now (compared to iron discs !). arms are stronger. I cannot however gauge from off ice in a small training area and there is going to be a few months more stamina training before I can consider to even go back to the rink. Is this training rationale flawed for real game/rink scenarios and if so what are better methods ?

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