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IslesZoso 10-09-2012 11:26 AM

Rank the hockey equipment manufacturers
Rank your favorite manufacturers based on the equipment you've tried and currently use. Then name one that you DON'T like. Mine looks like this:

1. Bauer - skates, pants, gloves, sticks, bag, chest protector

2. CCM - helmets, gloves, pants, shinguards, jerseys, bag

3. SherWood - love their T90 gloves

4. Easton - great elbow pads, good shinguards, cup/jock shorts, didn't care for their EQ50 gloves

5. Reebok - they make nice jerseys, hated their chest protector

Dislike: Warrior - their Bully gloves fell apart on me after 1 year

WhatThePuck 10-09-2012 11:32 AM

My preferences:

Bauer - Skates,Sticks,Gloves,Helmets
Easton - Shoulder pads,Shin Guards,Elbow pads
Reebok - Pants(fit better for thinner waists imo)

Beville 10-09-2012 11:43 AM

Warrior would be higher, if they weren't plagued by reliability issues in their early days..

But for me,

Bauer - Skates and Gloves have been pretty much perfect, except for the palm splitting on my Bauer XVs but that was after 3 seasons or so...

Reebok/RBK - Had some 4K skates, they served me well... Shinpads/Elbows/Chest were all RBK/Jofa kit, no problems had it since the day I started... 8K Lid has also done well, no concussions or anything in the 4 years or so that I've had it.

CCM - Started off with Vector 2 skates, then went to Vector 4s. Both were good for the level I was at in regards to skating. Had a 452 Helmet and it was ok however I often felt it pinch around the temple region. Also had CCM shorts, 452s and I can't remember the first pair. There big, but that's my own fault for getting that size. Comfy and protective :)

iamjs 10-09-2012 11:45 AM

I'm probably a bad person to ask about ranking. I've been Easton loyal for about 20 years, but I am open to trying stuff out on occasion.

The one manufacturer I don't care for is Bauer. It seems like their skates run a width size too small. When I went shopping for new skates last fall, the local shop only carried Bauer. Everything I tried fit terribly. I have a wide foot, but it's not wide enough that I need an E. Bauer's 7D fit like it was a kid's size 5.

Ending up going with an EQ30 from Easton, which is probably the best fitting skate I've had next to the old Synergy 1500s that I had.

TieClark 10-09-2012 12:25 PM

Bauer and reebok are on their own level IMO for most stuff. Sticks is another story... That changes from year to year

Devil Dancer 10-09-2012 12:40 PM

I don't see how one can do an overall ranking when each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses. And how many of us have tried everything from every company?

Jarick 10-09-2012 02:05 PM

I'll play.

1. Bauer - best sticks and skates, great protective lineup including gloves
2. Warrior - solid stick lineup and protective keeps getting better, best gloves IMO
3. Reebok - great protective gear, decent sticks and skates
4. Easton - lagging behind the times IMO, good protective, okay sticks
5. CCM - never liked their stuff

I've been head to toe in Bauer before and now have mostly Reebok stuff. I would probably get all Bauer gear if I had to pick just one brand and they did custom skates for me.

Pajicz 10-09-2012 02:13 PM

Ranked the brands and what I'm currently using:

1. Bauer - Skates, stick, shoulder pads, shin pads, helmet, pants
2. Reebok - Gloves
3. Easton
4. Warrior - Elbow pads
5. CCM

Subnordi 10-09-2012 02:17 PM

As a goalie

Reebok: Pads, Blocker, Stick
Bauer: Chesty, Trapper, Mask, Skates
CCM: Pants

OpenIceHit42 10-09-2012 02:18 PM

1) Bauer (Currently use helmet,skates,gloves,shins)

2) Warrior (love the sticks and my bag, gloves fell apart on me and my pants are trashed after 7 months

3) Easton (Loved their sticks for awhile, skated in the skates for awhile too)

Never really used CCM,Sherwood,Jofa

thom 10-09-2012 02:40 PM

Can some one on this site tell me if the company SBK HOCKEY is still in business.As of a year ago it was listed on one of the small exchanges in Canada.It had some good ideas about Hockey sticks.Lafleur was a director along with a lawyer friend of his named Rancourt they both quit no reason was given

TatarTangle 10-09-2012 03:12 PM

As a goalie someone suggested I take a look at Brians when I first started. Haven't worn anything else since, other than my chest protector and skates, Vaughn and Bauer respectively.

S E P H 10-09-2012 03:21 PM

I am a Vaughn support and always will be, but some of the equipment that Brian's makes is unbelievably comfortable. I especially like their gloves for goaler. Much better than Vaughn.

Fanned On It 10-09-2012 03:34 PM

Skates - Whatever fits my unique foot the best lol. Waiting on my custom Bauers so we'll see how they go.
Gloves - HATED my first pair of Warriors. The palm ripped within like 5 months of heavy use. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eagle PPF's.
Sticks - Have tried Bauer, Warrior, and TPS sticks. I liked them all, but the Bauer I'm using now seems to be my favorite so far.
Shins - Only have used Rbk. Seem to be a good fit for a skinny guy like me.
Pants - Tackla girdles - there aint no other way! lol.
Shoulders - Sher-wood 5030 classic shoulder pads. Haven't tried anything else.
Elbows - Only have had RBKs.

JR97 10-09-2012 03:48 PM

I used to be a total Easton fanboi for everything but the lid. They make good stuff, but over the years I've branched out quite a bit. So based on what I currently use and not necessarily brand loyalty:

1. Bauer: Sticks, pants, gloves
2. CCM: Elbows, caged helmet
3. Easton: visored helmet, wheeled bag
4. Shock Doctor: Unders, blower bag
5. Mission: Ancient shin guards. nice and wide for shot blocking. :)

AIREAYE 10-09-2012 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Devil Dancer (Post 54867987)
I don't see how one can do an overall ranking when each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses. And how many of us have tried everything from every company?

Agreed, I think it's amusing though to rank them anyhow. Having seen and tried on almost everything in common retail, I think I can give an educated (obviously biased) opinion:

Helmets : Obviously dependent on fit and independent of brand. Still will go for Bauer due to the range of fits and pricepoints. If Easton steps up the quality of their hardware and overall quality control, they might be #2. A lot of kids seem to fit into Easton right after Bauer. Reebok/CCM is good as well, just doesn't seem to fit as many people.

Sticks : Really liking what Warrior is putting out. Bauer obviously is a top brand as well. Reebok has put out a phenomenal new Sickick line this year and the AI line has also been great. They're making a strong push/comeback. Easton has been in decline, nothing new or exciting on their part for the last few years.

Skates : Dependent on fit and independent of brand. Bauer is the obvious top brand. Everyone else is pretty even imo.

Gloves : Bauer and Warrior both offer 3 fits, so I would go there. CCM and Reebok both have pretty solid lines as well.

Shoulders : A year ago I would have put CCM on top hands down for their U+Pro line. The CL has been a disappointment so far imo. Nobody really stands out, but Bauer is the obvious easy sale.

Elbows : Warrior has been great since the start, but perplexed about the new Projekt; talk about pointy! Also liking what Easton Synergy has with their softer caps. Bauer Vapor is atrocious; an absolute menace as far as elbow caps go.

Pants : Tackla.

Shins : CCM has always been solid; I would say a head above others ever since the Tacks line. Reebok is great as well. Easton has been all over the map, mostly negatives.

OpenIceHit42 10-09-2012 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by Devil Dancer (Post 54867987)
I don't see how one can do an overall ranking when each manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses. And how many of us have tried everything from every company?

It's a to each his own discussion, is it not? Gives us something to talk about and get to see everyone's input on the manufactures they prefer.

IDuck 10-10-2012 12:01 AM

bauer-IMO hands down the most reliable and you can never go wrong...

when it comes to protective i think its all the same, its more so whats comfy to me then what is "better"....i more so care about 3 things sticks, skates, and gloves and i although i currently have rbk skates (which i love and my next pair with probably be rbk's), mission gloves (which have lasted longer than any pair ive ever had), and warrior sticks, i would never pass up anything bauer if it was the right deal

McBrom7 10-10-2012 12:45 AM





TUCKER 06 10-10-2012 10:58 AM

I can only base this on equipment I've personally used and it seems like out of the big names, I haven't worn any Reebok gear yet.

1) Bauer
I like them for their skates & gloves. I own the Bauer Supreme One.9s and would fall asleep every night cuddling them if my Fiancee didn't have something to say about it. I also rock Bauer 4-Roll gloves, which are pretty sweet. I've tried the Vapor line of gloves and those are really nice too. I've heard their sticks are above par, but I haven't had the opportunity to use one yet.

As far as looks go, I believe Bauer has some of the best looking products on the market. They really have things dialed in and have a unique looking brand, which competitors seem to imitate at every turn.

2) CCM
I have the V08 helmet and vector shinpads and the U+10 stick (w/ Crazy Ovi curve pattern). IMO the CCM V08/V10 helmets are some of the best looking buckets on the market and they look pretty sick when paired up with the Bauer X100 visor. I've been fairly impressed with the U+10 stick, even though it's not top of the line. I have an intermediate, 65 flex and that thing can go bardown with the flick of my wrist. It's deadly. My passing has been bang-on with this stick too (believe it or not). I really like the overall feel of the stick, but digging in the corners with it is almost a no-go, as it has similar characteristics to a wet noodle. I mostly got it out of curiosity and partly as a joke, as the Crazy Ovi curve looks hilariously awesome.

3) Warrior
I've had the chance to buy a couple Warrior Hitman twigs (85 flex, Draper pattern) and I now own a pair of Warrior Hitman pants. I like the sticks a lot, and haven't run into any reliability issues with them yet. The stick blades are durable (despite what the internets tells you) and allow me to dig really nicely. My sticks normally take a beating because I like to get into the dirty areas of the ice and bang away in front of the net. the Draper curve pattern is perfect for me, as I primarily use wristers and I like going top shelf. I also enjoy one-timers and the puck seems to just pop right off the blade of the stick when attempting those.

The Warrior pants are actually pretty good. I only have one minor gripe with them and that is the damned stomach protector. I can't get that thing under control and it ends up "flopping" like my old pair of skate tongues and sometimes it looks like I'm tucking my jersey in at the front of my pants. Just recently I was able to get it to stay put, so it may just take some working in.

The brand that I have an overall dis-taste for is...

4) Easton
I liked their sticks for a while, but I had two break on me in one game and I thought I'd give other brands a try. Ever since then, I realized how little I actually liked Easton sticks in comparison to the others I've tried.

I don't like anything about the look of Easton's line of skates, I don't like the look of their buckets or their gloves either for that matter. The only Easton product I currently use is my hockey bag, and that seems to be falling apart after 2 seasons, so take that for what you think it's worth.

Jarick 10-10-2012 11:29 AM

Stuff I've used:

Helmets - Mission, Bauer, Cascade, Reebok
I think Cascade (M11) has the best fitting helmets out there as they wrap around your head. Most other companies are starting to go closer to this route but they are still the most comfortable.

Shoulders - Mission, TPS, Bauer, Reebok, Sherwood
For minimalist pads, nothing beats the Sherwoods, especially the 9950 which has better materials and construction than the 5030 for $5 more. I like Reebok for mid/high level pads as they have the most coverage and freedom of movement IMO.

Elbows - Mission, Easton, Bauer, JOFA
JOFA elbows are the best ever made, hands down. At retail I like Bauer's Supreme but most elbow pads are fairly similar in my experience.

Pants - Easton, Bauer, Tackla, Reebok
Tacklas are easily the best pants on the market due to protection and freedom of movement. At retail I like Reebok the most although all the pants are somewhat similar. I dislike the Vapor series pants though, not much protection.

Shins - Bauer, Reebok
I haven't come across the perfect shin pad yet. Bauer Supreme are the best fitting IMO yet the strapping system isn't great. Reeboks have the best protection and strapping system, but they fit kind of wide, especially near the skate. Never been a fan of Easton here.

Gloves - Easton, CCM, Bauer, Warrior, Eagle, TPS
I've used a ton of gloves and Warrior makes the best with Bauer close behind. Both companies offer multiple types of fit with multiple levels of glove. Warrior seems to focus more on a streamlined product with better materials, which gives them the edge. Eagle seems to make a great product but none of their gloves fit me at all and they have terribly cut palms which makes it nearly impossible to use. Seriously, my palm creases in the middle, why can't the gloves crease there as well?

Skates - Bauer, Graf
Graf offers the most comprehensive range of fits as well as best durability in construction, but Bauer has the best technology and several fits as well. My feet only fit in Grafs though so I can't really rank anyone else.

Sticks - Bauer, Easton, CCM, Reebok, Mission, Harrow, Base, Warrior, probably more
I think Bauer perfect the feel of sticks with the One95 and they have the best kicking sticks since the One95 and Vapor X:60 series. Warrior has some good ideas but they never seem to perform as well IMO and the durability is a question mark. Easton has fallen pretty far behind...they would do well to figure out how to re-make the Stealth CNT with a more durable blade.

Wilch 10-10-2012 12:02 PM

I've used:

Helmet - Cascade M11 and the E700. I've tried fitting on a lot of other helmets out there, but is now sticking with the E700 because it fits my head the best, is the lightest and most low profile (my preference). Easton beats out Bauer here for me because for some reason, Bauer helmets just don't fit me at all. RBK fits me quite well, but inventory has been an issue for whatever reason in Vancouver. The M11 fits great and is very protective, but it feels like I'm wearing a 5 pound dumbbell on my head.

So it's Easton>RBK>Bauer/CCM

Stick - I've stuck with using Easton and Warrior mostly, and I'll have to say Warrior is my favourite. They probably make the best price point stick, with Easton making the best top end stick (RS).


Shoulders - I tried out Easton, Bauer, Warrior and Graf. Surprisingly Graf was priced the fairest and was my favourite. The G700 is one of my favourite shoulder pads and I'll be sticking with it for a long time.


Elbows - RBK for me. Everything else just keep slipping off my god damn elbow for whatever reason.


Shins - Only know that Warrior makes crappy shins.


Gloves - Overall, it's Winnwell. They're cheap, I like the styling, they're very durable and tough as rocks, yet they're not heavy and don't hamper my movements.


Skates - Bauer hands down. But that's just because it fits me well.

No ranking here because we all have different feet

Pants - Tackla AINEC. Aside from the Bauer Totalone pants, don't think anything can quite stand up against Tacklas.

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