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GB 09-20-2003 05:28 AM

Weekends fixtures
As always this will be stickied until Tuesday and be updated with the results.

Friday's results:


Belfast 5-3 Manchester
Cardiff 5-3 London

Saturday's Fixtures:


Basingstoke v Coventry (6.30pm Face off)
Nottingham v Sheffield (7.00pm)

FBNL Findus Cup

Dundee v Edinburgh (7.00pm)
Fife v Bracknell (7.15pm)
Hull v Newcastle (5.45 pm)

Sunday's Fixtures:


Manchester v Nottingham (5.00pm)
Cardiff v Belfast (6.00pm)
Coventry v London (6.00pm)
Sheffield v Basingstoke (6.00pm)

FBNL Findus Cup

Edinburgh v Bracknell (6.00pm)
Guildford v Hull (6.00pm)
Newcastle v Fife (6.00pm)

GB 09-21-2003 03:51 AM

Saturday's results:


Basingstoke 3-2 Coventry
Nottingham 5-5 Sheffield
(Nottingham lead 5-0 coming into the 3rd period

FBNL Findus Cup

Dundee 4-3 Edinburgh
Fife 1-5 Bracknell
Hull 4-6 Newcastle

GB 09-22-2003 03:12 AM

Sunday's results:


Cardiff 2-3 Belfast
Coventry 2-1 London
Manchester 2-3 Nottingham
Sheffield 6-0 Basingstoke

FBNL Findus Cup

Edinburgh 0-1 Bracknell
Guildford 8-3 Hull
Newcastle 7-2 Fife

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