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alatos 10-31-2012 06:20 PM

How do you play the game?
I see the goalies have a thread going like this. What is your style of play?

Personally, I suck pretty bad in all areas of the sport. I just go out with the attitude that I won't be outworked. I love playing along the boards. I'll get an ugly goal here or there, but that's about it.

OilerNut* 10-31-2012 06:33 PM

I am your typical grinder, I am able to skate hard and pressure the puck carrier to cause turnovers and scoring chances for our team while I crash the net and score garbage goals.

The new team I am on though I am one of the better players, so I have taken on more of a playmaker/sniper role. I need to shoot more instead of always looking for someone to pass it off to. My shooting % is near 50% so I really need to shoot more.

Ozz 10-31-2012 08:21 PM

I can do pretty much anything, but it comes and goes. My hands these days come and go for sure. Sometimes I can rush end to end and score, other times I can't buy a goal on a breakaway. I mostly rely on a shot rather than being slick these days, but sometimes I still turn it on. I seem to be best under pressure so breakaways in non-shootout form are tough.

I've been with my team for about 2 years, and I'm more a complementary player to our more skilled guys. They handle the finesse work, I create space and finish our work. I also have a knack for finding blind passes to my teammates in the perfect spot.

My team uses me to pressure the defense, often creating turnover chances and even routinely picking the puck and scoring on my own. I do backcheck, but I'm primarily wanted to create pressure and keep the game flowing.

My specialties have become one-timers from in/bottom of the circles, shooting through defensemen in the circles or near/on the goal line, setting up behind the net to find pinching D-men, garbage goals, and deflections. I'm big and strong enough that nobody can move me from in front of the net, and I'm in shape and fast enough that no fat guys can keep up with me moving around to shake them. "Average" guys might try to shove me but lose that battle quickly. It makes for tons of space for us to work.

The last thing my team needs is another do-it-all superstar, and at my age with these guys that's the last thing I need to try to be. It was my thing 15 years ago as a teenager, but not now :laugh: Thankfully my shot has gotten better over the years as my speed and hands have weakened. My team has speed and hands, so I'm utilized in the best way possible.

denace 11-01-2012 05:44 AM

I'm an awful skater at best ( working on that ) but my stickhandling is not bad at all, if I may say so. I try to be a playmaker, setting up plays for the more skilled players , and try to get into passinglanes to create turnovers. My passing isn't bad either, but it isn't a big effort because the skilled players are really good at positioning and cycling around the net.

My balance is non existent so a little shove will send me flying. I'm aiming to be a smooth skating pass first guy who uses his body to his advantage ( i'm 188 cm, 95 kg )

Frankie Spankie 11-01-2012 07:41 AM

I'm a decent skater. I have a lot of high end speed and there's few who can outskate me in a straight line but I can't pivot or turn nearly as well as the better guys. I always try to hustle but I'm not exactly in the best shape since hockey twice a week is really my only exercise but fortunately in beer leagues, that's pretty much what you go up against 90% of the time.

I am a big body though. I stand at 6'2" off skates and my legs have always been very strong (I played like 7 years of soccer as a kid then after that would play any sport with a small group of friends like football or wiffle ball or something). I know I am like a rock when I'm standing there so I just like to get in front of the net and screen the goalie. People usually get frustrated because they can't push me out of the way so they start hacking and throwing cross checks and then the refs call them for it. :laugh:

Typically speaking, I'm good for a point or two a game which isn't all that impressive when my team usually scores 5-10 goals a game. I do usually surprise a lot of people though because I make the "right hockey play" as a lot of teammates put it. I was never coached, I just learned from watching the pros, and some of the passes I make even throw my teammates off guard.

Kulluminati 11-01-2012 07:50 AM

I'm a speedy winger that is more at home in the offensive end. I like to carry the puck up in a break out and either draw in defense-men so a teammate can drive into the slot/net who can either receive my pass or make do of a rebound when I intentionally fire a low shot to produce one. Or if I feel like I got enough speed to catch the defense flatfooted I might try one of my few go-to dangles and get a shot on net. And, as a result of practicing over the Summer, I have unlocked what I believe to be a new level of snap shot mastery (still not amazing but a lot better than what it used to be) and it has made the chance of me scoring off of any given shot attempt quite a bit higher, which is always a good thing.

If we're already set up in the offensive zone I like to use what I believe to be my good hockey sense or sense of positioning lol. I tend to move around from one of the corners to behind the net or in front of the net, essentially going where I think I make my self a good option to pass to or where I can get a rebound or screen the goalie. With the puck, if I don't see a window to get a good shot off or get into the slot I will skate around to draw in defenders and then peel using the open space to make a pass. I also love having the puck behind the net, with so many options I feel as though there is always a genuine scoring chance on hand. Behind the net I can see almost everyone on the ice in one view and teammates are more free to try to maneuver there way into an open passing lane or I can do one of my trademark wraparounds that I have a knack for putting in the back of the net. Being a pretty small guy (5'9", 150lbs) I still find myself rubbing guys up against the boards or even trying to take my place in front of the net and manage to get my share of garbage goals and the occasional deflections (which I love).

In the defensive end I try to not leave my guys out to dry, by staying positionally aware and block passing lanes. I will keep my eyes on the slot and if an opponent for some reason finds them selves in the slot without any defensive coverage on him I will leave my post and come in and cover them. Also, if the defense is battling for the puck on my side (in the corner or something) I will come in and help dig the puck out and make a safe pass, ideally to someone who can initiate the break out.

Man, typing this out gave me the intense urge to play some ice hockey lol.

Trevor3 11-01-2012 09:26 AM

I'm a puck-moving defenceman. When I played minor hockey and high school I had a reputation for never making a mistake (with the puck that is, everyone loses their man and messes up their positioning on occasion, I was no different). My game was all about picking up the puck and making that first pass, starting the breakout and mounting the attack. I could always be relied on to get my job done, rarely anything flashy though. Always be responsible on the defensive side and use smart play. I was only 5"10, 160lbs in high school and when I played junior, so playing D without much size meant I had to be smart. You have to be a pain in the behind to play against. In front of the net and between whistles you have to chop guys when they aren't looking, sneak a spear on occassion, have some creative trash talk, basically draw guys into retaliation and penalties and make them forget about the play when they get close to you.

It doesn't mean playing dirty though. I won sportsmanlike player of the year my last 3 years and only had 2 PIMS over my last 2 seasons.

From time to time I'd like to carry it and lead the rush if I happened to catch people on a change. Problem is, I have no head for the offensive game and get lost inside the top of the circles of offensive zone. I'd usually get pushed to the outside, have to curl low and somehow end up skating backwards and trying to centre the puck... makes no sense.

Jarick 11-01-2012 09:35 AM

I'm a winger who loves to shoot. Average to above average straight line speed, above average hands, bread and butter is my shot. Defensive ability is pretty mediocre, passing is not great, and my on-ice vision is awful.

In the D zone, I like to cover my guy at the point and hope my team can get the puck to slide free to the boards. Love to chip it past the point and go. Don't mind blocking shots at all (they aren't too bad at our level) but always afraid of screening the goalie so I hesitate.

In the O zone, I need to get more involved in the play. If I'm on the weak side, I try and find an opening, but we aren't great at holding the puck and I'm almost never a factor. I should probably just go in and join the play more since it gives us better odds. If I have the puck, I like to try and make some openings and get it to the point along the boards or to a guy behind or in front of the net.

When I play defense, I am more of a puck rushing defenseman and usually do a decent job of breaking the puck out. In the O zone I LOVE to shoot from the point and have always worked to get a quicker shot off. But because I'm a smaller guy and my endurance sucks, I get exposed on long shifts or against skilled teams in our end. I play the rush fairly well on average.

berglund 11-01-2012 11:27 AM

I'm kind of slowish at skating. I tend to have really good deking skills (being tall definitely helps). I have a pretty decently hard shot and its very accurate but I don't tend to shoot. I would much rather deke the goalie until they fall and then miss the net than to just shoot and score (unless it's an important goal to win the game). I will also pass it way more than I score (probably a 10:1 assist to goal ratio over my career). I also play a very good defensive game (probably the best on my team as a forward every year) and kill penalties well.

Basically, Average skating Playmaking dangler.

tarheelhockey 11-01-2012 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by alatos (Post 55428203)
Personally, I suck pretty bad in all areas of the sport.

Brutal honesty, I like it :laugh:

Since I'm not great offensively, I try to focus on positional play and strong defense with a transition game. I probably block more shots than just about anybody in the league, and I'm one of the few wingers who will come all the way down to the crease to defend wide-open opponents who are left alone on the doorstep. Recently I've improved my instinct for staying a little higher in the defensive zone and providing proper passing outlets, which is helping with the offensive side of my game.

Gavy 11-01-2012 12:47 PM

I'm the guy that can stick handle in a phone booth. My one timer is really good but my wrist shot and snap shot are average. I am a really good skater with great footwork. For some reason I am terrible on breakaways and sometimes I am pretty hot and cold. I can always count on being able to dangle anybody out there but sometimes I have games where I just can't bury or hit the net or I make stupid passes to nowhere.

JR97 11-01-2012 01:03 PM

I'm old and in denial of that fact. In my younger days, I was the speedy little guy. Now that I'm 42, the speed is gone, hands are gone, and I'm still little. :rant:

The last few seasons I've been on D more than O. I rarely lead the rush out of the zone. I have an ok shot from the point. Mostly just try to get it in front and not blocked. I basically just stick to the mantra "conservative on O aggressive on D."

When I play forward, I'm usually a winger. I pass more than shoot. I'm pretty responsible defensively and think safety first rather than getting stuck deep every time. In the Park City league I'm still probably faster than most people. But in our County League I'm lucky to pull a way from anyone. I should probably shoot more as a forward. I have an ok shot but I can put the puck where I want most of the time.

Clarkington III 11-01-2012 02:28 PM

Speed kills and I have oodles of it. I also have better endurance than most of the players I play against so I make sure to keep working hard throughout the game and find that my speed can tire skaters out trying to keep up and I get more room as they loose gas.

My stickhandling needs work so I have a bigger bag of tricks, but right now it is enough to get by when I carry the puck with speed. I can also skate pretty well and utilize that a lot. Add in my size (6'2" 185) and I certainly do not shy away from contact.

When I play D, I am definitely an offense-minded puckmover that plays more of a rover type-game. The skating ability helps me recover from mistakes or from being out of position. The rare times I get to play forward, I am constantly moving looking for lanes to open up and am defensive responsible. Always try to be an example of how to backcheck fro the other forwards and open up for the outlet pass.

Once I can improve my stickhandling, I will be able to raise my game to another level.

Devil Dancer 11-01-2012 02:47 PM

By nature I am a small, speedy playmaking winger with a mediocre shot. I have pretty good vision and I'm usually a very good passer.

I'm the best forward on one of the teams I play on, so I don't pass as much as I might otherwise and I shoot a lot more. Most of my goals come from anticipating the play and being in the right spot, not from beating goalies with an awesome shot. I have worked on my backhand a lot, and I've started scoring with the backhand semi regularly on breakaways and in close to the net.

On my other team we really struggle on D, so I've started playing center and backchecking hard. I don't like it as much as playing wing, but I'm not bad at it.

ATLhockey437 11-01-2012 03:20 PM

puck moving offensive defenseman.

Jarick 11-01-2012 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by ATLhockey437 (Post 55444329)
puck moving offensive defenseman.

You guys along with strong stickhandling playmakers are really important. A guy who can start the breakout with a good pass and a guy who can draw defenders and make a good pass are just awesome.

leftwinger37 11-01-2012 03:41 PM

Whatever my team needs me to be and whatever the situation calls for.

ATLhockey437 11-01-2012 03:41 PM

Im glad someone realizes this. Family use to be Thrashers STH's so I learned a lot watching players like Savard and Slava Kozlov dance their way around people and then set up Kovy/Hossa for the easy goal. Kozlov was the only reason Todd White had that 70pts in the 08-09 season.

Ginger Jesus 11-01-2012 05:24 PM

Two way defenseman. I like to get in on the break, but I am always the first one back on D

Jackson12 11-01-2012 05:59 PM

dangle, snipe, celly.

STC 11-01-2012 06:13 PM

Relative to the competition I'm an elite playmaker. At 42 and after 7 back surgeries, the last of which left me with permanent nerve damage down my left leg, my speed is all but gone. I used to be the fastest guy on the ice, but now I'm closer to the slowest. But, I have great hands and vision and can dangle through 5 guys. In my over 30 league I've won 6 scoring titles in the last 8 seasons and am known as the premiere passer in the league. I don't have a hard shot, but am very accurate and have a great backhand which I score with quite a bit.

I love to cycle. On my main teams where I have great line mates we will cycle the offensive zone for an entire shift, constantly leaving the puck in the corner for each other until someone flashes open in the slot for a one timer.

I'm great on the rush where I have great patience and am great at buying time and space, pulling d-men out of position and waiting for teammates to fill the lanes and then delivering perfect passes to them.

Defensively is a word I can barely spell yet alone participate in. I put forth zero effort in my own zone where I usually just stand by a point man and wait for a chance to fly the zone. When the puck is in our zone I consider that an opportunity to rest. At my age and with my declining health I have to pick my spots and defense isn't one of them. Fortunately, I play with a great goalie and d-men so they don't really need me.

I can be tough on teammates who don't make smart hockey plays since I expect my guys to have their heads up and make the right plays and decisions.

alatos 11-01-2012 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Jackson12 (Post 55447997)
dangle, snipe, celly.


Man Bear Pig 11-01-2012 08:25 PM

Definitely a speedster, took power skating from age 3 on. I like to screen the goalies but since I took a few pucks off the face I shy away at times. Was always praised for my hockey IQ as well by coaches and other players although I don't see it tbh, pretty hard to self-proclaim that.

Fanned On It 11-02-2012 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig (Post 55451077)
Definitely a speedster, took power skating from age 3 on. I like to screen the goalies but since I took a few pucks off the face I shy away at times. Was always praised for my hockey IQ as well by coaches and other players although I don't see it tbh, pretty hard to self-proclaim that.

Right? I don't know if I "see the ice" well, but judging from people that I've played and what they tell me I am definitely above average for have only been playing for 2 years.

Jarick 11-02-2012 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by Jackson12 (Post 55447997)
dangle, snipe, celly.

That's how I play in my mind :laugh:

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