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Leafs For Life* 11-05-2012 12:31 AM

Your Opinion of Burke Thread
Carry on. And stop attacking/trolling/flaming/whatever was happening at the end of the last one. Everyone has their own opinions, but don't try to make up or skew facts.

And poll results were 155 Yes, 62 No.

Dark Knight 11-05-2012 01:01 AM

I hated some things he's done but I think the results will come, albeit not at the pace I'd have liked.

I have particularly liked his patience with the youngsters.

Keep him.

Aplayaz2000 11-05-2012 01:04 AM

people are too quick to judge... i mean hockey building doesn't take a night

rdawg1234 11-05-2012 01:21 AM

I would keep him yes.

If I were to rate him up until now I'd give him a 7.5/10.

he's built the defensive prospects up VERY well, the d-core is going to be really good within a couple years.

I dont know how anyone can say a top3 of Phaneuf, Reilly and Gardiner won't be able to match up against most if not all teams out there(if they reach their potential). Add in a shutdown d-man there and that's one of the best top 4's in the league IMO.

he's done a decent job of building the wings, Kessel is a great supporting elite star, JVR was great trade considering our defensive depth, lupul was a solid pickup.

He's done a mediocre job down the middle though, grabo is a solid #2 C, but I give him one more year to get that #1 C before I start getting mad.

Goaltending is always hard to predict, but I wouldnt say he's done all that well, in fairness I have a feeling Luongo is coming our way which I think is fantastic(gives us 3-4 years to find a true long-term #1 guy plus it possibly gives us deep playoff potential ).

I would've rated him higher if he didn't mess up in his first year, he definitely misjudged the team at first trading those picks and such, but after that he has added alot of prospects and I've never seen the marlies so stacked!

Still though I knew this year would be huge, with so many contracts being freed up and a couple big names going to UFA(Perry/Getz) I really want to see what he does with alot of room next summer. After that I'll make a full judgement on whether to get rid of him.

Whydidijoin* 11-05-2012 02:57 AM

We don't need another one of these threads. We didn't even need the other one which was the 100th of its kind, which isn't even done.

Disgruntled Observer* 11-05-2012 03:49 AM


Originally Posted by Aplayaz2000 (Post 55534957)
people are too quick to judge... i mean hockey building doesn't take a night

Same excuse could be made for every terrible GM in the entire history of all terrible GM's.

Building a team isn't some magical process where secret unknown things are happening for 5 years and then suddenly appearing out of nowhere is a competitive team.

No. It's not like that.

It's a work in progress than you can easily assess at every stage of the process.
You can look at it one year in and say "things are going pretty well." Or look at it 4 years in and say "this is a flat out disaster."
Here's a hint... if you're rebuilding a team, and after year 1 and 2 you don't have your first round ****ing picks, and then finish 2nd last and 9th ****ING last... well... we'll chalk that up as a "this is a flat out disaster".

I can understand the basic idea that some confused people may look at the current team and say "I think Burke's rebuild is going pretty well". At least they're assessing something tangible.

But I have absolutely no patience with people that say something as specious as "it's too early to tell".

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