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Fenway 11-10-2012 04:25 PM

Jeremy Jacobs had no intention of the season starting on November 2nd
There has been a lot of spin by both sides on who is to blame for the impasse. However it is now clear Jeremy Jacobs had no intention of starting on November 2nd.

Had the season started on 11/2 Jacobs would have had a problem.

On November 6th (Election Night) the Bruins were scheduled to host Minnesota. However Jacobs had 'donated' TD Garden to serve as the Romney 'war room' for a project known as ORCA.


There is no way Romney would have been in a situation that he had to move his command center on 2 weeks notice as this was his nerve center for the entire country.


But at Boston’s TD Garden, where 800 Romney workers were staffing phones and computers in coordination with the field workers to oversee the turnout, the surge in traffic was so great that the system didn’t work for 90 minutes, causing panic as staffers frantically tried to restore service. Some campaign workers also reported that they had incorrect PINS and had not been informed that they needed certification to work at polling places.

“The Garden definitely kind of buckled under the strain,” Zac Moffatt, the campaign’s digital director, confirmed in an interview. “The system wasn’t ready for the amount of information incoming.”



The system was not shared with officials outside a small group in Boston and was kept largely a secret until the immediate lead-up to Election Day. The system was beta-tested on its own but not within technical infrastructure of the Boston TD Garden, where the Romney campaign’s massive War Room was set up. That accounted for a number of the problems, officials conceded, even as they protested to POLITICO the depth of the Election Day meltdown.
Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories...#ixzz2BrMqLkrl


There is no way Romney could have moved this operation on short notice.


The beautiful irony is the touted TD Garden wi-fi system collapsed.

Bridges31 11-10-2012 04:43 PM


There's no direction for this thread to go but political. It has to be locked.

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