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SwedenRulez 09-20-2003 02:49 PM

Juris Stals
What do you think about this guy?

I read in a Montreal newspaper that he is having a good camp, but I never heard anything about him?

Laperriere22* 09-20-2003 05:38 PM

I noticed him a lot tonight. His skating needs a lot of work, but I liked his playmaking ability. He also planted Tomas Holmstrom with what might have been a late hit; I'll have to rewind the tape to be sure. But, it's Holmstrom; so, no one besides the Wings and Wings fans is going to cry about that. He didn't seem to see as much ice time in the 3rd, but the Rangers took so many penalties tonight that that was the main reason he saw less time throughout the game. If this kid could skate, I'd say he was on the verge of a job. But, that skating is going to hold him back for awhile, no doubt about it.

Edit: That hit was definitely a late one. The puck had been gone awhile by time he put the hit on. Still, it's just Holmstrom and not many people (including myself) are going to give a rat's ass about him. What goes around comes around. And it finally came around for Holmstrom.

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