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x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:24 PM

Bluth Company 360 GM League Discussion/Signup Thread PT 6: UPDATED RULES

Around late July/Early August I was in 3 GM leagues. In every league i noticed the same thing. Everyone trades away nearly half their team. I was completely guilty of this as well. Oddly enough, i seemed to be the only one who thinks picks and prospects have little value in this game mode when you consider we'll only most likely be playing 4-6 seasons for NHL 13 and even Elite Prospects start out in the 60's.

I became weary that in about a month when the winners and the losers start to become more separated that people wouldn't want to stick with a losing team and they'll end up quitting. This isn't including the people who chose the Blue Jackets, Islanders, Coyotes etc...teams that you have to know a rebuild is necessary before you pick them. These people will probably stay regardless. But the guys who chose the average/good teams who trade away large chunks of their roster and either...

a) aren't very good at the game and get frustrated

b) simply get bored with the game mode and stop playing/quit

...well these guy's teams will have to be replaced. Are people really going to want to join a Connected league in December when they chose a team and the roster isn't even recognizable? When all the players they associate a team with are gone? When a team has gone from a Playoff Contender to a team in Rebuild? Everyone might as well be doing random rosters if thats the case. I've also seen A LOT of really bad/lopsided trades (again, guilty myself) that while seemingly fine to the GM's currently involved, might not be ok and might even be terrible for the next GM to pick up the team.

When i created this league almost 2 months ago, i had all of these things in mind. Now, 2 months removed from then, i've seen a lot, if not most of these HF Boards GM Leagues either terribly inactive or completely shut down. I wanted to make a league that was immune to these processes. That offered a realistic experience for everyone. That kept things fresh for all 30 GMs involved through offering challenges and consistency day in and day out.

Drop outs are inevitable. These leagues probably wont be as fun for the people who are in the bottom 10 and realize they'll be stuck there 30 games into the season. My goal with limiting trades is that so when people do drop out (which will happen) the new people who join will still have a team they are semi-familiar with instead of a fantasy roster with NHL jerseys. If people dont drop out and decide to stick it out, they'll be rewarded with higher draft picks (obviously) but they'll also be rewarded with time to see their high draft picks become useful NHL players due to the amount of games i'll be simming. This means that there is usually a constant influx/outflux of GMs to this league. Which in turn means that anyone on my reserve list is nearly guranteed a team in a very short period of time. I only want the most active GMs in my league of course so i'm constantly weeding out inactive GMs.

If you're an aspiring member to The Bluth Company, this is my league. Welcome to it. Below are the rules that separate The Bluth Company from the rest...


-Game Schedule: 2 weeks=3 real days schedule, games will be played for 4 weeks, 6 real days, and then i will sim the 3rd 2 week, 3 real day period. This means that roughly 1/3rd of our season will be involuntarily simmed. This will be done so we can fit in a few more seasons and hopefully play about 7-9 seasons instead of 4-6. It has become a great blend of being both a talented player, and intelligent GM. With this extra seasons that are now allowed, growing your prospects for the future is now equally as important as utilizing your current players to their full potential.

Playing Your Opponent's CPU: In the Bluth Company we have a 3 day sim period that covers 2 weeks of NHL Games. GMs have 2 days to schedule their games. On the 3rd day, ONLY if you have made a honest effort to schedule a game with your opponent, either through HF Boards messaging or Xbox, can you then play your opponent's computer.

Messaging your opponents: Message your opponents! Its an almost statistical certainty that if you message all of your opponents you will get all or most of your games in that block and it is a Requirment for League Participation

2) When you message your opponents, all you need to do is the following...

-Go to the 1st page of either this thread or the Trade/Lineup thread
-Click the HF Username of your opponent, its a hyperlink to their PM Box
-Send them a message that looks like this...


Hey man i have you on my schedule this period. I'm available (Central Time)..
Today: 2:30-11pm
Wednesday: 9pm-11pm
Thursday: 11am-2pm, 8pm-11pm

Let me know which time works best for you

This is a league requirement. GMs not doing this will be subjected to other, active, GMs playing their team's CPU and/or be removed from the league due to inactivity. This is a League Rule because i automatically sim 1/3rd of the season already. That is the amount of games i've decided is the appropriate blend of actual skill at the game vs skill of managing your team. When you dont play your games, and force me to sim them, you're adding to the amount of simmed games per season, which disrupts the "Balance" of Play Skill vs GM skill.

================================================== ==
DNF vs CPU: From now on, your DNF vs CPU is never allowed to be higher than 0%. If this happens, you'll be given 1 warning. After that warning, i'll kick you from the league again, resetting your DNF vs CPU back to 0%. If it goes above 0% again, you lose the privilege to play CPU games for the rest of the season. If your DNF vs CPU goes above 0% at any point after that, you'll lose the ability to play CPU games for as long as your in The Bluth Company.
================================================== ==

-No trade can involve more than 4 Roster Players (combined from both teams)
-No trade can involve more than 6 total pieces (combined from both teams)

-GMs are allowed Two Trades Per Season. The specific Injury, Offseason, Regular Season, and Deadline moves have all been removed. Yes, even the Injury Trade. These two trades can be used at any time from Day 1 of the Offseason until the Trade Deadline.

This is the rule that both directly and indirectly separates this league from the rest. Trades are supposed to be a big deal. A trade is the literal removal of assets from your team in place of other assets in order to make the team better. Its not something that real GMs take lightly. The success of their team and their jobs depend on how well their decisions pan out. One of the major reasons so many other leagues unfortunately dont work out is because people get so excited about making trades that they forget their team needs, how close their team is to a cup, how these deals will impact their present and future. This isn't the case in The Bluth Company because of the above mentioned rules. GMs will have had two seasons to shape their team, to manage their cap, and plan for a Cup run or Rebuild.

Tanking: Any GM caught "Tanking" or trying to lose games on purpose, will be removed from the league, no questions asked.
Additional Bluth Company Rules: Effective Immediately

1) Franchise Player Rule:

There have been 27 Superstar caliber players moved in just two seasons in the Bluth Company. This is both highly unrealistic and removes the identity of many NHL teams. The Franchise Player Rule states that any trade involving a Franchise Player will only be approved by the Commissioner if I deem the value to be a significant enough of an overpayment to justify the trade.

Backup Goalie Rule:

Effective immediately, All teams are required to start their backup goalie atleast 10 Games in the regular season. EA didn't take goalie fatigue into the equation and as it is now, its extremely easy to have your goalie start 82 games without consequence. Goalies can be put in during double advances or be used in actual games.

Failure to do this will cost a GM a 2nd round pick in the next draft.
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All Trade/Lineup Discussion will be done in the Universal Trade/Lineup Thread PT 1
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x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:24 PM


http://1.cdn.nhle.com/rangers/images/logos/medium.png - Rangers-Jack de la Hoya--->Gamertag: Jhoya
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/penguins/images/logos/medium.png - Penguins-matt1396--->Gamertag: brown man power
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/flyers/images/logos/medium.png - Flyers-Gary83--->Gamertag: Gary Garoo (???)
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/devils/images/logos/medium.png - Devils-Chessarmy--->Gamertag: Chessarmyx28
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/islanders/images/logos/medium.png- Islanders-cbenini87--->Gamertag: TheRealCBenini
================================================== ====================================
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/bruins/images/logos/medium.png - Bruins-DoubleK81--->Gamertag: DoubleK1281
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/senators/images/logos/medium.png - Senators-HaliMooseHeads--> Gamertag: Vnecker
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/sabres/images/logos/medium.png - Sabres-Stockey--->Gamertag: Stockey10
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/mapleleafs/ima...gos/medium.png - Maple Leafs-gunnerdom--->Gamertag: ejaculine78
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/canadiens/images/logos/medium.png - Canadiens-CHamps--->Gamertag: oftoronto
================================================== ====================================
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/panthers/images/logos/medium.png - Panthers-jsolari11--->Gamertag: JSolari11
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/capitals/images/logos/medium.png - Capitals-Evolu7ion--->Gamertag:iiEleva7e
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/lightning/images/logos/medium.png - Lightning-dbridge92--->Gamertag: Bicktacular
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/jets/images/logos/medium.png - Jets-Couto 10--->Gamertag: plodee34
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/hurricanes/ima...gos/medium.png - Hurricanes- 4EDM14OIL93 --->Gamertag: XxFALLEN13xX
================================================== ====================================



x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:25 PM


http://1.cdn.nhle.com/blues/images/logos/medium.png - Blues-stevezz-Gamertag:stevezz09
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/predators/images/logos/medium.png - Predators-xvx santillo--->Gamertag: xvx Santillo
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/redwings/images/logos/medium.png - Red Wings-jesusprice89--->Gamertag: antttt89
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/blackhawks/ima...gos/medium.png - Blackhawks-xX Hot Fuss--->Gamertag xX BO0TY Sweat
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/bluejackets/im...gos/medium.png - Blue Jackets-Slightlystewpid420-->Gamertag: sensiXsensei420
================================================== ====================================
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/canucks/images/logos/medium.png - Canucks-Millw00d--->Gamertag: millw00d80 (O's are zeros)
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/flames/images/logos/medium.png - Flames-jeffbokan--->Gamertag: Gary Raiinbow
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/avalanche/images/logos/medium.png - Avalanche-Avsfan89--->Gamertag: AdamRadical
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/wild/images/logos/medium.png - Wild-dunner--->Gamertag: GunnerDunner
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/oilers/images/logos/medium.png - Oilers-Nick1219--->Gamertag: Nick1219
================================================== ====================================
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/coyotes/images/logos/medium.png - Coyotes-ArGarBarGar--->Gamertag: ArGarBarGar
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/sharks/images/logos/medium.png - Sharks-TheFadedLine--->Gamertag:Twenty8savesL8r
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/kings/images/logos/medium.png - Kings-SubdrewgANS--->Gamertag: SubdrewgANS
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/stars/images/logos/medium.png - Dallas-Harold Druken--->Gamertag: Harold Druken
http://1.cdn.nhle.com/ducks/images/logos/medium.png - Ducks-HabsIslesFan--->Gamertag: MacMillanKen88

x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:26 PM


Stanley Cup: :jets
President's Trophy: :sabres
Clarence S. Compbell: :wings
Prince of Wales:TBD :jets

Art Ross: Alexander Ovechkin
Hart Memorial: Alexander Ovechkin
Norris: Erik Johnson
Lady Byng: Matt Duchene
Calder: Brandon Saad
Conne Smythe: Marcus Johansson

Vezina: Ryan freaking Miller
Jennings: Kari Lehtonen

Masterton: Erik Karlsson
Selke: Jonathan Toews
Ted Lindsay: Alexander Ovechkin
Maurice Richard: Alexander Ovechkin

bluth company 2014 gm connected wishlist

================================================== =================


Stanley Cup: TBD
President's Trophy: :wings
Clarence S. Compbell: :wings
Prince of Wales: :panthers

Art Ross: Alexander Ovechkin
Hart Memorial: TBD
Norris: TBD
Lady Byng: TBD
Calder: TBD
Conne Smythe: TBD
Vezina: TBD
Jennings: Markstrom

Masterton: TBD
Selke: TBD
Ted Lindsay: TBD
Maurice Richard: Alexander Ovechkin

bluth company 2014 gm connected wishlist

Bluth Company Wishlist


Originally Posted by matt1396 (Post 55447601)
1.) Live Draft
2.) Spectator mode
3.) Practice mode
4.) trade rumors like in NHL 11 or 12 (i.e. if a team sends a trade offer to another team about a player, it might say that team X is shopping a top 3 winger or something like that)


Originally Posted by CHamps (Post 55454075)
5.) have the ability to exceed the cap in the offseason and come back within it before the regular season (like...yknow, real life)
6.) not have AHLers/juniors count against your NHL cap in the offseason
7.) better visual indication of your opponents being on/offline
8.) as a commissioner (which I am elsewhere), be able to check that all human controlled teams have played their games

9) Have ability to see User W/L and Sim W/L splits
10) Have ability to resign/release/buyout players during regular season
11) Have ability to block inquiries regarding Nino Niederreiter

12) Faster Menus (how has THIS not been brought up yet?!)
13) There should be banner raising ceremonies for the CUP Winner every year

14) Ability to trade Injured Players
15) An active Game Ticker that shows updated scores of current games going on in the league
16) Ability for Commissioner to Approve trades at the "Trade Details" screen, instead of having to go back and forth with terrible menus
17) Ability to track Prospect Progression and see detailed scouting reports for prospects
18) Allow to change a players position. For example if a player is listed as a Center in the game, but you play him as a LW.. let us be able to change their default position so when the computer sims and does best lines, they stay at their position.
19) Allow GM's to be able to look at overall and attributes of players on the waiver wire from the waiver screen.
20) A player attribute projection system.. allow us to see what a player on our rosters overall will roughly be for the next season.. this would be especially useful when re-signing players to see who we would want to re-sign or let walk to FA.
21) Fix the Waiver System. As it works currently, CPU controlled teams and/or GM Controlled teams during Double Advances will send good NHLers/Prospects through the Waiver system due to injury (Nyquist, Biron, Reimer etc..). Even if the "fix" to this is simply not allowing CPU teams to use Claim or Place players on waivers.
22) Player Progression during the season. Player progression shouldn't happen only during the offseason
23) Ability to see the future schedule for your GM connected team

24) Stop reverting to "Best Lines" whenever a player is injured. Just make that injured spot "unfilled". We shouldn't have to spend 5 minutes reseting our lines because one player gets injured.

x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:27 PM

Alright, here's what i've been thinking about as far as next offseason goes...

Managing Cap Space:
-What happened with Montreal and New York this past offseason, that wont be happening again. Every GM now knows how the NHL Salary Cap and Organization Salary Cap now work. All of this information is easily available in the contract screen. However, you will have to add the salaries of the "In The System" players to your Cap space as well.

I cant fault MTL and NYR this offseason because neither I nor them had any idea how this was going to work. However, now that we do know, its the GM Responsibility to manage their cap space. This is such a huge part of being a GM in real life and it should play an equally important role in NHL 13. If you dont have cap space to sign your players then you dont have cap space. Thats a very real occurence in the real NHL (see 2010 Blackhawks)

Strict Schedule:
Easily the biggest offseason issue was Boston losing Lucic and Marchand to Free Agency. This happened largely in part due to the loose schedule i had for the offseason, which was caused by a total lack of understanding on how many sim periods were involved in the offseason. I got over anxious, wanted to get things done as quickly as possible so to allow GMs to get back to the regular season ASAP. This was a mistake. The Offseason is an important process and i need to treat it as such. This is how the offseason will be broken down from now on...

AP=Advance Period

AP 1: This is during the Stanley Cup Finals round. In this AP, all GMs are required to set their Draft Priority

Day 1-->AP 2 (June 26th): After the SCFs are finished, i'll be simming all the way up THROUGH the Draft. Bringing us to the first eligible day to send contracts to our UFAs and RFAs. GMs will then have 24 hours to submit their offers.

*I have 2-3 more advances inbetween here that i may use for the most active GMs to immediately see if their players signed or not

Day 2-->AP 3 (June 29th): I'll then advance the schedule again, bringing us to June 27th. At this point, GMs will then have another 12 hours to submit counter offers to their players if they have rejected them.

Day 2-->AP 4 (July 1st): I'll then advance the schedule again, bringing us all the way through to July 1st. GMs will be given an additional 12 hours to manage any freak occurences that happened during AP 2 & 3.

Day 3-->AP 5 (July 2nd): I'll then advance the schedule to July 2nd, which will be the Official 1st day of Free Agency. During this time period, GMs will have 24 hours to submit offers to any player they like. Any and all players not signed by GMs i.e. lost to Free Agency, are available to any and all GMs.

Day 4-->AP 6 (July 3rd): Gms will be given until sometime the next night to send any further offers they wish to send.

Day 4-->AP 7 (October 3rd): Free Agency will have been finished. The Regular Season will have begun.

***Throughout this entire process, i'll be expecting GMs to send me "Confirmation" PMs telling me they've submitted their contracts

..This will be done because if (IF) every GM has submitted their offers i'll be able to advance to the next AP earlier than listed. Early Advances will only happen if every GM has submitted a PM to me.===============================================

Free Agency:
Free Agency needs to be a real thing in this league. It doesn't exist just as a process for me to sim through. Its designed for other GMs to be given a chance to improve their teams. Especially since i put a limit on trades, Free Agency offers a potential league shakeup and boost to other teams.

I will not, NOT be lenient next offseason. My schedule is going to be very strict. GMs are going to have to pay attention and be active during this time period because its not fair to the rest of the league for an entire process like this to be ignored due to your inactivity. This means you have to get on xbox live, and send GOODcontracts in a timely manner and do whatever you need to do in order to sign your players. Any players that fall to Free Agency...thats just too damn bad. If Toews and Kane BOTH for some reason just refuse to sign with Chicago and/or i cannot afford their cap hits (EVEN due to the "In the System" effect) then that means i lose Toews and Kane.

In Summary:
The Offseason is going to be a 4 Day Process. Yes, it sucks. I know it sucks. I want to get back to playing games just as much as you all do. But unless EVERY GM sends me a PM, consider this the schedule. I cannot stress this enough. It is your responsibility to...

1) Manage your Cap Space
2) Follow the above mentiond Schedule
3) Be Active and knowledgeable about the ongoings of the league during this time

x Tame Impala 11-29-2012 12:31 PM

Dont post in this thread until PT 5 Reaches 1000 posts

SUBdrewgANS 11-29-2012 12:52 PM

*possibly reserving?*

SUBdrewgANS 11-29-2012 12:53 PM

*possibly reserving again?*

Stockey 11-30-2012 08:04 PM


x Tame Impala 11-30-2012 08:18 PM

Rangers contact info updated

ArGarBarGar 12-01-2012 01:30 AM

I think I need to play some Coyotes in "Play Now" mode, this time off keeps making me forget I am GM of two teams.

x Tame Impala 12-01-2012 01:49 PM

Really wish it didn't take me 5 minutes just to cycle from Chicago's contract screen to Montreal's

Jack de la Hoya 12-01-2012 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss (Post 56164387)
Really wish it didn't take me 5 minutes just to cycle from Chicago's contract screen to Montreal's

Yeah. I was trying to figure out where certain players were, then I just gave up until the trade screen is an option. :laugh:

x Tame Impala 12-01-2012 02:08 PM

I usually have just been going into the "Player Stats" screen to look up players attributes but that doesn't tell me Cap hit and contract duration, which is what i'm equally concerned with.

avsfan89 12-01-2012 03:00 PM

you guys can actually set up your draft priority right now before playoffs are over, just gotta go to the gm options!

Gary83* 12-01-2012 03:08 PM

Wish you could access trade player option right now. Makes things do much easier!

x Tame Impala 12-01-2012 03:29 PM

You can set your draft priority as soon as the playoffs start...or when you're eliminated from the playoffs

avsfan89 12-01-2012 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss (Post 56166311)
You can set your draft priority as soon as the playoffs start...or when you're eliminated from the playoffs

ahh memories

x Tame Impala 12-03-2012 08:29 AM

Here's the write up for the potential new Franchise Player Rule...


Franchise Player Rule: I made a mistake in the first few weeks of this league and i let players be traded away that would, under no realistic circumstances, be traded away. In the first season alone the following players were moved:

Hedman, Lehtonen, Benn, Hossa, Evander Kane, Myers, RNH, Fowler, Parise, Reilly, M. Koivu, Benn (again), Weber, Zetterberg, Malkin, Eriksson, Phaneuf, and Morrow

In Season Two:

Couture, Lehtonen (again), Couturier, Fleury, Huberdeau, Larsson, RNH (again), Couturier (again), and Bergeron

Everyone on this list would most likely never be moved in real life. Including players who appear twice on this list, thats 27 superstar players and prospects that have been traded in two seasons. Hardly realistic. When i started this league one of the main premises behind the "Trade Limit Rule" was that i wanted teams to maintain their identities roster wise. I've done a terrible job managing this so far. All of the players listed above are Franchise Players i.e. teams build around them and they would only trade them for extreme overpayments or to fill a massive whole in their roster (even then most likely no).

The Franchise Player Rule: Prohibits GMs from trading players on this list away for 4 seasons, or until they reach Free Agency. These players can only be traded by approval from myself and it will require an extreme overpayment to do so. Trades involving Franchise Players are subject to a higher set of standards from myself than other trades and i'm very, very unlikely to approve them.

The following players are "Franchise Players" in my eyes:

Parise, Getzlaf and Perry (since ANH GM chose to re-sign them), Sequin, *Chara, Hamilton, Lucic, Jordan and Eric Staal, Tyler Myers, Shinkaruk, Toews, Kane, Keith, RNH, Duchene, Hedman, E. Johnson, Malkin, Hossa, *Datsyuk, Weber, Hall, Yakupov, Markstrom, Quick, Kopitar, Doughty, Benn, Fowler, Suter, Couture, Subban, Price, Pacioretty, Kovalchuck, *Zetterberg, Tavares, Ryan, Nash, Lundqvist, Karlsson, Spezza, Giroux, OEL, Eberle, Crosby, Letang, Burns, Bergeron, Huberdeau, Stamkos, Kessel, Sedin, Sedin, Bogosian, Ladd, Ovechkin, Backstrom (C), E. Kane, Larsson

Yes, 60 players is a lot, but in the real NHL there isn't a realistic scenario where most, if not all of these guys are traded.
Let me know what you all think

Jack de la Hoya 12-03-2012 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss (Post 56205419)
Here's the write up for the potential new Franchise Player Rule...

Let me know what you all think

Some of those names aren't like the others, no?

M. Reilly is a fine prospect--but hardly a franchise caliber-player in NHL 13 (GM Connected). Shinkaruk would fall into the same category. Columbus could have traded that pick, right? Because of the way the offseason advances, don't they then have to be allowed to trade the prospect?

As to the past list, I don't think a guy like Brendan Morrow really qualifies either. He's frequently the subject of real-life trade rumors.

I was and remain a bit skeptical of the "franchise" player thing in Sitwell, so I'm probably not the most neutral observer here. I'm also new, and I'm more than happy to go along with whatever is decided.

But it seems to me that, if we are going to use something like this, there needs to be a much narrower definition of "franchise" player that takes into account age as well as contract status. Datsyuk will be 36 next season, no? Obviously Detroit is one of the better players in this league, but if, for example, he was forced to drop out, and a lesser player (such as myself :laugh:) took over and fell out of the playoff hunt, is it really that much of a stretch to suggest that an aging superstar could be dealt to jump-start the rebuild?

It seems to me that to qualify as a "franchise" player, they should have to actually be elite players in their prime--not superstars on the decline, or superstar prospects on the rise.

x Tame Impala 12-03-2012 08:51 AM


Sorry, i put asterisks next to Chara, Dats, and Zetterberg but i forgot to say why! I do think that if i player gets past 35 years old they can be traded. Iginla has probably been shopped for a while. Had Ottawa not turned their season around (in real life) i'm sure Alfredson could've been dealt to a contender too. BUT if i make an exception for older players, part of that exception would have to be that they're ONLY traded to Playoff teams. A Superstar player thats been with a team forever isn't going to want to be traded to some team picking 6th overall in real life.

dunner 12-03-2012 09:02 AM

TBH I think it's a little to late to implement this rule. If it would have been applied at the very beginning of the league it would have my 100% support and if you look at my Sitwell comments you can see that I tried very hard to not have Franchise players moved. I just don't think it's a good move right now because franchise players have already been moved and I feel the reason the rule would be in place would have been to keep teams fully recognizable. For example RNH is not your franchise player and will never be, he will be known to all general public as an Edmonton franchise player and the same for myself and Couture he is not a Minnesota Wild franchise player. I'm pretty sure neither of us are moving these players anyway but the teams have already been defaced enough that it makes little sense to try and limit it any further. Good Gm's are not thinking of moving their primed aged stars anyway even if your rebuilding you don't trade away a 25 year old superstar, because he will still be a superstar 5 years later, this is why it took Columbus a dog's age to finally trade Nash. Anyway that's my 2 cents.

x Tame Impala 12-03-2012 09:11 AM

You make sense Dunner but i still dont like seeing 20ish Franchise players traded around the league in 2 seasons.

chessarmy 12-03-2012 09:49 AM

Parise, Getzlaf and Perry (since ANH GM chose to re-sign them), Sequin, *Chara, Hamilton, Lucic, Jordan and Eric Staal, Tyler Myers, Shinkaruk, Toews, Kane, Keith, RNH, Duchene, Hedman, E. Johnson, Malkin, Hossa, *Datsyuk, Weber, Hall, Yakupov, Markstrom, Quick, Kopitar, Doughty, Benn, Fowler, Suter, Couture, Subban, Price, Pacioretty, Kovalchuck, *Zetterberg, Tavares, Ryan, Nash, Lundqvist, Karlsson, Spezza, Giroux, OEL, Eberle, Crosby, Letang, Burns, Bergeron, Huberdeau, Stamkos, Kessel, Sedin, Sedin, Bogosian, Ladd, Ovechkin, Backstrom (C), E. Kane, Larsson

The bolded have either been traded before, been involved in trade rumors, or aren't (in my opinion) good enough to be recognized as franchise players who wouldn't ever be moved.

I like the idea in theory, but I think it should just be one franchise guy (maybe the top rated player) on each team that you're really strict about. I think high rated prospects and aging vets don't really belong on this list.

x Tame Impala 12-03-2012 10:13 AM

Huberdeau, Bogosian

Originally Posted by chessarmy (Post 56206529)
The bolded have either been traded before, been involved in trade rumors, or aren't (in my opinion) good enough to be recognized as franchise players who wouldn't ever be moved.

I like the idea in theory, but I think it should just be one franchise guy (maybe the top rated player) on each team that you're really strict about. I think high rated prospects and aging vets don't really belong on this list.

Jordan Staal: Just signed a 10 year, $60 million dollar deal to play with his brother in the top 6 of the Hurricanes. He's not going anywhere.

Jamie Benn: He's the 1C of the Stars in real life, and he's the Kings best LW in Bluth. He's as good a powerforward as you can get in NHL 13

Suter: Just signed a $100 million dolar deal to be the #1D for the Wild. The Wild made him (and Parise) a part of the Wild's identity in July. Not to mention, also really good in this game. He's as much a franchise Dman as Keith IMHO

Couture: 86 Overall, disgusting offense, really fast. He's a franchise player in San Jose to replace Thornton. Minnesota traded for him in Bluth to be his Franchise 1C. He's not going anywhere

Burns: 6'5" and skates like Keith, real life and Bluth. The Sharks would never trade him in real life

OEL: Arguably the best young Dman in the NHL. Crazy potential in NHL 13, he is absolutely the face of the Coyotes.

Bergeron: Why do i even need to explain this? Just won a Selke, won a cup, probably the 3rd best Faceoff man in the NHL. Really good speed and amazing two way play. The Bruins would never trade him. He's a franchise player now because the Blues traded for him to be a speedier 1C

Huberdeau: The Panther's best forward prospect, that franchise is relying on him to carry their offense. The Blue's aren't going to trade him as he's expected to be the same thing for them.

Bogosian: He's the jets #1 Dman. No reason at all to trade him

Franchise Players that have been traded before in Bluth are still Franchise players on their new teams

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