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ICdave 12-10-2012 09:25 AM

Week of December 10th - 16th: Sunday Papers
Sunday, December 16th Jets, CBA, NHL & World Junior news

Jets & Affiliate news:

Calgary Herald: Mark Scheifele on the move for the Juniors. Team Canada is putting a lot of faith in Scheifele being able to make the transition to the wing.

TSN: Telegin scores in overtime to help IceCaps defeat Falcons. Despite giving up a late goal, the IceCaps were able to bounce back quickly. After losing the last 5 games, the Caps finally got their first December win.

Reporter Herald: Colorado Eagles win with just 12 skaters. The team was able to bounce back after Friday’s loss and have had a very good December. The Eagles have won 5 of their last 6 games.

CBA news:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: De-certification vote starts today. And now the NHLPA plays their hand. NHLPA board needs two-thirds vote of players to begin process of disbanding.

Globe and Mail: NHL files class-action suit against players’ union. In case you missed this news the league is taking some per-emptive action against the NHLPA.

World Juniors:

Montreal Gazette: Subban, Binnington to compete in nets. Still up in the air for the selection of the starter.

CBC: Team Canada finishes practice, heads to Russia. Lockout or no lockout, the players are off to Mother Russia.

National Post: US star Seth Jones could obstruct Canada’s golden view. It would be a mistake for anyone to hand the gold medal to Team Canada just yet. The US squad is quite formidable.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

ICdave 12-11-2012 09:16 AM

Monday Papers
Monday, December 10th Jets, CBA and General NHL news

Jets & Affiliate news:

NHL cancels games through Dec 30. 6 Jets games affected. 3 home (PIT, CBJ, BUF) & 3 away (BOS, PIT, EDM). Dec 31 v. TBAY still scheduled.

Winnipeg Free Press: Hainsey not near as soft off the ice. He has been a leader in the PA negotiations. Do you blame him for the stance he has taken?

TSN Radio 1290: Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel joins the Rona Roundtable at noon. It might not be one of his entertaining pre-game press conferences but if you’ve missed hearing from the Jets coach he will be joining the guys for an hour today.

The Telegram: IceCaps in need of finishing school. While it is admirable that coach McCambridge is not making excuses, the fact of the matter is the sick bay in St. John’s is practically looking like the starting lineup. To his credit he is not using this as justification for his team’s poor play.

Reporter Herald: Colorado Eagles finish right. One of the keys for this squad is maintaining consistency and not resting on the satisfaction that a pair of weekend road victories may have brought. Coach Chris Stewart needs to ensure that his guys are ready to go for tomorrow night’s game against Las Vegas back on home ice.

CBA news:

Toronto Star: Remember when the players ruled the roost? Perhaps it is time that both sides forgot history of who won which negotiation and just focused on what is best way for teams to make money and for players to continue earning large salaries. And with the ability to carve up a 3 billion dollar pie, there is plenty to go around for everyone.

National Post: Latest collapse in negotiations just another part of theatrics. It is at this point in the negotiations (or really 3 months ago) that I’d like to hit the fast forward button and just get to the end of the show.

Edmonton Journal: Players should be mindful that American NHL jobs are in danger. Adler argues that owners know exactly what they are doing, even those clubs considered to be in poor markets for hockey.

Montreal Gazette: Time for Bettman, Fehr to get busy. No problem seeing what side of the divide Jack Todd puts himself. One thing he is right about however is the need to stop with the propaganda and for both sides to get down to some real negotiating.

Globe and Mail: Owners are all out of tricks. Would like to think that those owners have better things to do with their time than to fly down to New York and take part in a charade. Are you getting the feeling that the owners, the players, both or neither side are dragging their feet at this late hour?

NHL news:

Montreal Gazette: CCM looking to the future. Once again CCM has a chance to spread their message to a significant number of youth players as resources that might have been spent on NHL sponsorship are allocated.

World Junior news:

Globe and Mail: Canada has a ‘Plan B’ in case the lockout is resolved. It is always a nice feeling knowing that your ‘B’ team can still compete with other countries ‘A’ teams. You can bet Hockey Canada’s senior director of operations Scott Salmond is checking the news daily to find out the latest lockout news.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

Illegal Curve Hockey Show replay:

Part 1: The latest on CBA negotiations. The proposed lengths of a potential CBA agreement. The five year limit on contracts. The compliance issue. Interview with Jamie MacLennan of TSN and author of “Best Seat in the House”. Ron Hainsey’s role in CBA negotiations and the effect it may have on his playing career.

Part 2: Is the NHL as unified as they say they are? How many games need to be played for it to be a legitimate season? Interview with Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area. Mark Scheifele and the World Junior Hockey Championship. Rapid Fire. Interview with Constantine aka @Jetsxoxo. Cheers & Jeers.

ICdave 12-12-2012 09:21 AM

Tuesday Papers
Tuesday, December 11th Jets, CBA and General NHL news

Jets & Affiliate news:

USA Today: Mark Stuart has signed to play for the Florida Everblades in ECHL. He is getting back into some game action immediately as his new team plays in Cincinnati Wednesday evening.

Winnipeg Free Press: Practicing with professionals. While it is nice to see coach Noel helping out minor hockey in this province, I’m sure everyone would prefer to see him behind the bench.

Winnipeg Sun: Coach Claude Noel can’t wait to get going. The Jets bench boss sounded like he relished the opportunity to speak to reporters, which is an indication that the lockout needs to end or that the Mayans were right and the World is coming to an end next week.

Winnipeg Sun: Coach has eye on the game. Just as the players have had an opportunity to refine their game during the lockout, the Jets coach has not sat back and enjoyed the time off from the game. He continues to push his development as a coach while he waits for the lockout to get resolved.

Illegal Curve: Coach Noel press conference (audio). In case you’d like to hear the coach for yourself we have the full audio interview available.

Illegal Curve: NHL cancels games through Dec. 30th. This will impact Jets fans for 3 home games and a total of 6 games cancelled.

Winnipeg Free Press: Hainsey not near as soft off ice. I added this article late yesterday so in case you missed it, Gary defends Hainsey’s right to be the Jets rep at the CBA negotiations. He suggests if fans want to boo Hainsey it should be because of his soft play last season and not his current union stance. Do you agree or disagree with this position? Can you remove the emotion of CBA negotiations with how you feel about Hainsey on this team.

Reporter Herald: Colorado’s Cody Sol gets a chance at AHL level. The bruising Sol who led the Eagles in PIM (93 in 21 games) is getting just his 2nd chance in the AHL with yesterday’s call-up from Colorado of the ECHL.

The Coloradoan: Resilient Daavettila refused to have hockey dreams dashed. It makes you appreciate what players do to achieve their goals. While everyone recognizes the NHL as the pivotal achievement for a player, many are able to scratch out nice lives for themselves in leagues such as the ECHL.

CBA news:

ESPN: Talks set for Wednesday. When will the talking ever end? And where is the secret location? Wonder if our good friend Jetsxoxo has managed to broker this meeting.

Globe and Mail: Sides have different views of progress. Never was this more clear than last Thursday with Donald Fehr proclaiming sides were close only to have Gary Bettman say the exact opposite was the case. Perhaps these two will get on the same page and start speaking the same language soon so they can go about salvaging the season.

Vancouver Sun: Manny Malhotra has had it with labour talks. It must take a significant amount of fortitude to be able to endure the mind numbing meetings engaging in CBA negotiations.

Sportsnet: NHL fans plot practical new boycott. While these boycotts may get the attention of the media, I think the principals in this story are completely ignoring the story. In addition I just don’t think it will resonate with fans sufficiently. We have yet to see one boycott really take off in any meaningful, league wide manner.

NHL news:

Edmonton Journal: Katz group asks to make presentation before City Council. Is this Katz and company coming hat in hand or are they just trying to inject themselves into a conversation that has been largely ignored since council voted to end negotiations back in October?

World Junior news:

CBC: Nugent-Hopkins, Canadian juniors arrive in Calgary for selection. There is still so much uncertainty as to the final composition of Team Canada but everyone was saying all the right things as they arrived in Calgary for camp.

Calgary Herald: Returning Canadian world junior players still remember sting of defeat in 2012. Included on this list is the Jets Mark Scheifele who you can tell wants to show a marked improvement over his play in 2011.

Montreal Gazette: Subban could be top goalie. The younger brother of Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban, Malcolm looks to make a name for himself on the international stage for Team Canada.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

ICdave 12-13-2012 09:25 AM

Wednesday Papers
Wednesday, December 12th Jets, CBA, NHL & World Junior news

Jets & Affiliate news:

Winnipeg Free Press: Will the Jets be ready? What will be the biggest key to a shortened season for the Jets?

Winnipeg Free Press: No Jet running his mouth yet. The Jets players have kept quiet and at this point in the process are certainly not going to cause any waves by saying much.

CBC: Scheifele does right by Hawerchuk. Once again the steady influence of the Jets 1.0 great is working miracles as he gets a chance to continue to help the Jets 2.0 first round selection in 2011 develop. While nobody is happy about the lockout, the one benefit is the continued relationship between Hawerchuk and Scheifele.

Winnipeg Free Press: Ladd, Dennis Hull right on Target. Smart move by the retail giant linking the passion for hockey with an opportunity to help sell their brand.

Winnipeg Sun: Jets would be big question mark in short season. It is a shame that many of the players on this team will not be in game shape since if they were, a shortened season might be just the key for this young team. But similar to the other teams across the NHL there are just too many question marks.

TSN: Mark Stuart signs with ECHL’s Florida Everblades. In case you missed the news, the Jets defenceman signed in ECHL. Perhaps the Minnesota native had too much of our fine Manitoba weather and needed a little bit of a Florida break. Or maybe he is preparing himself for possible NHL action in the near future.

CBC: Bears goalie Braden Holtby stymies IceCaps. Things continue to go downhill for the Jets AHL affiliate as they continue their losing streak, currently at 4 games and they still have not won in December. While this was a better effort and they did give up 2 PP goals on 6 chances, St. John’s is going to have to turn things around immediately. The good news is they will have a chance to do so tonight against these same Hershey Bears.

Reporter Herald: Colorado Eagles complete rare comeback. Unlike the Jets AHL affiliate, the Eagles in the ECHL, are rolling as they pulled off their 3 straight win.

CBA news:

CBC: Riding the NHL roller coaster. And if you thought the ride was over you are dead wrong. Better strap yourself in as we are about to kick it into high gear with another round of negotiations which renew today.

Globe and Mail: NHL, union to resume CBA talks today at undisclosed location. An undisclosed location. Really? Are they so afraid of the media? Perhaps then both sides should display some self-control and shouldn’t be leaking details of meetings either during or immediately following negotiations.

Ottawa Sun: Twits have taken over NHL. An entertaining column that brings some levity to a situation that would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing.

ESPN: Moderates push NHL, NHLPA back to table. In any situation you are always going to have your extreme elements but it sounds as if the silent majority who reside in the middle are finally making themselves be heard and taking control of the process.

NHL news:

The Province: 20 years of Gary Bettman. Love him or hate him he has certainly done quite a bit for the game during his tenure.

TSN: TSN, Kraft announce partnership for Kraft Hockey goes on. A great way to recognize people in the community who do so much work for so little.

World Juniors news:

CBC: World junior tryouts draw hockey-starved fans. 3000 fans showed up to watch an inter-squad game. That pretty much sums up what hockey means to Canadians.

National Post: Canada’s crease remains wide open at world junior selection camp. As with most positions on Team Canada competition is high, but this year in net the position is ripe for the taking.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

ICdave 12-14-2012 09:32 AM

Thursday Papers
Thursday, December 13th Jets, CBA, NHL & World Junior news

Note: We have barely wiped the Movember mustaches off our faces and it appears that a couple of members of the Illegal Curve team (@ICEzzyG and @ICdrew) just cannot stop growing facial hair for charity. This time we will be supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba in conjunction with the Festival du Voyageur in the 31st annual beard growing contest. The Beard Growing Contest Kickoff Event for the clean-shaven category will take place tonight at Garage Cafe (166, Provencher Blvd.) from 5 pm to 8 pm. This event is open to the public. In order to register, you must be clean shaven. Show up and support a great cause.


Jets & Affiliate news:

Hockey's Future: Rebuild continues to go well for Jets. A look at the prospects in the Jets system. Does this group instill you with confidence that they can help Winnipeg compete in the near future?

Winnipeg Sun: Googling for news about the Winnipeg Jets? You aren’t alone. Not a surprise that the Jets were in the Top 5 of teams in Canada searched. Of course if you want to save your time, you would be better off perusing illegalcurve.com as we take the effort out of time consuming internet searches for the latest Jets news. And to be doubly protected be sure you are following us on twitter @illegalcurve for all the latest Jets news updates.

National Post: Mark Scheifele adjusts to life on the wing with Canada’s junior team. Adding some versatility to his game can only help his later development in the NHL. We know all too often what happens to one dimensional players. Some conflicting news as to whether or not the Jets will allow Scheifele to stay with Team Canada if the lockout gets resolved. According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, no nhl teams have done so but CBC’s Tim Wharnsby tweeted that the Jets have committed Scheifele to the entire tournament.

Florida Everblades: Jets Mark Stuart scores in 1st game back. Mark Stuart the sniper? Despite scoring just 3 goals in 80 NHL games last year he scored in his first ECHL game last night. The first assist went to Aaron Bogosian, the older brother of Stuart’s usual defensive partner Zach Bogosian. You might recall seeing the older Bogosian at the 1st Jets exhibition game when he was visiting the city as a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets organization.

TSN: Holtby strong again as Bears blank IceCaps. Remember yesterday when I said the Caps hadn’t won in December and had lost 4 straight, well make that 5 as they lost again last night. About the only positive is the fact that the IceCaps tied the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins for the 2nd longest sell-out streak in AHL history by selling out their 54th straight game.

Spectator Tribune: Where no fan has gone before. If you missed this yesterday, friend to illegalcurve, Constantine Gamvrelis (aka jetsxoxo) had his story told. If you caught any of last week’s CBA insanity you probably came across his #blesstheJets hashtags from the hotel. He was featured on radio and everyone in the Peg’ who wanted to get some New York insight followed along with him for his humorous tweeting.

CBA news:

ESPN: Rest easy, we've got your new CBA right here. It is at this point when we see the resolve of both sides and it they are willing to compromise to get this deal done.

CBC: Sides in NHL dispute need to push things to brink. Friedman is bang on as this process has been a colossal waste of time and even worse is the casual nature in which fans emotions are continuously being manipulated. Both sides need to push past this useless process of mediation and either get a deal done or walk away from the 2012-13 season.

Globe and Mail: Labour talks produce little to talk about. So we are back to being depressed after a day of little progress. My baboon heart really cannot take much more of this.

Globe and Mail: Will frustrated NHL fans who vow to stay away be able to keep that promise? As I’ve said all along the answer is quite simple and it is a resounding NO!! (with a couple of emphatic Jake Jarmel exclamation points to boot).

Chicago Tribune: Blackhawks’ Hossa gets medical OK to play. It was a good news/bad news sort of day for the Hawks star. He got medical clearance to resume play which is good news however it also means he is joining the rest of the union guys being locked out and will no longer be receiving his salary from Chicago.

NHL news:

CBC: Messier, King, Henderson get Order of Hockey in Canada honours. A worthy crop of individuals being inducted into this rather exclusive group.

World Juniors:

TSN: Team Canada makes first round of cuts. Thirty-one players remain at camp and Team Canada’s head coach Steve Spott will have to get his roster down to 23 before they head to Russia.

Toronto Sun: Being healthy scratch is good news for Canadian kids. Best news these kids heard since the camp began as it essentially means they have made Team Canada.

Toronto Star: Superstars who were cut early in their careers. Some of the best learning opportunities are those times when we fail to achieve our goals. It forces us to reevaluate our processes and take steps t ensure that we do not repeat the process again.

CBC: Canadian junior squad loses exhibition to University of Alberta team. Looks like nerves got the better of the young guns.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

ICdave 12-15-2012 11:16 AM

Friday Papers
Friday, December 14th Jets, CBA, NHL & World Junior news

Note: Every Friday we will be bringing you a update on the progress of the beards being grown by Drew & Ezra as they help support the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba in conjunction with the Festival du Voyageur in the 31st annual beard growing contest. Last night was a kick off for the event in St. Boniface and both Ez and Drew received their official “final shave” for two months.

Note II: Don’t forget to tune into the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on TSN Radio 1290 from noon to 3 pm on Saturday. Guest: Elliotte Friedman (CBC), Bruce Dowbiggin (Globe and Mail).

Jets & Affiliate news:

Hockey’s Future: Rebuild continues to go well for Winnipeg Jets. A late addition to yesterday’s lineup, the assessment of the Jets talent pool is generally positive. With 6 picks in the first 3 rounds in 2013, of what is regarded as a deep draft, the Jets are really going to have an opportunity to stock the cupboard.

Northern Colorado 5: Eagles Lose Kaunisto and Schnell To IceCaps. Both players were having an impact in the ECHL and the IceCaps are hoping they can jump start the AHL squad who are mired in a winless December.

CBA news:

The Province: Are they really stupid enough to let the NHL season die? I also believe that we will see NHL hockey this season but both the NHL and the NHLPA are continuing to play one hell of a game of chicken.

Globe and Mail: Stalled lockout talks put media in play as leaks surface. The end seems near for this lockout. If only common sense which is advocated by that anonymous NHL Governor, can win out.

CBC: Don Cherry says NHL making a statement. Both sides are making a statement. It is ‘we will make a deal, even though it is unpalatable to our side, but we are not going to rush to get this done’.

USA Today: Obama tells NHL, players to ‘do right by your fans’. The President of the United States hits it on the head:

“My message to owners and to players is, you guys make a lot of money and you make a lot of money on the backs of fans, so do right by your fans,” Obama said. “You can figure out how to spread out a bunch of revenue that you’re bringing in, but do right by the people who support you.”

ESPN: No progress in labor talks. This is all show. Neither wants to appear to be doing nothing, so instead they are doing nothing with the appearance of doing something.

World Juniors:

Calgary Herald: Who will be Team Canada’s captain? The Jets Mark Scheifele would look good with the C on his chest but you have to guess that RNH will be the easy favourite to captain this team.

CBC: Canadian world junior hockey roster announced. If the lockout doesn’t impact the lineup many are picking Canada as the easy favourites in the Tournament.

Globe and Mail: MacKinnon and Drouin survive final cuts to make Canadian junior team. While it is unusual to have a couple of 17 year olds on the team it is not without precedent as Team Canada also had 2 back in 2008, a tournament that saw Canada win Gold.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

ICdave 12-16-2012 12:35 PM

Saturday Papers
Saturday, December 15th Jets, CBA, NHL & World Junior news

Note: Don’t forget to tune into the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on TSN Radio 1290 from noon to 3 pm on Saturday. Guest: Elliotte Friedman (CBC), Bruce Dowbiggin (Globe and Mail).

Jets & Affiliate news:

Winnipeg Free Press: Lockout bickering casts pall over what we love about NHL. Gary has looked at this lockout as to how it would impact Jets fans. While there has been bitter grumblings from fans and courtesy of social media we hear and see this a lot louder than during the previous lockout, I still believe that by the time the 2013-14 season rolls around, this lockout will be long forgotten. (presuming that the lockout ends in 2012-13 of course).

Winnipeg Free Press: Obey or pay. Pasquale has worked hard to establish himself with the Jets AHL affiliate. While his team has not been particularly impressive, the young tender has some pretty decent stats aside from/despite the losing record.

Winnipeg Free Press: Scheifele gets 2nd shot at gold. You can expect the Jets top pick to showcase his talents more significantly that he did last year.

NHL.com: Hawerchuk sees big things for star Scheifele at WJC. The steady tutelage of Hawerchuk is going to pay dividends for the Jets in the years to come.

CBA news:

CBC: Explaining the NHL’s latest move. Elliotte Friedman, who will be joining the guys on the IC Hockey Show today, gives you the explanation as to why the league has done what they did.

Globe and Mail: NHL files class-action suit against players’ union. Wonder how long that suit has been hanging in the NHL’s closet.

ESPN: Disclaimer vs. decertification. The latest big of legalese if you are so inclined.

Globe and Mail: Labour battle threatens NHL’s TV reputation. Dowbiggin joins the guys on today’s show to discuss this and other CBA related topics.

World Juniors:

CBC: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins named captain of world junior team. No surprise here.

Globe and Mail: Loss to Russia motivates Canada’s Strome. Hopefully he uses that disappointment to power Team Canada to gold this year.

For the Jets, CBA, NHL and World Junior news click here.

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