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seventieslord 12-18-2012 12:56 PM

AAA2012 Prelims: St. John's Monsters vs. Sheffield Steelers
St.John's Monsters

Mike Cammaleri-Dale Mccourt-Tony Tanti
Rick Dudley(A)-Josef Malecek-Fred Glover
Sergei Nemchinov-Laurie Boschman-Ian Laperriere
Ryan Malone-Claude Lapointe-Ronnie Stern
Vic Lynn-Aaron Broten

Warren Godfrey (C)-Antonin Stavjana
Curt Giles(A)-Bryan Berard
Jim Dorey-Frantisek Kaberle
Abbie Newell-Pat Quinn

Earl Robertson
Ken Wregget

Coach: Ron Wilson


Sheffield Steelers


Coach: Cooney Weiland
Ass. Coach: Kjell Svensson

Johnny Sheppard - Dave Creighton - Joe Murphy
Pelle Eklund - Walt McKechnie - Jim Fox
Ted Irvine - David Legwand (C) - Darren McCarty
Chris Simon - Yanic Perreault - Eddie Kullman
Shaun Van Allen, Kevin McClelland

Al Dewsbury - Colin White (A)
Paul Cavillini - Sean Hill (A)
Jean Potvin - Jason Woolley
Alex Motter, Brent Burns

Jon Casey
Kjell Svensson

PP1: Johnny Sheppard - Dave Creighton - Joe Murphy, Al Dewsbury - Jean Potvin
PP2: Pelle Eklund - Yanic Perreault - Jim Fox, Sean Hill - Jason Woolley

PK1: David Legwand - Pelle Eklund, Colin White - Cavillini
PK2: Yanic Perreault - Ted Irvine, Sean Hill - Jason Woolley

seventieslord 12-20-2012 03:19 PM


If you're a lower ranked team you can't possible expect to win without explaining how you're going to do it, right?

seventieslord 12-28-2012 11:49 AM

Initial thoughts:

- Both teams are very weak for top-6 centers so both are fortunate to be facing an opponent who can't claim a substantial advantage. Out of 24 top-6 centers, they ranked 14th, 16th, 21st and T-23rd. Just 4 of 11 voters thought Malecek and Creighton were top-10 (none top-5), just one had McCourt top-10, and McKechnie was one of just two who didn't get a vote at all.

- Now that I look at it, these teams are relatively anemic on the wings, too. Aside from Tanti (6 votes, 7th in voting), no one seems to have been highly regarded by the voters. Cammalleri had two votes, Sheppard, Eklunc, Fox and Murphy had one apiece. (I think Sheppard deserved more, though... his vote was from me)

- Casey's OK, but I gotta go with Robertson for the goaltending edge thanks to his all-star and hart record.

- On defense, St. John's takes it, I think. Godfrey is, to me, easily the top guy in this series, and the Woolley/Potvin pairing is a mess with no one to clean it.

- Both teams have pretty solid, workmanlike 3rd and 4th lines with a designated fighter on each line. Should be good hockey.

- I just realized Kjell Svensson is listed as an assistant coach too! You can't do that...

Expect a low scoring series.

seventieslord 01-03-2013 10:06 AM

In 4 games, your winner is St. John's.

3 stars:

Earl Robertson
Tony Tanti
Earl Robinson

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