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lakai17 12-27-2012 07:10 PM

Pick one defenceman listed for your new franchise as a GM.

Who did you select? why?

Izzy 12-27-2012 07:47 PM


Krampus 12-27-2012 07:54 PM

Still not Schultz

startainfection 12-27-2012 08:28 PM

the best player defensively with acceptable offensive skill

Habs 4 Life 12-27-2012 08:41 PM

Travis Hamonic

Kezia 12-27-2012 09:00 PM


capitalsrock 12-27-2012 09:26 PM

Just face it Schultz will never win.

Hardyvan123 12-28-2012 01:37 AM

Fowler or Faulk just on the age and size advantage as well as NHL experience.

Next time post who is the better fantasy Dman and you will be rewarded.

I would take Schultz over Harmonic though.

DuckJet 12-28-2012 01:41 AM

Not Justin Schultz.

SirPaste 12-28-2012 09:28 AM

Voted Fowler but I will admit that I havent seen much of Hamonic

Gritzky98 12-28-2012 09:39 AM

Fowler, close between him and Hamonic tho

tony d 12-28-2012 09:39 AM


Rangers4Life74 12-28-2012 02:02 PM

next up,who do you start a franchise with

Marek Malik
Steve Eminger
Andy Sutton
The Ghost of Christmas Past

lakai17 12-28-2012 02:10 PM

Faulk - going under the radar.

pld459666 12-28-2012 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by Rangers4Life74 (Post 56872617)
next up,who do you start a franchise with

Marek Malik
Steve Eminger
Andy Sutton
The Ghost of Christmas Past

Don't sleep on Malik, just ask Kolzig

Avs44 12-28-2012 03:02 PM

Fowler, Hamonic right behind him.

bigbuffalo313 12-28-2012 03:04 PM

If you want to see Shultz win do a Shultz vs Gomez poll. Even then he still might not win.

Drydenwasthebest 12-28-2012 03:56 PM

Hamonic all the way. Easy choice.

Sojourn 12-29-2012 02:29 AM

It's a crime that Schultz has more votes than Faulk. Faulk is right up(or soon will be) with Fowler and Hamonic.

Randy BoBandy 12-29-2012 04:16 AM

This kid is constantly posting polls about J. Schultz. Its enough. He isn't anything but a winger playing defense. Except without the defense part. Put him up against offensive defenseman that also don't play defense and you will get him a win maybe.

Le Magnifique 66 12-29-2012 10:15 AM

Travis Hamonic

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