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Atament 01-18-2013 02:23 PM

Hey guys, Philly fan here, but even bigger NHL fan moreso. I try to follow the West probably more than the East actually, and have a few teams I like out here with the Preds probably up there at the top. However, I just had a quick question and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it.

What's the deal with Hornqvist? Is there any chance he moves up the lineup at all? More ice time? Or does NSH use the 3rd line (at least from what I've gathered, that's where he's currently at) more as a 2a/2b kinda line? I like his game, and really am just curious if he'll have a more direct shot at improving his production totals this season.


Paranoid Android 01-18-2013 02:33 PM

See the opening night lineup thread. We were just talking about him.

From a fantasy perspective, I would expect similar production this year as last year. He might even take a slight hit since I expect our PP to be worse.

kypredsfan 01-19-2013 12:07 AM

We really pretty much roll 2a/2b/2c lines. Hornqvist will get plenty of toi.

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