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LadyStanley 01-21-2013 02:33 PM

SBJ: Fehr on the future of hockey/him and more


Last week, Fehr agreed to grant SportsBusiness Journal a brief interview on the topic of his future, but he declined to discuss the negotiations, details from the 113-day lockout or the new CBA. Speaking by telephone from his office at NHLPA headquarters in Toronto on the morning of Jan. 16, he laughed when he was asked about his future at the union, chuckling when saying, ďIs there some rumor? Are they firing me?Ē
On future - no long term agreement on him sticking around; plan was/is to get through CBA negotiations and evaluate where things are. Plans to address this summer with players. Specifically...

SBJ: Your deal doesnít really have a term, is that right?

Fehr: Thatís right. It doesnít have a term. It never did. It basically says I can be terminated on 60 days notice, I think it is. Itís always been like that. And I told them I could continue so long as I have lopsided majority support of the players, but that is true of any executive director. I canít imagine anybody who would want to continue if you didnít have that support. And that is sort of the way it is. Executive directors donít get guaranteed contracts, you know; itís only players.
SBJ: What is the job of the union right now, now that there is an agreement?

Fehr: Itís three things. You have to finish writing it. We have a memorandum of understanding, but we have to flesh out the agreement. We will do that over the next few weeks. At this point, I donít think that will be a major problem. We then have to educate, obviously, the players and the agents, about it. And then we have to begin to implement the new agreement that weíve made because we have to operate under it. But it is a normal process. There is not anything unusual about it.

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