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HYPNOTOAD 01-25-2013 09:28 AM

Your Defining Wrestling Moments
When you think of Wrestling what are some of the moments that sticks out most?

For me it is Montreal Screw Job, Hogan bodyslamming Andre, NWO formation and Mankind tossed off the Cell.

AfroThunder396 01-25-2013 09:58 AM

-Montreal Screwjob
-Austin 3:16
-Mankind off the Cell
-Benoit making Triple H tap at Wrestlemania
-Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
-Punk's shoot

Axman 01-25-2013 10:08 AM

Great question...
I'll say Hell in the Cell w/ Mankind is easily on the list.
Hulk winning the belt from the Iron Sheik
Any Superfly leap
The Road Warriors in their AWA days
Vince McMahon as a wrestler - I was shocked was I saw how jacked he was
Finally not a moment per say but my first introduction to wrestling that sticks out to me is when I first saw Kendo Nagasaki on television as a little kid.

Axman 01-25-2013 10:11 AM

Another thing that stands out is the whole Rock and Wrestling thing the WWF did; does anyone remember that cartoon that ran on Saturday mornings with animated WWF superstars like Hogan, Superfly, Tito Santana, JYD, Piper, Andre, Macho, etc...?

ColePens 01-25-2013 10:27 AM

Great thread. I was a fan from 92 on... but the moment where i became a wrestling fan for life was Wrestlemania 10. I used to love 9 as a kid because it was outside. It just felt special. But then I saw the matches at 10 and was just sold completely. I was heartbroken when Bret lost the opening match to Owen as a kid. I totally bought him limping back out to win the title. It was magical.

Other than that... Foley off the top of the cell. Great moment.

Martini* 01-25-2013 10:36 AM

What a fantastic topic!

The Dynamite Kid/ Tiger Mask series in what remains the bar for every single match going in the current wrestling landscape. The impact and grace of two of the most gifted wrestlers ever to hit the squared circle even to this day is ashtonishing to watch.

The Montreal Screwjob and the dressing down of Bret Hart in front of a national audience remains one of the greatest accomplishments in wrestling history. It is comedic gold, to say the least.

Chris Benoit killing his family in cold blood is also up there considering the after math has regulated un needed brutality to get over.

Hogan -Andre

Bruno- Superstar

Rock- Hogan

Any Kobashi match from the 90's.

HYPNOTOAD 01-25-2013 10:37 AM

Another for me is the first real memory of wrestling I have from WM 4 where Bret attacked JYD. I don't remember Savage winning as well as I remember that moment.

With most of us agreeing so far on the Cell match the thing I have noticed is that a lot of people talk about Foley off the Cell through the table. But not to many follow it up with the choke slam through the cell just moments later.

Axman 01-25-2013 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Martini (Post 58309057)
What a fantastic topic!

The Dynamite Kid/ Tiger Mask series in what remains the bar for every single match going in the current wrestling landscape. The impact and grace of two of the most gifted wrestlers ever to hit the squared circle even to this day is ashtonishing to watch.

We disagree on every Bret Hart topic there is but I agree with this ^. They are some of the most entertaining matches in history. I loved the Black Tiger too.

Engebretson 01-25-2013 11:06 AM

Some really memorable matches/moments for me:

-Savage/Steamboat at WM III
-Hogan/Warrior at WM VI
-Bret/Owen at WM X or Summerslam 94 (?)
-Shawn kicking Marty through the Barber Shop glass
-Undertaker's Debut (I was 8 and legit scared of that guy)
-Austin/Bret at WM XIII
-The first Hell in the Cell
-Austin/Shawn at WM XIV
-Austin/Rock at WM X7

and more recently:
-the entire build and match between Punk and Cena at MITB 2011. The fans reactions to Punk make that match so fun to watch. This pretty much cemented Punk as my favorite modern day wrestler.

Big Poppa Puck 01-25-2013 12:11 PM

I can't think of any specific ones that weren't mentioned already at the moment.

But from the attitude era (including mid-late 90s WCW) through the Ruthless Aggression Era (2004) (Not sure when Ruthless Aggression era ended exactly) was amazing.

The WM XVII promo with the Limp Bizkit song gives me chills every time I see it, if that counts as a defining moment.

King Woodballs 01-25-2013 12:28 PM

Hogan Andre

nWo formation

montreal screw job

austin winning KOTR and his promo after... which really started the attitude era

any dx promo during the attitude era, especially the wcw invasion

Marf 01-25-2013 01:01 PM

- HBK putting Jannetty through the glass
- Owen turning on Bret after losing a tag match, against the Quebecers I think?
- HBK and Bulldog starting the Rumble at 1 & 2 and being the last 2 + HBK having 1 foot touch but hanging on to win
- Yokozuna and 800 other guys killing Taker in the casket match and the fake Taker angle
- Austin not tapping to Bret while bleeding like a stuffed pig and Shamrock pulling Bret off
- Mankind getting all sorts of ****ed up from the 2 cell falls
- Kane's debut (scared me pretty good)
- Austin ripping off Steph's shirt (couldn't believe the boss' daughter would be exposed)
- The many huge spots from Shane-o-Mac
- Lesnar breaking Hardcore Holly's neck

I could go on and on lol

Fro 01-25-2013 01:06 PM

great thread idea...i'll have to add more later when i can think back through the years...

-Hogan bodyslamming Andre
-HBK turning on Jannetty
-Shane Douglas' promo starting ECW
-Taz returning to beat Mike Awesome
-DX formation
-DX's Nation parody
-NWO formation (mainly Hogan's turn)

-Owen's death
-Benoit and Eddie both holding gold at same time
-Kane's debut
-Montreal Screwjob

I'm trying to think of some old AWA moments, but they didn't do storylines very well...the "MIDNIGHT Rockers" were the first wrestlers I rooted for...and I had a pair of sunglasses just like Shawn Michaels did...


HighAndTight 01-25-2013 01:21 PM

These are the moments that stood out for me. Not a die hard fan, but these left their impact.

Taker coming back from having his house burned down(Or did he burn someones house down...w/e)

3:16 and when he came back from injury to help The Rock beat Triple H.

Valentine's Day Massacre when in the cage match someone popped up out of the floor of the cage and tossed a wrestler at it and broke the side open. He just jumped off.

Mankind going through the cell/floor.

Jeff Hardy's first swan dive off the top of the cage.

OmniSens 01-25-2013 01:33 PM

Foley off the top of cage
Austin's (316 has just wupped your ass)
Rock - Hogan
Lesnar superplex to show to collapse the ring
Lesnars fail shooting star
Undertaker 20-0
Ric Flair last match
Wwe announcing the acquisition or WCW

There are so many, could go on forever.

TheMurdocktor 01-25-2013 01:50 PM

Hogan joining the Outsiders/NWO
The Screwjob
Badd Blood 1997
Mankind tossed off the cell
Austin/Rock at WM 17
"I now own WCW." - Shane McMahon
Eddie/Benoit post-WM 20 in-ring celebration
HBK/Undertaker at WM 25 and 26
Punk's Promo

iamjs 01-25-2013 01:57 PM

it's actually a non-wrestling moment that was most defining to me. Once I heard about how Iron Sheik and Hacksaw were arrested in the back of a limo, that was it for me.

It was no longer real to me (dammit), but for some reason I still continued to watch.

McRpro 01-26-2013 01:31 AM

One moment I will never forget was when Demolition regained the titles from the Brainbusters. I was just about 10yrs old and the match took place on Superstars(or a similar show) where titles never switched. I was a huge Demolition fan and completely lost my mind when they won.

GoneFullHextall 01-26-2013 02:08 AM

Piper smashing coconuts over Snuka's head

Larry Zybysko heel turn on Bruno Sammartino

when the Road Warriors first came into the wrestling scene

Hogan winning the World title from the Iron Shiek and afterwords they interviewed his parents Mr. and Mrs Hulk Hogan :laugh:

Montreal Screwjob

Undertaker 20-0

All these are obviously in no particular order and I do go back further then some.

Dale Cooper 01-26-2013 03:07 AM

All the ones my friend and I made up playing with all the action figures...:yo:

Man we had some epic shows...getting the matches out to replicate Kane's entrance was always fun...

I couldn't have been the only one to do this...?!

I always took the Edge action figure to be myself...my friend used the old Rock...

The Lunatic Fridge 01-26-2013 03:32 AM

- Austin ripping off Steph's shirt (couldn't believe the boss' daughter would be exposed)

Huh? When the hell did this happen :laugh:

Axman 01-26-2013 07:13 AM

I'll add to mine. Although they weren't defining moments in wrestling, I'll never forget it - how vocal the crowd was at ECW arena in South Philly. The chants that would arise in unison were hilarious. I know hardcore wrestling isn't everyone's cup of tea but I loved it; part of the draw was some of the edgy things they took part in that other promotions didn't.

Check out the Red Wing fan in the front row after Ryno's piledriver.

Account Terminated 01-26-2013 08:32 AM

Shawn Michaels coming to the ring on a zip-line
Austin 3:16
Hogan going back to the red and yellow (Raw after Wrestlemania, in Montreal)
Brock Lesnar's botch on the shooting star press
Michaels -vs- Taker, the first time around
Punk's shoot

End of Line 01-26-2013 08:57 AM

Austin 3:16
Brock Lesnar winning the title
Goldberg defeating Hogan
Summer of Punk
Brock Lesnar/Big Show Superplex
Hart vs Austin WM13
Austin vs Rock WM17

I'm forgetting a lot since I was a kid in the late 90's, these were just the ones that came to mind.

Bad News Bears 01-26-2013 09:15 AM

I'm 23, started watching WCW when I was 10, and WWE(F) about 6 months after.

Starcade '99 will always be one of my favourite ppv's. Kidman is my all-time favourite wrestler, and he put on 2 great matches, so that was a big moment. Still have it on VHS, and can repeat line-for-line entire matches of Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan and Mike Tenay commentary. Also ended Goldberg's winning streak, which was a big moment for any WCW fan of the time.

The TLC (and ladder matches) with E+C, The Dudleys and the Hardys will always be iconic, but watching them at the time, they where just mind-bending. Incredible.

The Invasion was really cool, and as a kid I was totally sold on it. I think we tend to look back and think "They could have done so much more", but at the time, I thought it was great.

I know I'm not alone in saying this, but Wrestlemania 17 at the Astrodome is my favourite all time PPV, and I still think it's just about the closest you could get to a perfect PPV. Just amazing, and I would encourage people to watch it again.

And then, unfortunately, around 2003, I stopped watching WWE. I just lost interest. However, WrestleMania XXVII got me back into wrestling, just by chance. I'm much less intense of a fan now I'm older, but I still get chills every so often.

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