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ceber 09-23-2003 04:52 AM

Next cut
Lemaire has said he'll cut 12 players after tonight's game. Any predictions?

<b>Left Wings</b>
Derek Boogaard
Christoph Brandner
Andrew Brunette
Pascal Dupuis
Mika Hannula
Matt Johnson
Antti Laaksonen
Stephane Veilleux

Armands Berzins
Pierre-Marc Bouchard
Dan Cavanaugh
Marc Cavosie
Marc Chouinard
Mark Cullen
Jim Dowd
Darby Hendrickson
Rickard Wallin
Wes Walz
Sergei Zholtok

<b>Right Wings</b>
Brent Burns
Alexandre Daigle
Matt Foy
Marian Gaborik
Bill Muckalt
Richard Park
Jeremy Stevenson
Kyle Wanvig

Jean-Michel Bolduc
Brad Bombardir
Brad Brown
Chris Heid
Filip Kuba
Jason Marshall
Chris McAlpine
Zbynek Michalek
Willie Mitchell
Erik Reitz
Travis Roche
Nick Schultz
Andrei Zyuzin

Frederic Cloutier
Manny Fernandez
Johan Holmqvist
Dwayne Roloson

My WAG (I'd guess Lemaire has a fairly good idea right now, but I bet some guys are still up in the air):

Dan-o 09-23-2003 05:35 AM

You're list looks pretty accurate Ceber. If he's making 12 cuts, I don't think he's gonna be cutting into the meat too deeply yet. As I can see, there are probably 7-8 players that have arguably earned a spot on the opening day roster. The tough part will not be going from 44-32. It'll be going from 32-23. And I'm guessing Lemaire is cutting 12 tomorrow because he's got his eye on the same 7-8 people. There's definitely been a crop of players that have separated themselves.

Only one I might disagree with is Cavanaugh. The coaching staff seems to like him quite a bit. He might make it past this 2nd cut.

MN_Gopher 09-23-2003 06:21 AM

Well Boogaard, Hannula, Berizen, Cavosie, Cullen, Balduc, Heid, Reitz, Michalek, Cloutier, Holmqvist. Then i think that Veiliex, Wanvig, Brander, Daigle, Stevenson, Foy, Roche, Choinard, Cananough, McAlpine are all on the cusp. If Lemaire wants to keep the juniors up for a few more games you may see some surprises, maybe send someone a message.

Surly Furious 09-23-2003 07:22 AM

Probable Cuts:

The rest will be tough -

McAlpine probably deserves it, but they just signed him.
Chouinard's in the same boat as McAlpine.
Holmqvist? No playing time means he's likely gone.
Cavanaugh? - they've been real positive on him, otherwise I'd say he's gone.
Stevenson's spot is in jeopardy if Wanvig and especially Foy continue to provide muscle and skill.

There's 14 candidates.

strib 09-23-2003 08:03 AM

One less D-Man to cut. McAlpine retired today.

aylib 09-23-2003 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by strib
One less D-Man to cut. McAlpine retired today.

Link please.

strib 09-23-2003 08:28 AM


aylib 09-23-2003 08:30 AM

Good news for Roche I think.

ceber 09-23-2003 08:30 AM

Assuming McAlpine retired, I'm going to assume that changes the number to be cut to 11.

I wasn't sure about putting Cavanaugh on that list. I think he's easily one of the guys who could stay. This isn't much of a cut really. Like Dan-o said, the tricky one is getting down to 23. That's going to be much more interesting. :)

ceber 09-23-2003 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by strib

Well there you have it. Huh. I figured he'd give the Aeros a shot. From an earlier quote Lemaire made it sound like McAlpine would be on the short list for call-ups. Good for him, though. Must be a tough decision to make.

strib 09-23-2003 09:20 AM

Roche and Chris aren't even close to the same type of player. If Roche makes the team it is because Lemaire has recognized the need for additional offence from the D and is willing to give Roche a shot at providing it.

aylib 09-23-2003 09:28 AM

I never said they are the same type of player, its just that there are so many spots that are open and then there is an emergency call up player.

strib 09-23-2003 09:40 AM

I wasn't snapping at you aylib. Just making a point in regards to the two players. I feel with Dougs five year plan they are trying to merge certain types of players into the lineup over time. One of those types of players they have been looking for is an offensive D-Man to QB the PP . Roche has proved he can be that guy in the minors as evidenced by his points last year. Roche may have been what they are looking for but Lemaire has had him in the Minors until he was comfortable Roche has learned that defence first is most important. He saw that from him in the Calder Cup this spring. It may be time to see if the fit is right. Should be an interesting next two weeks.

sushinsky4tsar 09-23-2003 11:34 AM

Just based on these boards and media:

12 cuts:
lw Boogaard
c Berzins
Hendrickson- perhaps they'll give him time to sign elsewhere?
rw Daigle- doesn't sound like he's wowing many, they leave the spot
for a youngster
d Bolduc
McAlpine (retired)
g Cloutier- do they cut only 1 or 2? If 2, swap Holmqvist for Daigle

strib 09-23-2003 12:18 PM

They won't try to send any veterans down yet. If anything they will keep them to be exposed in the waiver draft versus taking a chance on losing someone they don't want to.

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