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iLoveLobster 02-23-2013 07:42 PM

Blade Pattern
Can anyone help me with a blade pattern/lie? :)

Top Down:


Tia! :handclap:

Jarick 02-23-2013 08:14 PM

Reebok Spezza?

AIREAYE 02-23-2013 08:51 PM

You got your answer over at MSH.

iLoveLobster 02-23-2013 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by AIREAYE (Post 60337435)
You got your answer over at MSH.

Haha, you caught me sorry. But as I said there, the Datsyuk starts opening up at mid.

This opens up at the heel and opens a bit more. I'm just trying to find someone who can clarify since I'm getting so many answers from different people. True it may have been a 6K pro stock. I have the Datsyuk Ai7, its not it.

Forgive me, I'm being annoying I know, but I just REALLY REALLY wanan find out what this friggin curve is!

PM9, Phaneuf, Datsyuk, Vanek, Zetterberg are all the suggestions I've gotten.

AIREAYE 02-23-2013 09:50 PM

Haha, you're probably going to get more of the same mixed bag of answers here.

Is it just me or does that stick have an extremely low lie?

iLoveLobster 02-23-2013 09:58 PM

Yea, it had a pretty low lie (I think). I remember always pulling this stick in close and then shooting. I cut the stick pretty short anyhow, between adams apple and collar bone so I think that compensated it.

Jarick 02-24-2013 12:50 AM

Not Drury open, squarer toe, Reebok = Spezza

iLoveLobster 02-24-2013 12:00 PM

Thanks! Gonna take a look at some Curves at my LSH today.

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