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JackZap 02-26-2013 05:12 PM

Erik Cole traded to Dallas Stars for Michael Ryder + 3rd round pick!!

Link: http://www.rds.ca/hockey/canadiens/e...allas-1.589767

Whitesnake 02-26-2013 05:12 PM

For Michael Ryder?????????? :amazed:

Hannibal 02-26-2013 05:13 PM


Emily 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

HOLY **** what

Amazing deal. Ryder is a UFA at the end of the season. I can't believe we got rid of Cole's CONTRACT!

Bieber fever 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

Fire Bergevin plz

Seb 02-26-2013 05:13 PM


I hate Ryder SO MUCH

sukimono 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

michael ryder , what in the 7 seas !??????

there better be a 2nd round pick coming

ThaDevilGirl 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

Guess who's back?

Clumsyhab 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

Not sure if I like it or not.

peate 02-26-2013 05:13 PM

I like this trade if true. Ryder is a pure goal scorer and a little tough *******.

Krnage 02-26-2013 05:14 PM

that might a joke right ?

Whitesnake 02-26-2013 05:14 PM

Well...he is UFA at the end of the year as far as Ryder is concerned so...that would be the positive. And Ryder isn't exactly pointless this year.

s613s 02-26-2013 05:14 PM

This is completely out of the blue :amazed:

Not sure what to think.

Beatnik 02-26-2013 05:15 PM

Ryder will be UFA after he season. A bit weird, I guess the management really lost faith in Cole.

Gary320 02-26-2013 05:15 PM

It's official.

The deal works out for Montreal if they don't plan to sign Ryder.
Dump salary.

Whitesnake 02-26-2013 05:15 PM

Habs think that Cole is about to be done. And they get rid of that salary. And they get a fine player who's contract will end at the end of the year. A guy that if he wants another contract...will have to be very good.

I say....good deal.

Rgolt 02-26-2013 05:15 PM

only good news is that we saved a boatload of cap over the next few years

Hannibal 02-26-2013 05:15 PM

Not a fan at all... Cole was physical and a powerforward...

Maybe we are saving money for Perry this summer... One can hope.

HotPie 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

Cole for Ryder?


LastRide 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

Cole looked like utter crap this year. I was hoping he would pick up where he left off last year. Getting rid of that contract along with his **** poor performance this year might be a good thing seeing him hit the road.

Jee 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

FML, I hated Ryder.

Goldthorpe 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

Assuming it's true, not sure if I like.

Edited: RDS has the news. Well, I don't know. I really liked Cole. I don't understand how MB think he can replace him easily.

Whitesnake 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

Okay now, let's get Koivu and Souray.

M.C.G. 31 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

Wow, we actually got rid of Cole's contract.

llamateizer 02-26-2013 05:16 PM

I'm mitigated

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