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Raptactics29 03-01-2013 06:21 PM

Raptactics Head-to-Head Keeper League
Hey guys, I'm working on stuff tonight. I finally have some time to myself.. well, when my son goes to bed. I will edit this later with rules, scoring categories, and potential GMs. Thanks to everyone who showed their support during this rough time and to those who've been patient. A big time special thanks to CBJ for his help.. we'll get this going guys.. and it'll become hands down, barred none, the best fantasy hockey league on the internet.

JM's guys are welcome.. I'm starting fresh.. turning a new leaf. It's been a tough year and I need to lighten up. There's a new me in the house.. and this league is going to benefit for it. Also, I'm open to suggestions from people. So stay tuned guys.. I'm gonna have this going real soon.. tonight at the absolute latest.

Thanks again fellas.

CBJ All The Way 03-01-2013 07:02 PM


Raptactics29 03-01-2013 07:31 PM

I got the forums started. Whoever is wanting in this league, PM me for a link to the forums :) just in the midst of setting it all up.

Raptactics29 03-01-2013 08:33 PM

The boards are coming along nicely. There are 4 teams registered already. It'll be a process but it'll get done. Bare with me guys.. it'll be worth it.

Anyway, those interested, PM me. I'll send you the link ASAP.


Raptactics29 03-02-2013 01:04 AM

Not sure if anyone took me seriously, but here's the CBA I've set up so far. Obviously it's still a rough copybut this is basically going to be the league.


I've also got the draft ready to go, just need to fill the league and have a few days to get ready.

I'm ready to rock and roll. Still recruiting GMs. I will be picky and I will remove people if they're missing picks without hesitation. I don't really **** around much. Let me know if you want to join.

Juxtaposer 03-02-2013 01:51 PM

Alrighty, I'll be the Erie Otters.

Raptactics29 03-02-2013 03:08 PM

Guys.. before you register, please PM me with what email addy and username you'll be registering under so I know I'm approving the right person.. and please also include the team name you want. This stuff is very important. I will not accept your registration until I get these 3 things. So again:

- Username
- Email addy
- Team name

Raptactics29 03-02-2013 08:44 PM

Teams are filling up. If you want to get involved, let me know asap. You can always register and check out the CBA/League Details and decide from there. The league will be in-depth, realistic, and a **** ton of fun.

We have about 10/24 GMs already in 24ish hours. Teams are going quick so get at me if you want in.

Raptactics29 03-04-2013 01:54 AM

The following is the CBA (rough draft) I started for RFKL. This will give you some insight on what the league's about and the depth and realism of it. If you like realism and a fun challenge.. Not to mention the opportunity to be apart of a fantasy draft and build your own team, give me a shout. Spots are going fast. We are hoping to start the draft on or around March 20. So, give this post a read, take the time if you were thinking about joining, this isn't going to be some run of the mill league run by someone who doesn't care.. This league and those running it really are aiming to be the best fantasy starts experience you've ever had! PM me for more and how to register! Again, teams are going fast!

All rulings are subject to change.

League Details/Scoring

- All scoring and lineups will be tracked on CBS.
- This league will consistent of two (2) conferences, each with two (2) division that will have six (6) teams each, for a total of twenty four (24) teams.
- Teams will be required to submit their weekly lineups in the designated thread with full cap numbers and team cap hit.
- Rosters will lock each Monday five (5) minutes prior to puck drop of the first (1st) game on that day.
- Be sure to check when that first (1st) game is. Sometimes they start at 1pm, but most times the first (1st) game is at 7pm. In that case, rosters would lock at 6:55pm.
- Once rosters are locked you can no longer edit.
- If a mistake is made, PM an Admin to have your lineup fixed, if approved by the Admin.

- This league will be a head-to head league where you play one (1) opponent per matchup. Each matchup will consist of sixteen (16) scoring categories where you will either win, lose, or tie. The scoring categories will be as follows:

Goals (G)
Assists (A)
Points (PTS)
Special Team Points (STPTS)
Plus/Minus (+/-)
Game Winning Goals (GWG)
Face-off Wins (FOW)
Shots on Goal (SOG)
Hits (HITS)
Blocked Shots (BS)
Penalty Minutes (PIMs)
Short Handed Time on Ice (SHTOI)
Wins (W)
Save Percentage (SV%)
Goals Against Average (GAA)
Shutouts (SO)

- Your team has the opportunity at sixteen (16) wins per matchup and your teams record each week until the end of the regular season determines where you finish in the standings. Eight (8) teams from each conference will make the playoffs with the two (2) division leaders from each conference holding down the two (2) top spots. There will be four (4) weeks of playoff matchups. The first week will have the first place team playing the eighth place team, the second place team playing the seventh place team, the third place team playing the sixth, and the fourth playing the fifth. This goes for both conferences. The winners move on where the highest ranking team will play the lowest and the other two (2) teams play each other. This goes for both conferences. During the finals, hone ice advantage will go to the team with the better record, no matter the position the teams finished in their respective conferences.

Fantasy Draft

- The draft will consist of 40 rounds.
- Only previously drafted players or players undrafted with NHL contracts are eligible to e selected.
- There will be a one (1) hour time limit for the first (1st) two (2) rounds.
- For rounds three (3) to seven (7), there will be a two (2) hour time limit.
- From rounds eight (8) to fourty (40), there will be a six (6) hour time limit.
- All teams can only draft four (4) total goaltenders. One (1) starting goaltender, one (1) backup goaltender, and two (2) goaltending prospects.
- If you exceed these numbers in any category, the selection you used to take the goaltender that puts you over will be forfeited outright, so pay attention.
- Trading of picks and already drafted players will be allowed. You can trade no more than one (1) more "piece" then your receive in return. For example: 1st round pick, 2nd round pick for 1st round pick. Example #2: Player, 3rd round pick, 4th round pick for 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick.
- Trades with equal number if "pieces" are preferred.


- Each team will be required to have a minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of twenty three (23) players - Four (4) centers, between seven (7) and eight (8) wingers, between six (6) and seven (7) defensemen, two (2) goaltenders (one (1) starting goalie and one (1) backup goalie), and between one (1) and three (3) players in the pressbox.
- Each team must keep up-to-date records in their sub-forum.
- Each GM must keep easy to read information about his salary cap info.
- Each GM must have a searchable roster list with all owned players.

Salary Cap

To be determined. Most likely we will be using the real NHL numbers and adding 2-5 million.

Waiver Eligibility/Claiming Free Agents

- Any player who is over the age of twenty-one (21) and has played in more than one hundred fifty (150) games must clear waivers upon call up or send down.
- Any goaltender who is over the age of twenty-two (22) and has played in more than seventy-five (75) games must clear waivers upon call up or send down.
- Any player who is over the age of twenty-eight (28) must clear waivers.
- Waiver eligibility is retroactive to the beginning of the season.
- Any unsigned waiver eligible player can begin the season in the minors. Once a player signs you have one (1) roster lock to recall this player waiver free. If you do not recall this player in that amount of time the player will be subject to waivers to remain in your minor leagues.
- NCAA and International FA's can only be claimed via the leagues annual Waiver Draft, you may not claim them through the waiver wire, unless player in question has been signed by an NHL club prior to the start of the season.
NCAA FA's must be signed by an NHL team before the first (1st) of October and no longer be in NCAA system before claim can be legally made. Sufficient proof will be required.
- Once a player is put on waivers, that player must be subject to waiver wire based on 9 pm EST using the twenty four (24) hour limit. For example:
1) Player X placed on waivers at 6 pm EST, this player will be on waivers until 9 pm EST the following day.
2) Player X placed on waivers at 8:59 pm EST, this player will be on waivers until 9 pm EST the following day.
3) Player X placed on waivers at 1 am EST on October 15th, this player will be on waivers until 9 pm EST on October 16th.. At which time any GM with required cap and roster space may sign.
- Once the waiver window has closed and no claims have been put forth the player will be assigned to minors.
- The waiver wire is subject to the waiver order. Reverse standing order of the previous season will be used until the fifteenth (15th) of November at which time the current seasons standing will abide. In our inaugural season, the reserve draft order will be used until the fifteenth (15th) of November, at which time the current seasons standings will abide.
- Once a team has successfully claimed a player they will move to the bottom of the waiver order.
- No GM is permitted to make two waiver claims in a twenty-four (24) hour period.
- Player must have a contract to be claimed.

Injured Reserve

- Teams have unlimited LTIR (Long Term Injured Reserve) & IR (Injured Reserve) spots. When placing a player on LTIR, that player must stay there for a minimum of three (3) scoring periods. When a player is on LTIR you can call-up a player that has less than or equal to the LTIR players cap hit or a combination of players that have less than or equal to LTIR players cap hit, and these called up players will assume the LTIR players cap space. If calling up a more than one (1) player, you must have the roster spots open. Players on LTIR free up their spot on the roster while on the IR.

- If a player is injured and you do not want this player to be off the roster for a minimum of three (3) scoring periods you can free his roster spot by placing him on the IR. Players on the IR do not have a minimum amount of time they must be on the IR for. Any players called up in place of players on the IR will be in addition to the IR players cap and the called up players salaries will be added to your teams salary cap.


- All trades must be posted in the following way:
To Team X:
Year of pick, Round of pick, Team that pick belongs to
To Team Y:
Year of pick, Round of pick, Team that pick belongs to
- Any trade that's completed must NOT put a team over or under the salary cap. If this does happen, the trade will be vetoed.
- There will be absolutely no tradebacks
- No rentals allowed
- Some conditions in trades will be subject to being approved by administrator. All conditions are to be kept track of by team getting condition but if a GM is replace, administrator will enforce the condition, if approved of course.
- No future considerations allowed.
- All trades are reviewable by Admins at their discretion.

Entry Draft

- Players who turn eighteen (18) years of age before the fifteenth of September and are no older than twenty (20) years of age by the thirty-first of December are eligible for selection. Non-North American players over the age of twenty (20) are also eligible.
- Ruling also applies for unselected prospects when trying to claim during period before set roster submission. Roster submission is the twenty-sixth of September. All teams must be cap compliant by roster submission.
- If during the drafting process a pick is forfeited due to expired time or invalid selection (ineligible player). The GM will be given the opportunity to select at the conclusion of that round. If that GM fails to pick again, pick is forfeited entirely.
- A compensation pick will be grated for deceased players, at the end of the round the deceased player was selected.
- Four (4) round draft and three (3) round waiver draft yearly.

Raptactics29 03-06-2013 03:37 PM

Bump.. still a few spots left.

Raptactics29 03-08-2013 08:20 PM

Bump. Still looking for a couple guys and a couple guys for the waiting list. We all know how new leagues go.. you always get a few guys who drop out at the last minute. If you're on the waiting list, you'll get in almost for sure.

Trust me guys and girls.. this league will be the best league you've ever been in. It's in depth, it's a lot of fun, and best of all.. it's simple! Don't let the CBA (a couple posts up) scare you... it really is easy.

Anyway, PM me for details. Below is the league link, check it out


Hasek39 03-10-2013 01:12 PM

I sent you a PM Im interested in joining. My email is toskala35@gmail.com

Raptactics29 03-12-2013 01:23 PM

Couple spots left.

TheNudge 03-12-2013 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by Raptactics29 (Post 61500401)
Couple spots left.

I'm soo excited at starting this draft.

Raptactics29 03-14-2013 02:15 PM

Bump. Pretty much full but looking for a couple more interested GMs

Raptactics29 03-19-2013 07:25 PM

1 spot left and the draft begins tomorrow. Someone dropped out so you'd be drafting 14th overall. You can chose your own team name. PM me here if you're interested and click the link to check out the forums. Brand new league, fantasy draft begins tomorrow. Build your own team!


Juxtaposer 03-29-2013 03:08 AM

I dunno about anyone else, but I keep getting re-directed to the conforums main-page every time I try to get to the league page.

McIce Whole 03-29-2013 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer (Post 62696027)
I dunno about anyone else, but I keep getting re-directed to the conforums main-page every time I try to get to the league page.

Same here. Not sure what's wrong.

caps4cup 03-29-2013 09:21 AM

Me too

TheNudge 03-29-2013 09:26 AM

Rap deleted the site
Yep you heard it right. Scott told me he's done with the league and decided to delete the site. I can't say I'm even mad tho I waisted alot of time in the league for nothing. :rant: But now I feel we have enough good gm to start a new league. Dave told me that after easter he'll send a pm to all the gm that he want to keep. In he new league will be 3 mod me,PLK Dave and Byrns. This new league will be more just since all trade will need to be accepted by us the mod. So if we feel one gm is making bad deals over and over and we keep denying those deals. After one Horrendus deal your out or after 3 denied your out. We want fair deals or at worst a small win for the other. We want a healthy league. So now I hope everyone is with us with this new league !!

This time Rap won't be in the league. It's not we don't want him or don't like him. We just feel he doesn't have the time for this league and for that reason we will start a new league with out him.

Who with us ?

Porn* 03-29-2013 09:33 AM


thanks for letting us waste our time... and then he ignores my PM's.

he could have at least given over admin rights to someone interested in running it instead of flipping the communal bird.

TheNudge 03-29-2013 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Porn* (Post 62702109)

thanks for letting us waste our time... and then he ignores my PM's.

he could have at least given over admin rights to someone interested in running it instead of flipping the communal bird.

I so agree with you but I'm happy that league is done and we can start a new one. Rap team got soo much better and destroy every team he dealt with. Now we start this fresh. Are you with me and the others?

hi 03-29-2013 12:18 PM

I am shocked that something like this happened

Juxtaposer 03-29-2013 01:52 PM

Wow, how ****in' rude.

McIce Whole 03-29-2013 03:13 PM

Pretty classless. First the whole drama in JMs league and now this.

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