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IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:05 PM

GM Game #6 by TP, RR, and IR

And make sure you have your roster & cap info posted in the roster thread!


Game Schedule

  • Trade Deadline: Friday 3/15 8:00 PM
  • Standings Voting: Friday 3/15 8:00 PM - Saturday 3/16 4 PM
  • Quarterfinal Voting: Saturday 3/16 4 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Semifinal Voting: Saturday 3/16 5:30 PM - 7 PM
  • Conference Final Voting: Saturday 3/16 7 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Stanley Cup Final Voting: Saturday 3/16 9:30 PM - 12 AM
  • Entry Draft: TBA
  • Free Agency Begins: TBA
    *All times ET, and subject to change.

Salary Cap
  • The salary cap maximum from the trade deadline to the entry draft is $70.2M.
  • There will be no salary cap minimum from the trade deadline to the entry draft.
  • For the sake of simplicity, full cap hits will be moved during trades.
  • An injured player that is expected to return by the actual NHL trade deadline (April 3rd) may be used on your roster.
  • Teams may have a roster of no more than 23 players at the trade deadline.
  • Teams may have as many players on their playoff roster as they wish.
  • The salary cap maximum for the 2013-2014 season will be $64.3M ($44M floor).
  • Teams may exceed the cap maximum by 10% ($70.73M) during the offseason.
  • Teams must comply with the salary cap by the end of the game.
  • Teams may have a roster of no more than 23 players by the end of the game.
  • Teams may sign their draft picks to contracts using the ENTRY LEVEL CONTRACT CHART
  • Nuckles37 will be the "Capologist" and will assure that teams adhere to salary cap/roster rules.

  • Post in this thread if you’d like to place a player on waivers.
  • Each team has the option of sending ONE player on a 1-way contract to the minors or Europe due to cap reasons.
  • Burying a player in the minors or Europe only eliminates a maximum of $900k of their cap hit.
  • A player will be on waivers for 24 hours after the player was waived.
  • Waiver priority will be based on the current NHL standings.
  • If a team claims a player off of waivers, they then have the lowest waiver priority.
  • Each team is awarded TWO amnesty buyouts during the Free Agency period.

  • All trades must be sent to IslesRock4 and RR or else they are not valid.
  • Once a trade is agreed upon, send it in BEFORE POSTING, and then you can announce it in the thread. A deal without a NTC or NMC does not have to be approved.
  • If a trade is announced prior to it being sent in, it will be vetoed.
  • ALL MOVES MUST BE SOMEWHAT REALISTIC. The commissioners hold the power to veto any ridiculous trades.
  • A trade involving a NTC or NMC must be sent in by BOTH GMs with a reasoning for the player to waive. The trade must be approved by BOTH trade managers prior to posting. Keep in mind it will only be on a rare occasion that a NTC or NMC is waived.
  • If a trade involving a NTC or NMC is announced before approval, it will be vetoed.
  • If a team does not have enough cap space to complete a trade that has been sent in, the trade will be vetoed.
  • Vetoed deals will require a significant re-work in order for them to be accepted.
  • If a player waives his NTC or NMC, the NTC or NMC is still valid with their new team.

  • will be the agent for East RFAs.
  • will be the agent for West RFAs.
  • Carey Roy will be the pre-offseason agent for UFAs.


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
New Jersey Devils- Gootie
New York Islanders- IslesRock4
New York Rangers- NoahH57
Philadelphia Flyers- Cliff Clavin
Pittsburgh Penguins- GordieHoweHatTrick

Northeast Division
Boston Bruins- donghabs98
Buffalo Sabres- Avs44
Montreal Canadiens- Carey Roy
Ottawa Senators- SixthSens
Toronto Maple Leafs- TribalPhoenix

Southeast Division
Carolina Hurricanes- Nuckles37
Florida Panthers- GFS
Tampa Bay Lightning- Hitmen Heart
Washington Capitals- Backstrom #19
Winnipeg Jets- ECWHSWI

Western Conference

Central Division
Chicago Blackhawks- Blackhawkswincup
Columbus Blue Jackets- Peter Griffin
Detroit Red Wings- stempniaksen
Nashville Predators- drnaud81
St. Louis Blues- CaptPantalones

Northwest Division
Calgary Flames- Backlund
Colorado Avalanche- SoundwaveIsCharisma
Edmonton Oilers- Soli
Minnesota Wild- holden57
Vancouver Canucks- TLinden16

Pacific Division
Anaheim Ducks- Water Knight
Dallas Stars- Tavares2TheRescue
Los Angeles Kings- Hollywood Couturier
Phoenix Coyotes- RR
San Jose Sharks- King Canuck

ChuckyToGally 03-11-2013 03:06 PM

PlayerPOSOld TeamNew TeamContract $$Contract TermNTC/NMC2-WAY?
Elkins, CoreyCANA    
Getzlaf, RyanC ANAANA$8,250,0008NMC
Koivu, SakuCANAANA$4,500,0001NMC 
Perry, CoreyRWANA     
Selanne, TeemuRWANA     
Bodie, TroyCANAANA$550,0001 two-way
Maroon, PatrickCANAANA$550,0001 two-way
Cervenka, RomanCCGY    
Kolanos, KrysCCGY    
Walter, BenCCGY    
Comeau, BlakeLWCGY   
Iginla, JaromeRWCGYVAN$5,500,0003NTC
Bickell, Bryan LW CHI
Stalberg, Viktor LW CHI
Mayers, Jamal RW CHI
Joudrey, Andrew C CLB
Letestu, Mark C CLB
Prospal, Vinny LW CLB
Bordeleau, Patrick LW COL COL$600,0002
Lerg, Bryan LW COL
Van Der Gulik, David LW COL
Hejduk, Milan RW COL
Kobasew, Chuck RW COL
Thomas, Bill RW COL
Morin, Travis C DAL
Roy, Derek C DAL OTT$5,000,0005NTC
Morrow, Brenden LW DAL    
Nystrom, Eric LW DAL     
Jagr, Jaromir RW DAL  
Ryder, Michael RW MTL
Cleary, Danny LW DET
Filppula, Valtteri LW DET
Miller, Drew LW DET  
Brunner, Damien RWDETDET$3,500,0004
Byers, Dane LW EDM
Hordichuk, Darcy LW EDM  
Petrell, Lennart LW EDM  
Jones, Ryan RW EDM BOS$2,100,0003 
Gagne, Simon LW PHI  
Penner, Dustin LW TOR  
Richardson, Brad RW LAK  
Cullen, Matt C MIN MIN $2,500,0001NTC 
Palmer, Jarod C MIN  
Veilleux, Stephane LW MIN  
Bouchard, Pierre-Marc RW MIN  
Mueller, Chris C NAS  
McGratton, Brian RW NAS  
Yip, Brandon RW NAS  
Bolduc, Alexandre C PHO  
Chipchura, Kyle C PHO  
Gordon, Boyd C PHO  
Sullivan, Steve LW PHO  
Torres, Raffi LW PHO  
Conner, Chris RW PHO  
Johnson, Nick RW PHO  
Handzus, Michal C SAN  
Kearns, Bracken C SAN  
Clowe, Ryan LW SAN NSH$5,000,0006NTC 
Mashinter, Brandon LW SAN  
Hensick, TJ C STL  
McDonald, Andy C STL  
Murray, Andrew C STL  
Nichol, Scott C STL  
Porter, Chris LW STL  
Cracknell, Adam RW STL  
Langenbrunner, Jamie RW STL  
Ebbett, Andrew C VAN  
Lapierre, Maxim C VAN     
Malhotra, Manny C VAN   

PlayerPOSOld TeamNew TeamContract $$Contract TermNTC/NMC2-WAY?
Hanson, Christian C BOS
Whitfield, Trent C BOS
Horton, Nathan RW BOS BOS$5,000,0006NTC
Tardif, Jamie RW BOS
Ellis, Matt C BUF
Tarnasky, Nick C BUF
Brent, Tim C CAR
Larose, Chad RW CAR
Semin, Alexander RW CAR
Stewart, Anthony RW CAR
Wallace, Tim RW CAR
Deveaux, Andre C FLA
Rallo, Greg C FLA
Smithson, Jerrod C FLA
Weiss, Stephen C FLA  
Jacques, Jean-Francois LW FLA
Nokelainen, Petteri C MTL
Armstrong, Colby RW FLA
Anderson, Matt C NJD
Elias, Patrik C NJD NJD $6,000,0002NMC
Sestito, Tim C NJD
Zajac, Travis C NJD NJD $5,750,000 8NTC
Zubrus, Dainius C NJD  
Ponikarovsky, Alex C NJD NJD $2,000,0001
Wiseman, Chad LW NJD
Clarkson, David RW NJD NJD $5,000,0005NTC
Janssen, Cam RW NJD
Reasoner, Marty C NYI
Boulton, Eric LW NYI
Riley, Blair LW NYI
Boyes, Brad RW NYI
McDonald, Colin RW NYI NYI $637,5002
Halpern, Jeff C NYR
Kolarik, Chad C NYR
Segal, Brandon RW NYR
Jessiman, Hugh COTT   
Regin, Peter COTT    
Latendresse, Guillaume LW OTT
Alfredsson, Daniel RW OTT
Fedotenko, Ruslan LW PHI
Shelley, Jody LW PHI
Ford, Matt RW PHI
Adams, Craig C PIT
Dupuis, Philipe C PIT
Peters, Warren C PIT
Smith, Trevor C PIT
Cooke, Matt LW PIT
Dupuis, Pascal RW PIT
Hall, Adam C TBL
Thompson, Nate C TBL EDM$825,0003
Wilson, Kyle C TBL
Angelidis, Mike LW TBL
Labrie, Pierre-Cedric LW TBL
Crombeen, BJ RW TBL
Wyman, JT RW TBL
Aucoin, Keith C TOR
Bozak, Tyler C TOR
Connolly, Tim C TOR
Lombardi, Matthew C PHX
Steckel, Dave C TOR
Hamilton, Ryan LW TOR
Lupul, Joffrey LW TOR
MacArthur, Clarke LW TOR
Orr, Colton RW TOR
Potulny, Ryan C WAS
Ribeiro, Mike C WAS
Hendricks, Matt LW WAS
Wolski, Wojtek LW WAS
Clackson, Matt RW WAS
Crabb, Joey RW WAS  
Jokinen, Olli C WPG  

PlayerPOSOld TeamNew TeamContract $$Contract TermNTC/NMC2-WAY?
Lydman, ToniDANA     
Smaby, MattDANA     
Hendry, JordanDANA     
Guenin, NateDANA     
Babchuk, AntonDCGY     
Carson, BrettDCGY     
Piskula, JoeDCGY     
Rozsival, MichalDCHI     
Aucoin, AdrianDCLB     
O'Byrne, RyanDCOL     
Sullivan, SeanDCOL     
Pock, ThomasDCOL     
Fistric, MarkDEDMEDM$1,500,0002  
Fortunus, MaximeDDAL     
Sloan, TylerDDAL     
White, IanDDET     
Colaiacovo, CarloDDET     
Whitney, RyanDNYR     
Smid, LadislavDEDMEDM$3,800,0006NTC 
Sutton, AndyDEDM     
Scuderi, RobDLAK     
Drewiske, DavisDLAK     
Bagnall, DrewDMIN     
Hannan, ScottDNASFLA$1,000,0001  
Moore, MikeDNAS     
Murray, DouglasDSAN     
Groulx, DannyDSAN     
Woywitka, JeffDSTL     
Ford, ScottDSTL     
Edler, AlexanderDVANVAN$5,000,0006NTC 
Alberts, AndrewDVAN     
Mullen, PatrickDVAN     

PlayerPOSOld TeamNew TeamContract $$Contract TermNTC/NMC2-WAY?
Exelby, Garnet D BOS
Ference, Andrew D BOS
Johnson, Aaron D BOS
Leopold, Jordan D BUF
Pardy, Adam D BUF
Regehr, Robyn D BUF
Sulzer, Alexander D BUF
Corvo, Joe D CAR
Sanguinetty, Bobby D CAR CAR$825,0002  
DeSantis, Jason D FLA
Strachan, Tyson D FLA
Yonkman, Nolan D FLA
Kaberle, Tomas D MTL  
Bouillion, Francis D MTL
St-Denis, Frederic D MTL MTL$600,0001 two-way
Harrold, Peter D NJD
Leach, Jay D NJD
Zidlicky, Marek D NJD
Landry, Jon D NYI
McIver, Nathan D NYI
Streit, Mark D NYI
Visnovsky, Lubomir D NYI
Collins, Sean D NYR
Eminger, Steve D NYR
Vernace, Mike D NYR
Benoit, Andre D OTT      
Gonchar, Sergei D OTT  
Allen, Bryan D OTT    
Lundin, Mike D OTT
Lilja, Andreas D PHI
Timonen, Kimmo D PHI PHI $6,000,000 1 year
Walker, Matt D PHI
Lovejoy, Ben D PIT ANA $1,000,0000 2
Reese, Dylan D PIT
Bergeron, Marc-Andre D TBL
Komisarek, Mike D TOR  
Kostka, Mike D TOR
Erskine, John D WAS
Hamrlik, Roman D WAS
Hillen, Jack D WAS
Poti, Tom D WAS
Stafford, Garrett D WAS

PlayerPOSOld TeamNew TeamContract $$Contract TermNTC/NMC2-WAY?
Drouin-Deslauriers, Jeff G ANA
Fasth, Viktor G ANA ANA$2,900,0002  
Ellis, Dan G CAR CAR$1,250,0002
Karlsson, Henrik G CGY
Emery, Ray G CHI
Hutton, Carter G CHI
McElhinney, Curtis G CLB
Nihlstorp, Christopher G DAL
Howard, Jimmy G DET DET $5,000,000 6 years NMC
MacDonald, Joey G DET
Danis, Yann G EDM
Khabibulin, Nikolai G EDM
Backstrom, Niklas G MIN MIN $5,000,0003NMC
Mason, Chris G NAS
Johnson, Chad G PHO
Labarbera, Jason G PHO
Smith, Mike G PHO
Greiss, Thomas G SAN
McKenna, Mike G STL
Khudobin, Anton G BOS
Thomas, Tim G BOS
Leggio, David G BUF
Boucher, Brian G CAR
Grumet-Morris, Dov G FLA
Theodore, Jose G FLA
Budaj, Peter G MTL MTL$1,000,0002
Desjardins, Cedrik G TBL   
Nabokov, Evgeni G NYI
Lawson, Nathan G OTT
Leighton, Michael G PHI
Thiessen, Brad G PIT
Garon, Mathieu G TBL
Sabourin, Dany G WAS

IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:06 PM

East RFAs

IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:06 PM

West RFAs

IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:06 PM

Go go go!

Hollywood Couturier 03-11-2013 03:10 PM


IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:13 PM

He's back and ready to stand pat!

Avs44 03-11-2013 03:13 PM


Update on a few players.

Pominville-looks like I will keep him.

Vanek-multiple offers. Waiting on a few teams before I make a decision.

Ott a ridiculous amount of interest. Will probably move soon.

Miller-a few offers/messages about him. Two stand out.

Regehr, Stafford, Leopold, among others, remain available as well. Looking for top prospects, picks, and young players. I will reply to my pms tonight.

ChuckyToGally 03-11-2013 03:19 PM


The following players are available for futures :

F Michael Ryder (won't come cheap)
F Travis Moen
F Colby Armstrong
D Tomas Kaberle
D Yannick Weber
* David Desharnais could also be available but he is more likely to be traded during the offseason. With that being said, he could be traded at the trade deadline for the right offer.

We are confident with our team and we don't have many needs. We would like to add a big 4th line center who can win faceoffs and potentially a top 6 RW who fits in the team philosophy (not a rental). We could also use a depth forward that can drop the gloves (and play hockey).

Picks and prospects can be used but only for the right player(s).


TLinden 03-11-2013 03:24 PM


Luongo/Schneider both receiving interest. Whomever brings in the return that makes most sense for our team will be moved.

Looking for a top 6 forward, 3rd line C and a Top 4 defenseman to shore up our roster for the playoffs.

David Booth
Keith Ballard
Jordan Schroeder
Brendan Gaunce/Anton Rodin/Yann Sauve
1st/2nd 2013
Andrew Alberts

on the block among other players.

Sedins/Burrows/Kassian/Hamhuis are untouchable.

Ryan Kesler/Alex Edler are core players on this team. I originally labelled them untouchable I've received an offer for both of them that has made me consider moving them. The only way they will be moved is in a roster shake up that bring in prime-aged NHL talent, a simple core-swap.

Hollywood Couturier 03-11-2013 03:28 PM


We are looking for a Top 4 left handed defenseman and a top six winger.

Trading Block:
Jonathan Bernier
Dustin Penner

IslesRock4 03-11-2013 03:30 PM


Visnovsky, Streit, Nabokov, Boyes, Niederreiter, Okposo are at the top of our list of available players. Don't ask about Tavares, but pretty much anyone else can be discussed if we feel it improves our team (including Nielsen, Reinhart, Hamonic, Strome, 1st rounder).

Looking for picks/prospects for our UFAs.

Soli 03-11-2013 03:34 PM



Coming off the heels of Steve Tambillini's dismissal from the Oilers front office, incumbent GM Soli made his first mark on the Edmonton Oilers by relieving Ralph Krueger and the assistant coaching staff of their coaching duties.

"We're not pleased with the position we're in in the standings and the preparation of the team in general. There were no indications of progress and with the team we have, that was not acceptable"

The dust hadn't settled before GM Soli announced the hiring of Lindy Ruff to take over as Head Coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

"Lindy has a long track record of success and is highly capable of implementing a system that can utilize the strengths of our players."

Born in Warburg, AB located 1 hour outside of Edmonton, Lindy Ruff is a former Jack Adams trophy winner and boasts an winning coaching record of 571-432-78-84.



Main priority is a big/physical Top-6 C/W. Then I'd be looking for a LH Top-4 defenseman and a backup 1b type goalie. Would also like to address the prospect pool with lesser assets.

- Sam Gagner
- Magnus Paajarvi
- Shawn Horcoff
- Nick Schultz
- Ryan Jones
- Nikolai Khabibulin
- Eric Belanger
- Ben Eager
- Theo Peckham
- Corey Potter
- Linus Omark

Nuckles 03-11-2013 03:53 PM


Looking for a top 4 d-man. Looking to move prospects/draft picks.

donghabs98 03-11-2013 04:33 PM


Trading Block

Jay Pandolfo
Andrew Ference
Any Prospect or Pick

Looking For

Top 6 winger
Top 4 defensemen
Top 9 gritty forward

Backlund 03-11-2013 04:35 PM


Trading Block
Jarome Iginla
Miikka Kiprusoff
Mike Cammalleri
Mark Giordano
Matt Stajan
Lee Stempniak
Cory Sarich
Anton Babchuk
Blake Comeau

donghabs98 03-11-2013 04:47 PM


Shopping Chris Kelly around. If you are interested in him PM me

SoundwaveIsCharisma 03-11-2013 05:00 PM


Looking to move our depth defenders (O'Byrne, O'Brien, Zanon, Hunwick), and David Jones. We may move Stastny, but only if we get an offer that we think will make the team better in the long run.

The Avalanche are looking for a young top-4 defender that could (or currently can) move into the role of playing alongside Erik Johnson. We are quite happy keeping all three of our C's, and think we are set at G.

We could potentially also move our 1st Round Pick, but only if we are getting a talented young RW or the above defender.

Gootie 03-11-2013 05:32 PM


Looking to move Tallinder, and Clarkson/Zubrus are available but won't come cheap.

Not looking to move any of the other D or my goalies, but feel free to send offers.

NH57 03-11-2013 05:57 PM


Looking For:
- Top 4 D-Man
- #3 C
- Gritty Forwards, Who Can Score

- Anyone except for Nash and Lundqvist can potentially be had, at the right price

ChuckyToGally 03-11-2013 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Carey Roy (Post 61450289)

The following players are available for futures :

F Michael Ryder (won't come cheap)
F Travis Moen
F Colby Armstrong
D Tomas Kaberle
D Yannick Weber
* David Desharnais could also be available but he is more likely to be traded during the offseason. With that being said, he could be traded at the trade deadline for the right offer.

We are confident with our team and we don't have many needs. We would like to add a big 4th line center who can win faceoffs and potentially a top 6 RW who fits in the team philosophy (not a rental). We could also use a depth forward that can drop the gloves (and play hockey).

Picks and prospects can be used but only for the right player(s).


:habs around for the night.

HOCCA Scouting 03-11-2013 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by IslesRock4 (Post 61450011)
He's back and ready to stand pat!

I lol'd.

HOCCA Scouting 03-11-2013 06:21 PM


Have many pieces that could potentially be moved.

- Tyler Bozak
- John Michael Liles
- Mike Komisarek
- Clarke MacArthur
- Korbinian Holzer
- Ben Scrivens
- Dave Steckel
- Mike Kostka

Others could go at different price points.

Backlund 03-11-2013 06:46 PM


Jarome Iginla has garnered a lot of interest and could be moved as soon as tonight. Mark Giordano has been traded pending his NMC and Mike Cammalleri has had a couple teams ask about him but no offers yet.

Trading Block
Jarome Iginla
Miikka Kiprusoff
Mike Cammalleri
Mark Giordano
Matt Stajan
Lee Stempniak
Cory Sarich
Anton Babchuk
Blake Comeau

dim jim 03-11-2013 06:56 PM


Looking to deal! Players like Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, Patrick Marleau, Ryane Clowe and Martin Havlat are all on the block, PM me with legit offers, if you offer me crap I won't reply to your message. Looking to change the core get younger.

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