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wondeROY 03-22-2013 03:19 PM

Bauer Supreme vs Nexus equipment - fitment
I'm in a real pickle and hoping someone can offer some insight. I'm looking at getting some bauer supreme 180 elbow and shoulder pads to replace my aging easton stuff. However I'm in between sizes and having a real issue grasping which one i should buy because my local shop simply does not carry anything I want to buy.

I'm in between SR small or medium, all of my gear is medium now but at times the elbow pads seem too long, and I also wear 13" gloves.

Here is where it gets weird, I was able to try on the Bauer Vapor elbow pads in a Sr small, they were way too tight. Then I was able to try on a Bauer Nexus elbow in a SR medium, they seemed way to bulky and a tad too long.

So go figure, the only pair I'm interested in they don't have. Can anyone compare the bauer size between nexus, supreme, and vapor, specifically in elbow and chest pads? It seems there is a rather sizeable gap in between small and medium SR. :help:

AIREAYE 03-22-2013 08:05 PM

Sizing runs similar, it is the style of fit and cut that differs. Do your best to try on different sizes.

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