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rainone99 03-24-2013 06:14 PM

The Huge Chia Dilemma!!
I think the bruins are at a crossroads that may be hard to figure out.

Looking at next year, we have a cap space of $7,671,905 + Savard's salary of $4,021,429 = $11,693,334.

That being said we still have to sign 2 goalies, which may turn out as such: Khudobin 1.25 Million and Rask 5 Million = 6.25 Million leaving us with just $5,443,334 to sign 2 forwards (only 10 signed) and 2 Defencemen (only 5 signed)..

With the scenario above, we can not keep Horton and probably Ference as well for next year. The only way we keep these guys is by trading Peverly and Kelly and still be left with 5.4 Million to sign 4 players, or a combination of 2 of the 4 not here.

So here is the Dilemma, do we keep all our current players and trade our future this year to get an Igilna and then lose 2 current players on the roster by trade or free agency for next year, keeping in mind if we trade for Igilna he will be a rental player as well, there is no way we can keep Him and sign him as well as his price tag will be high for him to stay.

In other words do we lose a Spooner or a Koko or a Subban for an Igilna, and then next year lose a Horton and/or Ference and/or Peverly and/or Kelly and sign 4 players for about 5.5 Million total and also lose a Spooner or a Koko or a Subban in the process as well?

Or do we trade these current roster players now (Horton, Ference, Kelly or Peverly) and try to keep our young players for the future and hopefully the players we get back can contribute to a cup run? And does Soderberg fit anywhere in this which complicates things much more because he may not even sign here.

The Dilemma is clear you can not make a move for a cup run without long term re-precautions not only for our young players but for our current roster as well, since our cap situation does not permit it.

smithformeragent 03-24-2013 06:42 PM


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